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Sen. Dianne Feinstein Behind Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections

Absolute Video Proof

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Dianne Feinstein AVID


Listen to the audio first so that you can hear what the researchers found and can see why the information below is relevant. Dianne Feinstein Behind Foreign Interference in U S Elections


Feinstein owns controlling interest in AVID “election management” MSM teleprompter control system


Her 20-year Chinese spy staffer evidently used sensitive Senate intelligence to brainwash the American public via AVID ISIS LeaderPlus


(AUG. 15, 2018)—On Jul. 27, 2018, even left-leaning POLITICO could not ignore this corruption. They disclosed that Sen. Diane Feinstein (CA) had Chinese spies working for her while she oversaw the powerful Senate Judiciary and Intelligence committees, as well as the Democratic Party. Her staffers refused to provide substantive comment.

Sen. Feinstein’s financial disclosure clearly show that she holds a greater than 10% financial interest in AVID Technology. Avid supplies the newsroom management software names LeaderPlus used widely around the world.

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10 percent ownership
Fig. 2—Sen. Diane G.B. Feinstein and her husband, venture capitalist Richard C. Blum, hold more than 10% of the stock in AVID Technology, Inc. Such a large holding in a public company gives them effective control of the company since no move would be made by the board of directors without consulting with such a large shareholder. See the Feinstein/2016 Financial Disclosure.
Lord Mark Malloch-Brown owns Investec 1 Limited. One of the 377 Investec 1 subsidiaries is ISIS Management Company Ltd. ISIS financed a project at Avid corporation, maker of TV and radio production equipment, called the Avid ISIS Client Guide and the Avid LeaderPlus Election Night Headache Relief. This system enables Malloch-Brown, Romney, Soros and the Senior Executive Service (SES) to push out a common propaganda narrative to control “perception management” on election night. Perception management is a Deep State shadow government mind control term for brain washing. It enables them to trigger their unthinking minions with emotional memes and programmed response triggers. For example: RACIST! MYSOGNINIST! NAZI! WHITE SUPREMACIST! HOMOPHOBIC! BITTER CLINGER! XENOPHOBIC PUTIN-LOVER! MUSLIM-HATER! DEPLORABLE! MEXICAN-HATER! IMPEACH TRUMP! WE LIE BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU! . . . and now PEDO-PHOBE! BOY-MAN LOVE HATER! . . ad nauseam. It is now quite evident that these globalists are intent on ripping apart America’s Judeo-Christian moral heritage and the Constitution.

British Privy Counselor Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is a director of Investec Plc which has over 400 subsidiaries spread around the world. One of those companies is ISIS Management Limited. ISIS developed the AVID ISIS System for pushing video files used in newsrooms.

AVID LeaderPlus and AVID ISIS together give Feinstein and Malloch-Brown the ability to push censored news and false stories to all subscribed newsrooms at the same time. The LeaderPlus product specializes in pushing election night stories right to a news reader’s teleprompter. They don’t even have to think. They just read whatever Feinstein and Malloch-Brown want.

On Sep. 26, 2009, Hillary Clinton and her U.S. State Department started secretly paying Facebook for a “template for election winning.” On Nov. 01, 2016, Hillary, Obama, John Podesta and Robby Mook took a $1.5 billion donation from Google’s Eric Schmidt to implement the U.S. Digital Service run out of the White House.

The software being used by these corruptocrats is Columbus-based innovator Leader Technologies’ invention of social networking that was stolen by their patent attorney, James P. Chandler, III (a Feinstein advisor), and given to the IBM Eclipse Foundation (formed Nov. 29, 2001) for distribution to Silicon Valley companies weaponized by the rogue C.I.A. for mass surveillance and private money-making for the C.I.A. outside the oversight of Congress. Readers should also note that AVID’s “LeaderPlus” product name likely violates Leader Technologies’ trademarks as well. See the Crimeline for more proof of the theft of social networking.

Here is a diagram of the “Internet of Things” election rigging system financed and controlled by Sen. Dianne G.B. Feinstein and her corruptocrat co-conspirators:

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Global CIA
Fig. 3—Rogue C.I.A.’s global brain washing “template for winning elections” funded by Sen. Diane G.B. Feinstein, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Lord Mark-Malloch Brown and Sir Geoffrey Pattie. 
Anonymous Patriots. (Aug. 15, 2018). C.I.A. MSM Brainwashing System. Americans for Innovation.

Criminal actions by either foreign nationals or affiliated U.S. citizens aimed at influencing U.S. elections would be subject to prosecution under various U.S. statutes.

