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James Comey: No Truth, All Lies, and No Leadership

Readers of the American Intelligence Media have long known about the criminality of James Comey from our extensive citizen intelligence reports and daily updates on Truth News Headlines. Now we add the work of one of our favorite content creators, Headlines with a Voice, to this collection of Comey revelations.

After reading our expose, you will see that his book would have been more appropriately subtitled: No Truth, All Lies, and No Leadership.

comey book

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Let’s make sure that citizens around the world are knowledgeable about the SESSERCO-Deep State-shadow government in America. We the People of the World must work together if we are going to dismantle the global elite’s control of the world.

Look for these same systems and corruption in your own country and expose them just as we are exposing the criminals in America.




James Comey: 2017 Disclosure, pt. 4


Not enough evidence for you? Then check out these citizen intelligence reports:



Lawless In America


We have a plan: Arrest James Comey.


James Clapper: Enemy of the State

We previously wrote about the treasonous actions of James Clapper against the American people in this article:


Below is an excellent video series that documents Clapper’s illegal and unconstitutional actions against the United States. Please share this url link so that others can understand the depth of corruption in the swamp.

When you are finally fed up with the horrendous criminality in Washington, start demanding military tribunals so we can clean up this mess expeditiously and restore the Republic.  People Respond to the Coup


James Clapper: A 2017 Disclosure, pt.1


James Clapper: A 2017 Disclosure, pt. 2



James Clapper: A 2017 Disclosure, pt. 4


James Clapper: A 2017 Disclosure, pt. 5


James Clapper: A 2017 Disclosure, pt. 6

Escape from Prison Planet

It won’t be enough to clean the swamp of the shadow government, namely the institution and employees of the Senior Executive Service, and think our MAGA job is done, patriots. We will also need to dismantle all contracts that the U.S. Government has with SERCO as well as abolish rogue government agencies like the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and USAID.

Then we need to identify the roles that the Crown Agents, Lockheed Martin, Knights of Malta, the British Monarchy, and the Vatican have in enslaving humanity to their human trafficking, resource-raping, banking cabal. This is a world-wide citizen effort and we will be showing you step, by step, the indictable evidence needed to put an end to this massive global corruption.

This might seem like an overwhelming task, but the first step is for citizens around the world to know who the planetary rulers are so that they can be extracted from their centuries-old, blood-line domination of the planet.

We need to learn the real history of what has been happening while we were “asleep”. We need to identify, by name and organization, who are enemies are. This is our Rip Van Winkle moment as we wake to see what has really been going on while we were fast asleep.

Lesson #1

Below is brief video that gives an excellent overview of the Gordian Knot that has been created to keep humanity locked into a lower vibration of fear, anger, hatred as our enslavers keep us locked into their control matrix.


Lesson #2

SES logosThe next step in the process of re-educating ourselves about the real truth of our history is to understand how Senior Executive Service and the DOJ’s Council of 500 work to keep day-to-day operations of the deep state-shadow government going.  ES is a very real operation. No conspiracy theory here!

We have proven their existence as well as given you research tools to identify the players yourselves.




Lesson #3

sercoNext, we need to understand how SES interacts with a company called Serco. If you live in another country (not America), look for your own version of SES and Serco in your government. The Queen’s tentacles extend around the world and it is accomplished through these entities. Find those in your country and reveal them to patriots in your country.



Lesson #4

Now, let’s reveal the next layer of corruption and control — which is mindblowing. We show you a direct connection to all these entities with verifiable, indictable evidence. From SES to the Queen, it is a highly-structured global operation with an intent to keep humanity under their control.



Future Lessons

Our next few lessons will be audio discussions between the researchers of American Intelligence Media and Americans for Innovation. We will add these audio discussions below as we upload them to YouTube.

We don’t stop here. We will also be showing you the enormous corruption at OPIC and USAID. And we have much more to share with you about Crown Agents, the British Monarch, and the Vatican.

