Parechovirus B formerly known as the Ljungan virus: Pilgrims Society genocide bioweapon?

Wikipedia says about Parechovirus_B (formerly named Ljungan virus)

Wikipedia boldfaced lie: “Very little is known about how exactly the virus enters the cell.”

This is an evident (which usually means the Pilgrims Society masters are hiding something big). As you will see below, there are 271 patents that mention this virus in their subject matter.

Parechovirus B, formerly called the Ljungan virus, was first discovered in the mid-1990s after being isolated from a bank vole near the Ljungan river in Medelpad county, Sweden.[2] (LIKELY BS TO THROW YOU OFF THE TRAIL)

Several scientific articles have recently reported findings indicating that Parechovirus B is associated with malformationsintrauterine fetal death, and sudden infant death syndrome in humans.[7][8][9][10] In addition, studies are being conducted worldwide to investigate the possible connection of the virus to diabetesneurological and other illnesses in humans.

parechovirus (London)

Scaremongering propaganda accompanying the “discovery” of Zetavirus.

Zeta as in Zed (British) Z (American) as in the last letter of the alphabet as in Devil’s version of Omega (Alpha and Omega)

z virus

The Z Virus Trailer


Nick Knowles. (Jul. 07, 2014). 6 new species in the genus Zetavirus on behalf of the Picornaviridae Study Group,, Code No. 2014.01aV. International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV).

Study Group



cell entryassociated disease

ljungan virus



U.S. Patents mentioning “Ljungan

patents 45

The formatted and hyperlink patent lists are contained inside the PDFs.

Patent Document 1

U.S. Patents mentioning “Parechovirus

patent search

Patent Document 2

Patent Document 3

One thought on “Parechovirus B formerly known as the Ljungan virus: Pilgrims Society genocide bioweapon?”

  1. We are all Prophet Job. It’s not a war between the Almighty God and Satan. Satan is no match for God. What is really happening is that God is giving humanity a final test of faith by allowing Satan to do his worst. God wants to sort humanity: sincere vs insincere, real faith vs fake faith, a final triage.

    And then Jesus will come, with the ultimate test of faith: do you want to tell God what is right, or will you unconditionally accept what God says is right? Do you want to be a rebellious “child” of God, or an obedient creature of God?

    Scripture says that most people will fail these tests. Only the toughest and true believers will pass. One out of every thousand. Through the eye of the needle, the narrow gate.

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