The Logan Act, for instance, bars any U.S. citizen from interacting with a foreign government to influence policy. But many experts believe this law is overly broad, and there have been no successful prosecutions in its near 220 years. And while the term “collusion” is cited in the context of Russian interference in the 2016 election, collusion itself is only prohibited in the antitrust law arena. For more, see Dan Abrams’ Law & Crime.

Abrams writes: “Six years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a decision by a U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., that Congress can ban individuals who lawfully reside in the U.S. and are neither U.S. citizens nor ‘permanent residents’ from making donations or gifts related to any election. In that case, Bluman v. Federal Election Commission, a three-judge panel said the limitation was a legitimate tool for government to prevent ‘foreign influence over U.S. elections.'”

If it is illegal to donate to money to interfere in U.S. elections, then having investments in companies that build software to interfere in our elections is worse.

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Local News Anchors Forced Into Reading The Same Script





Brainwashing crew.JPG

Senator Feinstein is privy to our nation’s most top secrets in her memberships on the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence committees. She and her husband Richard C. Blum have clearly been trading on that information to make her the second richest Senator in Congress at $94 million.

Sen. Feinstein’s collaboration with Privy Counselors Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and Sir Geoffrey Pattie in global MSM brainwashing technology appears to push her over the line into criminality and treason.

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Ban all electronic voting machines NOW

Fig. 4—Ban all electronic voting machines NOW. Lord Mark Malloch Brown owns Investec 1 Limited. One of the 377 Investec 1 subsidiaries is ISIS Management Company Ltd. ISIS financed a project at Avid corporation, maker of TV and radio production equipment, called the Avid ISIS Client Guide and the Avid LeaderPlus Election Night Headache Relief. This system enables Malloch-Brown, Romney, Soros and the Senior Executive Service (SES) to push out a common propaganda narrative to control “perception management” on election night. Perception management is a Deep State shadow government mind control term for brain washing. It enables them to trigger their unthinking minions with emotional memes and programmed response triggers. For example: RACIST! MYSOGNINIST! NAZI! WHITE SUPREMACIST! HOMOPHOBIC! BITTER CLINGER! XENOPHOBIC PUTIN-LOVER! MUSLIM-HATER! DEPLORABLE! MEXICAN-HATER! IMPEACH TRUMP! WE LIE BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU! . . . and now PEDO-PHOBE! BOY-MAN LOVE HATER! . . ad naseum. It is now quite evident that these globalists are intent on ripping apart America’s Judeo-Christian moral heritage and the Constitution. Video: American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation, Leader Technologies, Inc.



We must protect the vote. Now. We cannot allow these criminals to hijack any more elections. Free and fair elections are the property of the citizens in this Republic, not the government. We have gone to sleep. Now that we are awake, we must take action across this country in the coming weeks to protect the 2018 midterm elections.

We must ensure an unbroken bipartisan chain of custody. That should be your rallying cry. This will essentially eliminate the imminent danger from rigged electronic voting machines. Back to the future: (1) Voter IDs, (2) Paper ballots, (3) Inked thumbs, and (4) Unbroken bipartisan chain of custody! It is really that simple.

In addition, God-fearing citizens of the United States and the world must call upon President Trump and loyal American leaders to defund the feeder systems used by these SES corruptocrats.

Ask President Trump to write the check to Leader Technologies for their Miller Act Notice so they can help implement new technologies that respect Constitutional privacy and property and help implement a truly Free Press.


Mr. President, please pull the plug on these corruptocrats and their illegal funding streams. Since they are all based on fake values, no real services will be affected.

In addition, write the Miller Act Notice check to Leader Technologies for 18 years of unpaid use of their revolutionary social networking invention—which these Privy Council criminals have hijacked with the SES to takedown the American Republic.  This will generate new cash streams to free up our economy from the globalist stranglehold.  This will also empower Leader Technologies and other actually creative people in America to fix our foundering ship of state.  See Leader Technologies files trillion dollar bond lien on the U.S. Government.

One Miller Act Notice check starts the ball rolling, Mr. President.

In addition, Leader shareholders have proposed a win-win solution to the collapse of the American Free Press, as well a large new revenue source without raising taxes. Leader principals are willing to funnel these payments back into establishing a truly Free Press. See Leader proposes trillion dollar fed revenue while lowering taxes.


How IBM Eclipsed Social Media

By James M. Miller

I was learning programming at Boeing at very time that this conference was taking place:

Eclipse con

Integrating Team Tools into Eclipse


James P Chandler.jpg[American Intelligence Media note: For those of you familiar with the IBM Eclipse Foundation’s theft of social media, you will see the irony in the name of this conference “Eclipse Con”.  James P. Chandler III lead the IBM Eclipse Foundation’s outright theft and distribution of Leader’s patent in the world’s biggest CON job, perhaps as big as Clinton’s massive global racketeering operation. Make sure to click on the title link above to read the contents of the CONference.]


