Earth Extinction Event Explained

We asked our American Intelligence Media community to view the video below from Suspicious Observer. We also included two headline links that were referred to in the video, just below.

A Bad Week on Earth | Experts are Spooked

Supercomputer scours fossil record for Earth’s hidden extinctions

The Role of Geomagnetic Field Intensity in Late Quaternary Evolution of Humans and Large Mammals

In the audio below, Douglas and Tyla Gabriel discuss the findings and explain how these cosmic events can be opportunities for human evolution.


5 thoughts on “Earth Extinction Event Explained”

  1. Sun Micro Nova. October 16 2046 – mark your calendar.!!!

    Ben Davison from Suspicious Observers credits Douglas Vogt at the Diehold Foundation with the modern rediscovery of the sun recurrent Nova theory.

    First video mentioning Vogt on SO channel I found is here from 12/21/2018:

    Douglas Vogt channel:

    These videos are very well researched. The big date for next micro nova is on or near:

    October 16, 2046

    This is based on extensive research and study of Hebrew language and texts quantum physics, and geology. Very interesting if you have the time to listen

    This video explains why stars nova on a regular schedule. Every 12,068 years according to Vogt.

  2. First of all, it is Suspicious 0bservers with a Zero, not an
    O. The channel is
    Next, I’ve watched his stuff for year. Ben regularly lectures at the Electric Universe seminars and certainly knows well of the Saturn Sun hypothesis they elucidate based on world myth and reconstruction of repeated cataclysmic events on earth, right down to the end of the Bronze Age 1200 BCE.
    This will explain much more to you about Why Saturn iconography permeates our world Collective Mind. This will take you beyond Blavatsky and Steiner whose revelations were limited to their time and place.

    See thunderboltsproject channel,,, and learn of the Electric Universe which is revealing all the cracks and nonsensical fantasies of the gravity-only model which gives us deus-ex-machina kludges like Big Bang, black holes, dark matter, etc., all to make their computer models work when satellite and probe information shows yet more anomalies in their failing cosmology.

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