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They Rule the Planet


OPIC Gave Bill Clinton Blank Check to Invest Funds in Russia

By Americans for Innovation


SES logosWell-hidden government records have just been unearthed that prove President Bill Clinton was given a blank check to invest funds in Russia by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) on Sep. 16, 1997.

OPIC is run by the Senior Executive Service (SES).

Then, on Oct. 23, 1997, 37 days later, the Clintons incorporated The Clinton Foundation in Arkansas. Numerous SES members are listed as officers in the Clinton Foundation and it’s aliases – so named by the State of Arkansas. Following is a summary of the Clinton Foundation officer’s SES Plum Book listings:

  1. Donna E. Shalala (1996, 2000)
  2. Stephanie S. Streett (1996, 2000)
  3. Cheryl D. Mills (1996)
  4. Bruce R. Lindsey (2000)
  5. Eric P. Goosby (1996) “HIV/AIDS”
  6. Kevin L. Thurm (1996, 2000) General Counsel, Citigroup (a ~$1.5 billion beneficiary of OPIC financings)
  7. William J. Clinton (1992-2001)]; Clinton library beneficiary 2004, 2008, 2012
  8. Hillary R. Clinton [1992-2001]; Clinton library beneficiary 2004, 2008, 2012

What follows is the actual judicially-recognizable evidence – all from government public documents.

On Sep. 16, 1997, President Bill Clinton was authorized an OPIC blank check specifically to send money to Russia (“finance project in Russia”).

OPIC Board Resolutions – 1997 (See BDR(97)20 – the last disclosed resolution of the year)

OPIC Clinton 1

BDR(97)20: finance project in Russia

OPIC Clinton 2

Online original (as of Apr. 15, 2018 at 7:26 EDT):

Archived & Distributed  (as of Apr. 15, 2018 at 7:26 EDT):

Citation: BDR97-20. (Sep. 16, 1997). Russian Project financing and insurance authority to Presidential discretion. Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). See also


On Oct. 23, 1997 (37 days later), Bill and Hillary Clinton incorporated the Clinton Foundation with the State of Arkansas, among its approximately 35 “aliases.”

State of Arkansas Certificate of Incorporation File No. 100152168

OPIC Clinton 3

OPIC Clinton 4

OPIC Clinton 5

OPIC Clinton 6

Citation: Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.. (Oct. 23, 1997). Incorporation record. File No. 100152168. Fictitious Names:Accesso Fund LLC (Colombia), Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, Ciudad Verde Amarilo Frailejon III, Clinton Climate Initiative, Clinton Foundation, Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative, Clinton Foundation Hong Kong, Clinton Foundation Insamlingstiftelse (Sweden), Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, Clinton Global Initiative, Clinton Global Initiative – Asia, Clinton Global Initiative University, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Clinton Health Matters Initiative, Clinton Hunter Development Initiative, Clinton Institute, Clinton Small Business Initiative, Forty Two, No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project, The Clinton Foundation, The Clinton Initiatives, The Clinton Museum Store, The William J. Clinton Foundation, The William J. Clinton Presidential Center, Too Small To Fail, West Wing, William J. C. Foundation, William J. Clinton Foundation (India), William J. Clinton Fndn (Kenya) Char Trust, and William J. Clinton Foundation UK. Arkansas Secretary of State.



Did DOJ Senior Executive Service Matthew S. Axelrod Influence Andrew McCabe?

Yesterday we posted this article:

Andrew McCabe’s ‘very dramatic’ call with top Obama DOJ official about Clinton Foundation probe raises questions

HuntingAndrew McCabe indicated that “he was pressed by a top Justice Department official about the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation.” This person was tentatively named as Matthew Axelrod principal associate deputy attorney general at the end of the Obama administration.

Got us curious who this person was/is…and his title gave us the smell for the hunt. This is what we found.

Axelrod workers

2016 Plum Book, PDF p. 102

S. Prt. 114-26. (Dec. 01, 2016). Plum Book, Policy and Supporting Positions. Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. U.S. Senate, 114th Congress, 2d Session, PDF p.102. GPO.