Michael McKibben’s story immediately resonated with me, because I was reading everything “IT” and “Programming” being published from 1990 forward at this time. I was in charge of Boeing’s global ‘bonded warehouses ‘ in 1998 through 2000 approximately.

I tried to build using MS SQL server, a global app to track in real-time, the in/out activity of the warehouses. Value was several billion at anyone time, so it was a big job. We tried synchronizing spreadsheets, and faxes, but that was not real-time, and people just would not, outside the US, do the work. Most workers outside the US are “lazy”, accept Japan and Singapore…based on my experience anyway (maybe I’m hyper).

Anyway, nothing worked, and the MSSQL app just hungup and it took hours to update one record…so it was a bust.

Fast forward just one year, and suddenly, global collaboration changed dramatically. The answer was previous to Eclipse publishing Leader’s technology, too much information on the application and network layer had to be sent with ‘data’ to maintain integrity.

After the Eclipse framework of Leader’s work, the application framework did not have to be sent with the data. Now, using ‘meta-data’, the framework was at rest, and only the metadata and actual data bits moved; finding their proper targets using the hyperlinks.

I did not understand why and how the change took place, until I met Michael at a Center for Self-Governance conference in Philadelphia. A casual conversation led to a new understanding, which I intuitively comprehended.

This particular presentation (linked above) describes some of the means by which local resources are utilized when data packages are transmitted across the wire from source to target. All of this has been greatly enhanced with the immense improvements in the last ten years, building upon Leader’s original concepts. All modern browser’s function on the ‘web server’ using the roots of this original tech.

It is sad that it was stolen from Leader without compensation.

This brings back so many memories. Now that I know the truth, and have the perspective of global collaboration, and the roots upon which the tech was created, it makes sense what Eclipse was doing at the time.

Dave Thomson.JPG

IBM Proselytization

Eclipse and Education

“The goal of this Technology Exchange is to explore how Eclipse is currently being used and how it can be further leveraged as a platform for educational tools in computer science and software engineering. Currently, Eclipse is seeing some use in the classroom and workplace for introductory programming and software engineering courses, as well as for more advanced courses on testing, software design and evolution. One hypothesized advantage of this approach is that students and educators can learn within a relevant context while having access to a set of integrated and powerful tools. In this exchange, we will consider both the technical and socio-technical aspects of this trend and brainstorm about new possibilities. We invite people to share their experiences, ideas and enthusiasm as we attempt to improve education in computer science.”

The goal was to facilitate the creation of a one world government. Give out the rings to the elves, dwarfs, and men…with one ‘ring to bind them all’. That was the goal…and is still the goal…George Orwell times infinity!


Fast Forward to Today’s Social Media Surveillance State

There is an important convergence in the ethers that has happened in the last 14 years since this conference was held. Let me explain. The entire software industry and applications from the inception of UNIX to the release of Microsoft Windows 3.0 and Apples’ first GUI ripped from Xerox, was built inside and upon a ‘Framework’, which relied on the framework embedded in the ‘kernel’ to process ‘everything’.

Windows was the worst, as they ‘glued together’ a ‘kernel’ of machine language wrapped with internal ‘C’ listeners to process data. It was the ‘worst’ of the first three, but ‘cheaper’…and the best UNIX didn’t have a GUI. Web services didn’t exist…it was all application ‘framework’, and with a GUI, it stressed CPU and memory to the limit.

This is why IBM UNIX was used for a decade after the GUI…it was powerful (IBM iSeries AS400). Windows literally stopped production in 1997 to change to ‘connectivity’ based on the increased DARPA buildout of the nation’s networking infrastructure. ‘cisco’ meaning the two towers of the Golden Gate Bridge, was gifted through Standford University to Lois Lerner, was tasked with this project.

See: Solutions for U.S. Defense

The piece that was missing, was ‘meta-data’ or the ‘infinite’ progression of history represented by ‘self-referencing’ data structures, where ‘pointers’(hyperlinks) and ‘network layers’(IP address source/destination), and contiguous ‘hops’ through routers and DNS serves was collected in the ‘header packet’, to allow ‘global reference’ and ‘tracing’ on an infinite scale…aka Leader Technologies.

Voila…blockchain technology…with a backdoor as a layer inserted by the ‘Eclipse Foundation’ through the DARPA initiative.

It all makes sense. Leader provided the piece that the ‘Machiavellian vampires’ could not ‘create’.

There is a reason for this…and why GOD and love always triumph. “Entropy’ consumes what is  created, and is devoid of the ‘creative spark’ GOD releases to the ‘faithful’.

GOD in his infinite wisdom does create the ‘destructor’ and ‘creator’, but in ‘balance’. It is up to ‘man’s free choice’ to maintain the balance.

The ‘vampires’(globalism) wish to ‘control’ the creators’ (Tesla), and profit from them for their own ‘pleasure’.

There is a statistical law based on the Pareto mathematical formulas…the “Price Formula”. It basically says that within any ‘organization’, chaos increases exponentially, while ‘creative thought’ only increases as a ‘linear model’, and is expressed as the ‘square root’ of the number of people within any ‘organization’.

If you have 100 employees, or ‘citizens’ only 10 of them will be gifted with ‘the God spark’ and maybe only a few of these have the proper temperament.

Currently, the globalists captured the ‘God Spark’ from Leader Technologies, and implemented the ‘Internet of Things’ to serve their own end…one world government.

There is a very large problem with their plan…Donald J. Trump, and the fact that the world’s workforce, is not very creative, outside the United States. The last two generations have been trained to be ‘slaves’ without the ‘Godspark’, and technology is not increasing, it is in fact in a downward trend, having reached this inflection point around the year 2000.

Only the inertia of trillions of ‘fiat currency’ has kept it moving. Currently, in most of the world, and in the United States, technology movement is stalled. The inversion of job creation moved to ‘government’, which naturally attracts ‘destructors’ rather than ‘creators’.

This is aided and abetted by the globalist’s training of serfdom. Government is now trapped into a vacuum of proprietary software and processes that are 25- 50 years old.

They don’t have the money or the creators within their organizations to lead the way with efficient processes, creative integrations, or effective leadership to lower costs. In fact, there is little incentive to embrace the ‘internet of things’ created for them, to collapse their workforce into a lean model of efficiency.

To do so is antithetical to the Marxist model inculcated within the government structure. This is a very dangerous inflection point for the United States, and the world.

The country that can embrace the “Internet of Things”, while embracing the ‘rights of man’, as originally envisioned by Leader Technologies, and leverage the ‘integration potential’ while protecting the individual’s rights, will exponentially increse the ‘God Spark’ and creative potential within its economic model. To this vision, the future belongs.


social-mediaTo learn how the IBM Eclipse Foundation ripped off Leader Technologies in order to turn this gift to humanity into an Orwellian surveillance weapon to be used against every human being on the planet, take time to listen to the video interviews in this blockbuster citizen intelligence report:

Facebook Unmasked: How the World’s Most Relevant Entrepreneur Was Screwed By Zuckerberg

Beware of Corrupt Patent Attorneys

The Mechanics of Deception

The Illustrated Primer

Christopher Steele The Prince of Deception

Much has been said and written about Christopher Steele’s authorship of the notorious document that alleges Russia-Trump collusion. According to Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS (who plead the Fifth and only spoke through his lawyers), Steele was hired by them in June 2016 to gather information about “links between Russia and [then-presidential candidate] Donald Trump.” Pursuant to that business arrangement, Steele prepared a series of reports styled as intelligence briefings, some of which were later compiled into a collection of documents and published by a number of media outlets and later become known as the “Trump dossier.”

On the face of the dossier, it appears that Steele gathered his data from multiple sources in Russia, former Soviet union (FSU) countries, and the US. He then edited the raw intelligence—which seems to be a combination of conversations and notes—organized it in a summarized brief format, and published/leaked it in…

View original post 22,333 more words

Diane Feinstein and husband Richard C. Blum control MSM censorship with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown using AVID ISIS LeaderPlus election “management” software

Breaking feinstein

Dianne FeinsteinDiane Feinstein. (May 16, 2016). OGE Form 278 Financial Disclosure 2015. OGE.

AVID Feinstein 1

Moral: Control of Election Rigging Software is good for one’s net worth

Dianne Feinstein 2

Richard BlumAVID Technologies, Inc., Co. No. 0000896841. (Accessed Aug. 07,2018). Form 4 Insider Trading. SEC Edgar.

Feinstein chart

Blum Capital

AVID Leader Plus


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More globalist election rigging systems exposed

Let’s give the globalists their own election-night headache

More globalist election rigging systems exposed


Leader plus with computer

client guide.JPG



Leader plus 2Investec 1



Dmitry Shevelenko and Hillary Clinton contracted for a Template for Winning Elections just as LeaderPlus was being released, having been built in India

Template for winningInvestec 2



President Donald J. Trump is Strengthening the Security of Our Elections


Don’t forget where our collective target is this month. It is election rigging awareness month. We have lots of posts and audios on our sites for you to circulate among your circle of influence. You can also do your own research and send us your original work so we can share with our global truth community.