2016 Plum Book, PDF p. 104

S. Prt. 114-26. (Dec. 01, 2016). Plum Book, Policy and Supporting Positions. Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. U.S. Senate, 114th Congress, 2d Session, PDF p.104. GPO.


2016 Plum Book, PDF p. 103

S. Prt. 114-26. (Dec. 01, 2016). Plum Book, Policy and Supporting Positions. Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. U.S. Senate, 114th Congress, 2d Session, PDF p.103. GPO.

kadzik 2


SeS 500 List, p.1

Vol. 81 No. 191. (Oct. 03, 2016). Membership of the Senior Executive Service Standing Performance Review Boards, PDF p.1 Federal Register.

axelrod 2


Former Deputy at the Justice Dept. Joins Linklaters Law Firm

The former top deputy to the acting attorney general, Sally Q. Yates, who was dismissed by President Trump in January after refusing to enforce his executive order barring travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries, Mr. Axelrod is joining a major global law firm, Linklaters.



Asking fellow citizen researchers if there is a relationship between Matthew and David Axelrod – former Obama Chief Strategist for presidential campaigns. If you know of a connection or anything else about Matthew Axelrod that the truth community should know, please post your comments and links below.


The Queen’s Business Exposed

This collection of citizens intelligence reports will provide the researcher with a thorough background on the connections between the Queen of England, the CityofLondon, Knights of Malta, and the Vatican.

This background can help you understand how SERCO operates, as well as its connection to Senior Executive Service.










False Statements Made by Limo Wreck Regarding Q

This reply was posted under our article Were you conned by the Q psyop?


By Anonymous

Limo Wreck is a clown in America operative and is mis-representing what happened. Code Monkey contradicts what Q claimed. There is no proof Q forgot his password. He claimed he was locked out yet had to use his trip-code to post that he was locked-out, proving he was not locked-out. CBTS mod confirms Q is a larp.

Code Monkey now has been taken-over and is being run by the clowns. 8 chan has the SUDO board, a type of help-desk. So poster lies about many things. Q would have no way to communicate with CM and make posts if he had been locked-out. Q is lying and is a fake larp.

The claims of Q about sniffers are all lies. Q claims he is under FBI investigation, all lies. Nothing Q says makes sense and was lying about being locked out of the boards. Nothing Q has said has come to pass and much of what Q has stated is nothing but lies and we can prove this as none of it has come true.

Julian Assange is still in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Many other such lies by fake Q. Limo Wreck is lying also and part of the psyop of lies.

Point number 3 by Limo Wreck is proven in the SUDO chat to be false. Limo Wreck clearly is lying and is a clown agent. And Q did not post with a temporary trip code. Limo the true Wreck is lying on this also. Limo is the true wreck a liar.

Limo Wreck is part of the clown operation to discredit AIM and prop-up this fake Q.

Again, Baruch has over and over confirmed that current Q is a larp and fake. Legit Q stopped posting before the board change to 8 chan. That is when the Clowns in America hack took place. His account was taken-over.

There is no way the trip code on 8 chan could be the same as the one Q used on 4 chan. This also proves that 8 chan is lying. The board mods do not claim the forensic evidence of Q being hacked is weak. To the contrary. Baruck testifies to this. Here Wreck man lies again.

Nobody but White Hats could have taken-down the board, as neither we nor any anomymous did it. Q is nothing but a mixture of CICADA, our work to Restore the Republic and the work of others.

Current Q is an imposter, a thief, a liar, a clown agent who tells people to trust Sessions, Boulton, Wray, Kansas, Horowitz, Huber – all the SES fraudsters who are hijacking our Republic:

Apr 10 2018 01:48:24

Q KEEPS SAYING “Trust Sessions” when clearly Sessions is an enemy of the state and the SES ring leader and is protecting all the HC criminals. Rosenstein the same. Wray the same. Kansas, Horowitz, Huber – all SES. They all protect each other, slow foot investigations (as Wray did in the Enron case and as a result many die).