When the Democrats are so desperate that they think unsuccessful congressional candidate and Oprah Winfrey guru Marianne Williamson has a shot of beating Trump, then all they have left is their corrupt election rigging system. We must defeat them before we get to the polls. Scream, yell, and shout to secure our elections.

Not just in America…but YOUR COUNTRY, too.

Get globalists out of elections



If “Did Not Vote” Had Been A Candidate In The 2016 US Presidential Election They Would Have Won By a Landslide!

election map

By John R Brakey

The map shows what the 2016 US Presidential Election results would have been if votes not cast for Hillary, Trump or one of the third-party candidates or if had gone to fictional candidate named, “Did Not Vote.”

Disclaimer: The map above was accurate as of January 17th, 2017. Totals below were true at the time of writing but may no longer currently be accurate as additional votes and recounts are conducted.

Only 8 states + Washington DC, had high enough voter turnouts where one of the actual candidates won more votes than people who did not bother to vote. Iowa and Wisconsin for Trump and Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire and DC for Clinton.

(Undated) A few other 2016 election facts for you:

  • As a percentage of eligible voters, Clinton received 26.82% (65,845,063) of all votes compared to Trump’s 25.65% (62,980,160) and Did Not Vote’s 43.79% (107,000,000).
  • Total voter turnout was estimated to be 55.7% of the voting age registered population.
  • It is the 5th election since 1820 when the winner of the popular vote lost the presidency (the others being 1824, 1876, 1888, and 2000)
  • Donald Trump received 2,046,656 more votes than Romney did in 2012, but Hilary Clinton received 70,732 fewer votes than Obama did in 2012.
  • Neither Candidate even won a majority of votes cast, Clinton got 48.0% vs Trump’s 45.9% of those who did vote.
  • Washington DC is the only area in the country where a majority of all eligible voters (whether they voted or not) voted for Clinton (90% of voters, voted for Clinton on a 55.7% turnout). In the other 6 states listed above, victories were simple pluralities.

The numbers below are shocking! People have lost faith in the election system and these two corporate owned parties. For various reasons 107 million potential voters in the 2016 Presidential election in U.S. did not vote.

How many millions of those electors came to the same conclusion as Christine Mose did? Christine wrote: “Voting has become an act of endorsing your own systematic oppression and perpetuates the illusion that we live in a functioning democracy.” What I call the Mark Twain party below, Twain said some 100 years ago: “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

Verified electionsWhen people come to that conclusion, many just stop voting. Voter turnout will only increase when people see proof that election results ARE REAL! Publicly verified elections, as we are proposing, utilizing digital ballot images with risk-limiting audits will result in elections that people can believe in.

We must make Elections Transparent, Track-able and Publicly Verified if we are to protect our democracy. Governments must not be the sole verifier of its own secret electronic elections. 

Fact are the numbers below are shocking. Adolf Hitler won with a bigger margin in 1932 with 33% of the vote:,_July_1932

Brakey addition

The importance of ballot images is being increasingly recognized, as evidenced by the new Congressional effort to secure voting systems sponsored by Sen. Ron Wyden. Quote from THE HILL article: “State and local officials would also be required to implement what are known as “risk-limiting audits” — a method that verifies election outcomes by comparing a random sample of paper ballots with their corresponding digital versions — for all federal elections.”  

Article from THE HILL, BY MORGAN CHALFANT – 06/12/18: “Dems unveil push to secure state voting systems.”The bill introduced Tuesday (Wyden Bill) is specifically designed to ensure the integrity of and bolster confidence in the federal vote count”:

Dems unveil push to secure state voting systems

Video of Sen. Ron Wyden on hand marked paper ballots and audits:

Nationally, according to PEW report the 55.7% turnout in last year’s election puts the U.S. behind most of its peers in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, most of whose members are highly developed, democratic states.  The most recent nationwide election in each of the 35 OECD member nations, placed USA the U.S. 28th, right behind Estonia.


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Globalist Senator Thugs Trying to Trick the American Electorate with Phony Elections Bill


These globalists know that we are on to their corrupt election rigging machines so these disgusting anti-American Globalist SenatorsPatty Murray, Ron Wyden, Kirsten Gillibrand, Ed Markey, and Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren –  are offering a phony elections bill in Congress.

Mitt election machineThey don’t ask for compliance until November 2020. This way the election machine rigging machines that are owned by Mitt Romney, George Soros, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and other globalists can continue to rig elections.

WE THE PEOPLE demand paper ballots NOW. This is of vital importance to our election integrity and the democracy of our nation. These Senators are trying to “head fake” us into their limited bill so that they can rig 2018 and all the primaries between now and 2020 – whereupon they will change this bill before 2020 and keep the corrupt machines in place.

Don’t buy this false narrative. MAGA Senators need to offer alternative language that requires paper ballots and bi-partisan PUBLIC chain of custody – EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

When we see Rand Paul, Devin Nunes, and Jim Jordan support this bill, we will know we have a solid bill in place… until then, this bill stinks.

Effective date

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for another Romney to start doing her job instead of keeping the old guard in place. What has Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel done – publicly and veraciously – to put 50 states on notice that the GOP will not tolerate election machine rigging?

Only YOU can prevent election rigging.

Ronna and election rigging

Paper Ballots and Audits are Essential to Secure American Elections Against Foreign Hackers

The importance of ballot images is being increasingly recognized, as evidenced by the new Congressional effort to secure voting systems sponsored by Sen. Ron Wyden. Quote from the Wyden bill: “State and local officials would also be required to implement what are known as “risk-limiting audits” — a method that verifies election outcomes by comparing a random sample of paper ballots with their corresponding digital versions — for all federal elections.”

Digital Vote ScanningBallot images


How bad is it? Michigan, for example, has gone 100% digital when it comes to voting machines. Its primary is August 7. Digital ballot images are public records in most states; however, in compromised states, they’re destroying them.

And what has RNC Chair Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel who lives in Northville, Michigan done about it? (See article below that describe Uncle Mitt’s election corruption)


Uncle Mitt, of course, is part of this election rigging system.

Paper Ballots and Audits are Essential to Secure American Elections Against Foreign Hackers


SECTION 19 FREEDOM OF ELECTIONS. All Elections shall be free and equal, and no power, civil or military, shall at any time interfere to prevent the free exercise of the right of suffrage.


Can it be said, that Freedom of Elections are not free when a machine interferes with the right of suffrage (the right to vote).

It appears that for elections, a Writ of Mandamus to stop an action is the format. The article below provides a template for preparing your own Writ of Mandamus for your local and state elections. Leads Citizen Awareness of Election Transparency

Romney rigged elections

Election Rigging Keep Globalists Like Mitt Romney in Power

Will Romney Defeat Jenny Wilson by Rigging Utah Election with Smartmatic Machines? Leads Citizen Awareness of Election Transparency

Get globalists out of elections

This is Election Rigging Awareness Month and we will need lots of great content from independent creators to keep traction going on this important message and call to action.

Our “awareness months” have become huge successes – so big THANK YOU to all who have been participating. By giving attention  to one theme a month. we have been able to get critical traction needed to bring attention to important intelligence findings that can help POTUS clean the swamp.

Send us your final products – articles, videos, memes, etc. so we can share with the the A4T community, who, in turn, educates and enlightens their own audience. Remember that in the internet TRUTH is radiant, non-linear…just like LIGHT.


In this post we welcome, John and Arlene, new members of the American Intelligence Media Conclave. They have been doing serious work on election rigging since 2004 and join our efforts in guiding citizens in DEMANDING FAIR AND TRANSPARENT ELECTIONS.

Bookmark their main site at

Below are some notes and highlights they have sent us that independent media creators and concerned citizens may be able to use in their campaigns for fair and transparent elections. Calling on all jewelers and smithies to produce final products so we can scale this important information world-wide from now through the November elections.

Want to know more about how you can become a jeweler or smithie? Click here.

To find more posts like these, type “elections” in the search bar of this website .


Transparency is the Solution

Our focus has been on phase 1 of our long-term plan: securing the preservation of digital ballot images in as many election jurisdictions as possible. After in-depth research into the laws, regulations, and election administration in each state, we approach key election officials directly. We begin with education, as we are finding that most election administrators who oversee the use of digital ballot scanners are unaware of the existence or importance of the ballot images! In some cases, educating these public servants is enough for them to follow federal & state laws that require ballot image preservation.

Elsewhere, additional pressure including legal action is necessary. Here is a state-by-state snapshot of our work to date:

Virginia: Before the November 7, 2017 state election, we were assured by election officials that the ballot images were preserved. Instead, they were destroyed. This was the election where the balance of power in the House of Delegates was determined by one disputed ballot on which the marking had been changed either during or after the election. Ballot images could have determined the legitimacy of that ballot. Yet Virginia still failed to order ballot image preservation in the state’s subsequent June 12 primary. Attorney Chris Sautter and John Brakey are to meet with JAMES B. ALCORN, ESQ State Chair of VA Election Board on July 24th.

Ohio:  When we learned that the three largest counties using digital scanners, with the largest populations of people of color, planned to destroy the ballot images created by their election systems in the May 8 primary. AUDIT USA asked the Secretary of State to direct these counties to preserve the ballot images. He was not forthcoming with us, so we filed a mandamus with the Supreme Court of Ohio. The case was dismissed on a (questionable) technicality, yet we learned that the Secretary of State had given a directive to all counties to save the ballot images, making Ohio a win for the retention of ballot images.

Maine: Primary was June 12.  This state is 100% digital ballot image technology.  Ballot images were saved statewide for the first in the nation Rank Choice Voting of all state and federal races.  For the towns and municipalities races a second ballot and machine were used.  They were not given the directive to save those images.  We are considering a public records request to shine the light of clarification and prove availability.

Maryland:  Primary was June 26.  This state has 100% ballot images which were released to the candidates of a contest race in Montgomery county. However, the issues here are of a different nature.  There are two aspects to conducting an election.  One is the machinery and vendors that do the counting.  The other is the company that manages the voter database and sends out the absentee ballots. Usually the State receives the election night results, however in Maryland it is this company the receives them. This structure raises concerns in general as this vendor has too much power. They could suppress people from voting, and stuff the ballot boxes.  It has recently come to media attention that in 2015 the company that controls this aspect of the voting process was acquired by a Russian Oligarch.

Florida:  Primary is August 28.  This state 75% ballot images.  There are already dark clouds over this state for the handling of the primary election of 2016 between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Tim Canova where the Broward County Election Director destroyed the original ballots and has yet to be prosecuted and held accountable, see video. Video 2.  There are multiple reasons for this investigation and action. Florida could go backwards. Back to DREs and away from hand marked paper ballot to machine marked paper ballots that could be easily gamed, plus cost 3 times more. We call these machines the $4,000 pencils, plus it uses a QR code to count, not the marks made by electors when their ballots go into the digital scanner!

Rhode Island: Primary is Sept. 12. This state is 100% ballot images. The digital scanners have built in cellular modems, connecting their system to the internet. These machines were approved and certified by the Feds. We are evaluating our options. We cannot use a writ of mandamus because their system has federal approval. See NYT article, The Myth of the Hacker-Proof Voting Machine

Massachusetts: Primary Sept. 18. This state is 11% ballot images at this time. We have learned that the Secretary of State instructed counties to destroy the ballot images. We and local EI activists will push to try to have this changed before the primary.

We are currently researching Michigan (primary Aug 7th) and New Mexico, both now are 100% digital ballot images. As well as continuing our work in many of the states above.  It’s been reported that 15 more counties in California are converting to new digital scanners before the November election.

Media interviews, social media postings, and our website continue to be essential to our educational media strategy. Our representatives are also speaking at conferences and meeting with community groups and election officials. The importance of ballot images is being increasingly recognized, as evidenced by the new Congressional effort to secure voting systems sponsored by Sen. Ron Wyden.

Quote from the Wyden bill: “State and local officials would also be required to implement what are known as “risk-limiting audits” — a method that verifies election outcomes by comparing a random sample of paper ballots with their corresponding digital versions — for all federal elections.”



James, another Conclave member, has been working on a Writ of Mandamus package for all to use.

James writes: “I am working on a Writ of Mandamus to compel the State of Washington to ‘count ballots’ under bi-partisan chain of custody. We use ‘direct scanning’ by Hart InterCivic that uses OpTech OCR technology. No human count is made. No statistical sampling counts are made. The entire voting process depends on a self-validation report, which is ‘fraud’. Yet, no one has petitioned the state in two election cycles to do otherwise. I guess that is why we are now “DEEP BLUE”.”

He indicates that these are great links for election procedures:


Election machines have become commonplace in every precinct in the United States. Most people believe that the efficiency of using machines outweigh the risks, saving public money and providing quick results for the people to know the winners and losers.

These are the reasons touted by election officials. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Only humans can empirically observe bi-partisan chain of custody. Machines cannot do this, in any form, without creating ‘incurable uncertainty’. No certificate of assurance from any entity, test, encryption, or machine language can prevent this loss of observation.

A human citizen voter cannot observe an integrated circuit on a silicon chip, or observe the programming embedded on the silicon chip, and therefore cannot attest to its ‘chain of custody’ or ‘validity.’ A statistical sampling of the voting summation also cannot cure the uncertainty created by the loss of empirical observation.

The logic is simple…what the human eye cannot see and verify is a ‘fraud’.

Evolving voting methods have produced systems with significant holes in chain of custody which can call election legitimacy into question. Three voting methods which produce breaches in chain of custody are: vote-by-mail; electronic voting; and Internet voting.

These methods make it difficult for the public to verify that: (a) all ballots cast were counted; (b) ballots counted were not altered; and (c) unauthorized votes were not added. There are two main types of machines in use today: DRE or ‘direct scanning’ the other is ‘Direct Voting’ without a paper ballot. Each system is flawed in that no human tally outside the machine can be observed and therefore bi-partisan chain of custody is lost.

The integrity of the voting process, and the ‘will of the people’ is simply to precious in a Constitutional Republic to be subject to unscrupulous meddling by any means, and by anyone.

All elections are critical. However, this 2018 midterm is important. The recent turmoil about hacking and interfering in America’s elections has never been greater. Election machines have become very sophisticated and pose a threat to the voting process by introducing  ‘incurable uncertainty’ for the people that their ‘will’ is not being properly counted and expressed in the election outcomes.

There is a simple way to provide remedy to ‘incurable uncertainty’, and that is to move ‘back to the Future’, eliminate all electronic machines, use paper ballots, and count them under bi-partisan chain of custody, using video surveillance at all times to protect the balloting process.

This cannot be done without serious support and organization within each state.

However, there is a powerful tool available to each citizen or group of citizens, that by law, cannot be ignored. It is a ‘Writ of Mandamus’ that is filed in a local Superior county court in your State. When properly written and presented, a judge must rule or provide cause in writing to ‘not rule’.

I have written a sample ‘Writ of Mandamus’ for Washington State. It can be modified quickly and filed for a modest fee in your court system. It is easy to modify with a little formatting changes as needed. If many people begin to file these ‘Writs’ we can effect change and send a message to our local, county, state, and Federal government, that the ‘will of the people’ is not subject to the vagaries of hacking through technology.

There is no hurry to count the ballots so that news agencies can report the winners/losers. Integrity and accuracy are not for sale, and bi-partisan chain of custody is more important than expediency.

Jim has prepared a Writ of Mandamus for the State of Washington. You can use this Word document template to create your own notice for your state. We have highlighted in red the items that you will need to make unique in your filing. You will also need to change the wording withing the document to specifically reference your state (currently it is listed as Washington State)

TEMPLATE: WritOfMandamusElections


Do we know if the DOJ has actually issued a ‘warning’ to the American people to guard against ‘election hacking’ with guidance? If so, this is huge evidence, if it has been issued to ‘We the People’. We know the real story, but it seems that they are now caught in their own ‘snare’, like ‘tar-baby’ in the Brier patch. We the people, must now demand ‘human countable’ paper ballots, as guidance from the DOJ. How sweet if true.


John and Arlene have a few notes on Writ of Mandamus to add to James’ comments above.

…a writ of mandamus, special action, for us is… “your honor, we proven the fact in the case and these election official are mandated by law to preserve these critical records!”

Please order them to follow the law.

Attached document (10R) starting on page 26 has 3 court case, AZ, AL and Ohio, that were writs of mandamus.

I don’t know what is the state policy in MI is yet. In AL and Ohio they tried to say that they didn’t turn on that feature that make the ballot image. That a lie when say that. It doesn’t work unless it make an image.

Standing by, Michigan Primary is Aug 7th. We had to sue SoS of Ohio Jon Husted and at the minimum we want NO less than this. See attache doc 03L Data Retention.

10R Publicly Verified Elections are Key to De-Corrupting Our Democracy AUDIT ELECTIONS USA REV 6.12.18

03L Data Retention of Ballot Images is Required by Law rev 7.20.18

07R Victory for Election Transparency in Ohio AUDIT-USA 5.18.18

retention of ballots

.Black box voting


Only YOU can prevent election rigging

Calling on all patriots around the world to get active in your election voting process. Although we commend election boards that are working to clean up voter rolls and require voter identification, it will take much more than this to have honest and fair elections.

YOUR INDIVIDUAL EFFORT to write a FOIA request or letter to your election officials can make a difference.

In these articles (below) we tell you exactly what you need to ask for. Just lift text right out of our articles to create your own letter.

This is something that YOU can do TODAY that could make a huge difference in your state election process. Doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or Republican to demand your state get rid of these rigged machines.

If you belong to a citizen, patriot, or any concerned group, send your letter as a group to make a bigger impact. Then reach out to a similar group in your district and ask them to do the same. Continue to follow up frequently with calls and letters.


This is NOT the responsibility of your elected representatives to do. Citizens are responsible for the election process. Let’s get some traction on this, patriots.

Please feel free to share your progress with us.

Technology is not good for everything – especially when it comes to voting integrity!


Evil Men Who Rig Our Elections


Learn what is really happening with these George Soros – Mark Malloch-Brown – Mitt Romney rigged voting machines.


Ronna RomneyDemand that Chair of the Republican National Committee Ronna Romney McDaniel write an official inquiry into this matter to each and every state election official in the country on RNC letterhead.

Our solid evidence shows that her Uncle Mitt is behind these rigged machines.

Demand that she have these letters sent out by the end of the month. She must address the evidence that we found in the articles above…If she doesn’t, you might wonder if she just another corrupt RINO protecting her family’s political interests.