No justice will take place while these people are in office. Trump is being black-mailed by the SES and lied to even about Syria and the chemical attacks, not conduced by ASSAD but rather by agents of the banking cartel – CIA – Mossad. These organizations, SERCO and the SES all serve the banking cartel, the Bank for Inter Settlements and the Swiss Octogon Pharaonic bloodline familes slave masters.

The Queen alone is not doing it. She serves The Crown Corporation which serves the Swiss Octogon families.

Do not listen to this clown agent of the Khabbalah, poster called “Limo Wreck”. He is a liar and a fraudster.

We are anonymous, we are strong, we are many.

No single person is anonymous.

We are global. We never forgive, we never forget.


Additional articles that the American Intelligence Media has posted that support this post include:

Jeff Sessions: Enemy of the State






SES to Trump: You Cannot Fire Us


Additional links provided by Anonymous in a later post


(Actually the fake Q took place when the Q went from 4 chan to 8 chan).

Co-creating Our New Earth : Swiss Pharaohs 1 – Who controls the NWO actors? Who are the “unseen hand”?

The Slavery of Inertia Keeps America from Being Great Again

Commentary by James M. Miller


I  live in a rural agricultural environment. I have run for political office as a PUD commissioner, the electrical utility for the largest county in the state of Washington. I lost by a mere 100 votes. The lessons learned were immeasurable. I think it is very important to understand the power structures of rural America. Please note that these observations are generalized and I do not provide statistics.

America’s rural environment is heavily dependent on exports to make profits from agricultural investments. This is the main economic driver for communities. Mixed into this economy are layers of understanding, spirituality, religion, education, ignorance, patriotism, gun rights, false patriotism, economic falsehoods, and chief among all of things precepts is self-interest.

Self-interest is key, and I am not judging this human proclivity other than stating that it is like gravity. It exists.

Understanding self-interest is important, because it is the driving force for all things in the majority. It is the ‘force’ among all of God’s natural laws that sustain the ‘current state of reality’. Understanding this is key to any strategy for ‘change’. The ‘slavery of inertia’ is the norm and it must be recognized before anyone can ‘affect change’. The ‘inertia’ in rural America is strong with Socialism currently, based on ‘farm subsidies’.

I have worked on two Senatorial campaigns, as the key organizer in our county in the largest rural congressional district in Washington state…the 12th District where the elected is Dan Newhouse, a Republican in name only. During the 2016 presidential election, the majority of the 12th District supported Ted Cruz and not Trump. Trump supporters are the minority, and we know this.

Since we are not “Socialist Globalists”, and want to avoid war, we are low in the social cast system…if that has any meaning in reality. You simply can’t overcome the inertia of the embedded social structure that is economically dependent of handouts from the ‘government’. No one will give this up without howling like a wounded dog. This ‘subsidy’ based environment also needs cheap labor, so in our counties in the 12trh District, we have the highest population of ‘aliens’ who work for cash, send the money south, and don’t pay taxes.

‘Agriculture’ is addicted to this cheap labor and have expanded its tillage to get more subsidies, more cheap labor, and higher profits…all at the expense of self-governance and the rule of law…the very foundations of a Republic. We have high crime, overloaded schools, overloaded courts, overworked police, and other negative effects from this invasion. The only profit from this is taken by the large agricultural entities, who get subsidies to expand to export to China. We do not see the lower prices of these subsidies domestically, only the high taxes on property that further subsidize the exporting combines. The entire Eastern Washington agricultural economy is locked into this paradigm.

The general population cares only that the subsidies continue, and that ‘cheap labor’ is readily available. What has been created, in form, are the pre-conditions that existed with ‘cotton’ prior to the Civil War in 1857.

The Abolitionists supported the Republicans and the slave holders supported the Democrats. John Brown’s raid against Harper’s Ferry is analogous to the ‘false flag’ events being perpetrated on the American Republic by the Senior Executive Service (SES) and their controllers to overthrow the Lincoln icon, Donald Trump. We are in the same pre-conditions that inevitably led to the utter destruction of 1 million men after Fort Sumter.

In the same sense, economically, the Democrats as part of the artifice created with the false dual party system of conflict, along with the Republican Party controlled by the SES are setting Trump and the Republic for massive conflict. It is merely waiting for the spark to the powder keg. This ‘spark’ will come in the form of the SES, through Robert Mueller as the operative, creating a charade of ‘impeachment’, to create the constitutional crisis, from which they are betting on turning rural America form Trump supporters, to Socialists.

This is the gambit, and the Achilles heal for the patriot minority supporting MAGA. The real target, are the ‘fly over states’, using the lure of ‘fiat subsidies’ to purchase the votes necessary to destroy the movement to a stable economy and freedom. The SES is the cadre, working in secret, under the control of the Democrats, from the ‘secret white house’ only two miles away…directing the Senior Executive Service cadre to overthrow Trump in complete sedition of the rule of law.

ghandi quote on inertia

OPERATION HOGGWASH: No Death Records for the 17 Parkland Victims

by Dan Cromer
According to the official narrative, on February 14, 2018, a mass shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people were killed and seventeen more were wounded, making it one of the world’s deadliest school massacres. The perpetrator, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, was identified by witnesses and arrested shortly afterward. He confessed, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. He was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder.
Curiously,, the world’s largest online history resource does not show death records for any of the seventeen victims. This database is a compilation of obituaries published in U.S. newspapers, collected from various online sources. For researchers, obituaries are genealogical goldmines, including information such as names, dates, places of birth and death, marriage information, and family relationships. Ancestry’s U.S., Cemetery and Funeral Home Collection (1847-2018) provided the following search results:
1. Alyssa Alhadeff, 14
2. Scott Beigel, 35
3. Martin Duque, 14
4. Nicholas Dworet, 17


5. Aaron Feis, 37

6. Jaime Guttenberg, 14
7. Chris Hixon, 49

8. Luke Hoyer, 15

9. Cara Loughran, 14

10. Gina Montalto, 14

11. Joaquin Oliver, 17

12. Alaina Petty, 14

13. Meadow Pollack, 18

14. Helena Ramsay, 17

15. Alex Schachter, 14

16. Carmen Schentrup, 16

17. Peter Wang, 15
So, based on these results, one can ask: Why did Nikolas Cruz confess to the Broward County Sheriff’s? What death records did the Broward County Sheriff’s Office use to charge Nikolas Cruz with 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder? Like so many of these “mass shooting events”, we are left with more questions than answers.
Dan Cromer, an IT expert, was the first to discern that the audio from the Las Vegas concert was too high quality and had been prerecorded with sound effects of machine guns and military weapons, which were being complemented by special visual effects and an audience seeded with crisis actors. His research is based upon pubic records. Please contact the editor regarding any possible discrepancies.


After this article was posted, came out with this response. Coincidence or cover-up?

Parkland Obits at Ancestry – Com


Update (April 8, 2018):

In their haste to add these records, now shows two death records for Aaron Feis indicating that he died on February 14 and 15:

aaron feis

Of course, Aaron Feis is the “heroic” coach that selflessly shielded bullets to protect his students and subsequently died (twice).  Just days later, he was photographed attending a Parkland student’s “funeral”.

Parkland 1

aaron feis 2

We are in the process of requesting the Death Certificates from the Florida Department of Health, Broward County Vital Statistics Office.

Enemy of the State: Mark Zuckerberg

In the audio below, Douglas Gabriel from the American Intelligence Media and Michael McKibben from Americans for Innovation explain the crimes that Mark Zuckerberg, Silicon Valley techlords, and the Clinton State Department committed when they used Indian foreign agents to rig the 2016 presidential election.

We suggest you listen to the audio first so you can hear how the pieces fit together, then link to the headline below where you will evidence to connect the criminality of the Senior Executive Service, the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton and her corrupt entourage. Heads up, Mueller. We may have found that Russian you have been looking for –  Dmitry Shevelenko.



mark_zuckerberg_jailThe proof of these crimes is detailed in the link below:



Sign the petition to get rid of SES: