Another Inventor Screwed by U.S. Patent Office

This post from AIM patriot William R.:


Attn Michael McKibben & Douglas Gabriel

We have been following your website [ and for a few years regarding issues with infringement of your IP and trade secrets and the legal fight with the complex web of actors behind your case and many other cases these people may be involved. The other cases includes myself and a nuclear medicine physician from the south Cleveland area who invented a methodology to mathematically standardize the images in PET CT scans for cancer patients.  A US and EU patent have been granted but we are still battling the USPTO on the second US patent while the IP has been misappropriated by a large medical institution and other foreign headquartered companies. 

16 million people around the world are diagnosed with cancer each year with 1.6 million in the US. 95% of the images taken to diagnose and treat cancer use CT images and PET CT has only managed to take 5% of this market despite it being a superior technology.  CT images reflect the anatomical detail of a lesion or tumor while PET CT looks at the metabolic activity of any cancer inside the cell and since metabolic activity precedes changes in any anatomical details of the tumor, then it offers a superior way to diagnose and treat any cancer. However, PET CT has failed to displace CT scans because radiologist are still having to look at scans to determine “shades of grey” plus they can complete many more CT scans per day and therefore the $s are talking.

This IP brings mathematical precision to reading PET CT scans and the plan was to build a cloud based website where any radiologist from any location in the world could access the IP on a fee basis and use the algorithm to automatically bring precision to the PET CT image. The website was 80% complete when problems with protecting the IP first came to our attention in early 2017. We have been fighting with the USPTO since late 2013 and in mid-2018 they suddenly changed all the examiners. Meanwhile we are gathering evidence of who is all involved in this misappropriation that has also led us to China.

We have also been watching the election closely since the medical institute involved with the IP was looking after Covid 19 issues for the “Debate Commission”. A few months before that a scientist at this institute was arrested by the IBF for accepting grants from Chinese universities (including Wuhan) while accepting NIH grants. His expertise is in genetic cardiology and his claim to fame was that he found a way to use a virus to induce a heart attack!  This was of concern as the first debate was on 9/29 which is 9/11 when you add 2+9.  Soon after the debate more than 14 people working to set up the facility came down with Covid 19 and within 4 days #45 was on his way to Walter Reed. 

The medical institute and international company have global expansion plans including a new hospital at “33” Grosvenor Place London next door to the Queen, a 5 million sg ft facility in Abu Dhabi, a new facility in Shanghai and plans to support the China Healthy 2030 agenda. This is UN Agenda 21 and the 2030 agenda seems to be the first item on their grand plan of “dominion” uber alles!  NATO, Saudi Arabia and others have this same 2030 agenda. The international company has a 2020+ agenda.

While looking at Dominion Voting and following the election cycle we came across reference to TuV Sud and looked at its HQ in Germany. A member of their supervisory board is also on the supervisory board of the international company involved in the theft of our IP and this company was on the list you provided of a “club” that had special access to a backdoor at the USPTO and important IP. It has been established that Eric Coomer a key patent holder for Dominion IP and key player in selling their systems also has contacts with Antifa in Germany that has political links to the German Parliament.

“Let’s be clear. A German political party with European Parliament representation declared war on the nascent presidency of Donald Trump in no uncertain terms in early December 2016.”

Chalupa’s Animal Farm – Why Blacks need to toss the skinny white Antifa terrorists

Seems that this message from the UN in June 2020, that they quickly removed, ties it all together.

Then we have Scytl (purchased in Oct 2020 by Dublin, Ireland based Paragon Group in Oct 2020 who “made a better offer” than Sandton Capital of London”) with an office and servers in Frankfurt, the main city in the State of Hess. The AIC and ASN call this home and it is the original home of the Rothschild family. The State of Hess provided the Hessian mercenaries for King George III that Gen. Washington defeated at Trenton on Christmas morning 1776. Is history going to be repeated this Christmas?

While looking at TuV we came across a web page that showed a Marty McLear as one of their employees and a test engineer. If you look at his picture side by side with Eric Coomer, they look eerily similar. McLear could be taken for a younger Coomer, same hairline, glasses, ears, darker beard and slimmer. Then after reading your recent mention of TuV Sud we felt it was time to send you a note about our story that has many similarities to your own and the fact you are down the road in Columbus.

Can you look at these pictures? Is EC a double agent? Also see pdf attached.

“What you are missing in this is, MI6, M_saad, Bush fam AIC and Obama, built this election fraud system, installed it across America, ran it out of Scytl and a ghost AIC server in Frankfurt Germany, but on October 8th, 2020 AD in the year of our Lord, UNLOADED THIS VOTE HACKING PLATFORM, infused with AIC Hammer and Scorecard, to the communist Chinese for 400 million dollars, after an initial investment under Obama Inc for 200 million dollars.”

Thee Evidence of Joe Biden Election Theft

TuV Sud Canada HQ is 50 mins from Dominion HQ in Toronto and the TuV test center is 40 mins from the Dominion office. In your Nov 24 talk you provided the missing link that TuV only looked at what was ‘inside the box” and did not look at internet connections or other means like USB drives etc. that could access the voting system. Did HQ in Germany order this activity or was this part of the China, UN, NATO and WHO 2030 agenda, the AIC, DNC and pushers of the Build Back Better agenda, Boris and Biden? A declaration of war on the U.S? Look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely William R.

Michael McKibben writes William R. the note below:

See these guys are different. The nose positions are very different.

If you have followed us for a while, then you know that SERCO has ironclad control of the patent offices in the US and UK (and Canada!).

They have developed numerous strategies for acquiring any invention they wish to weaponize. Who are the examiners you mention? Do you have their resumes? What are your App numbers? I’ll look at the wrapper.



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  1. Sorry to say yet this is a prime example of how deep the corruption is intertwined in every aspect of our world. Any product or invention that threatens a NWO institute is dealt with in many unnatural ways, ultimately destroyed, stolen or bought. A Gordian knot of the worst of the worst inhabiting this planet. When one truly begins to see the depth of this infection of this generational mind and society controlling corrupt apparatus, one realizes it’s all a fake reality generated to control everything. A true Matrix Story. An illusion made just for us. one we must unplug ourselves from.
    The Matrix Is Not A Fiction, It Is A Documentary

  2. Dear Michael, Douglas, Tyla, and all the devoted patriots who work tirelesly in the background to suss out nuggets and boulders of almost buried TRUTH,

    How very blessed am I that you all are a major part of my life!

    Mahalo nui loa,
    Katholives, a.k.a. Kathy Shivel

  3. Dear Michael, Douglas, Tyla and all devoted patriots who work tirelessly in the background to unbury all those nuggets and boulders of Truth, in history and connections,

    How very blessed I am that you all are a part of my life, learning, growth and loving😊💓! Mahalo nui loa for all you do.
    May life, learning, laughter and loving be your constant companions-


  4. This is an in-your-face attempt to bring the U.S. to its knees, to enslave its Citizens! This is clear violation of our Constitutional Rights, but your State is not telling you what they have already decided to do in an bio-terrorism emergency. Again, as I’ve shared before, there is no language in our Constitution that authorizes having to give up your Constitutional Rights in the event of ANY emergency! Even right now, there are good people requesting the re-opening of the Anthrax case that occurred just after 9-11. See The Last American Vagabond: Smallpox Anthrax To COVID: The Ongoing Anthrax Deception That Created The BioSecurity State & COVID-19.
    1. Why are we pointing at China, when it all started at Ft. Detrick. Remember, we paid them.
    2. Why was the article from Johns Hopkins University student publication squashed about how the total death rate has NOT gone up in the U.S. since this plandemic started over a 32 week period of time? The lady who conducted the analysis had a Masters Degree in Economics. IOW, she crunches statistical data for a living.
    3. What did the CDC send to your State? Download below the evidence that Congress has failed to keep its oath of office by not upholding and protecting the U.S. Constitution.
    These questions tell me that “they” have created another False Flag Operation. See The Last American Vagabond video “False Flags and the Dawn of Bioterrorism.” They are pointing to an outside Bioterrorist Country and despite the evidence of a lack of total deaths in the U.S., continue to push this false narrative in order to PROFIT via MEDICAL TYRANNY and bring everyone under the NWO! That’s why the Emergency Condition has not been lifted!
    See the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act drafted by CDC at

  5. As for the photo comparisons of Coomer and McLear , these two sure look like the same person to me. The photo of Coomer is a lousy photo for comparison purposes and could have been altered , explaining why the photo is lousy in the first place. You would be better off comparing the ears as well of these two person for more accurate comparisons.

  6. Never thought possible in this country. They can’t win on the battle field so they go after the weak and greedy. The true men fight to defend this country and the USPTO and it’s Practitioners are destroying this country from within. Don’t think for a second Big Tech isn’t a beneficiary. I have had the same examiner for 8 years. With the most critical asset to futures of company’s and lives it’s not even a crime in most cases what they do. They accept awards and stand up and act as if they invented something. They did a pipeline of IP to foreign countries. Then it will be used against US companies. There is a war going on and we are getting destroyed. Dallas Texas my hometown is the mecca of Pirates. I had the patent office allow these Pirates to steal all my IP with Forged Assignments and even allow a restriction requirement due to the fact it was already patented. The Attorney as the Patent Holder. Customer Number 25883 is extremely popular in Dallas Texas. If your a Practitioner and you have a FITF bring it here and they will bury it for you. If you could find council willing to fight them is a miracle as well. I have a case that I will have to fight myself but exposing them is vital. We sell our technology so they really don’t have to steal it. We can thank the Practitioners for that. Maybe Forgery and Personal Property Theft will work instead of infringement. It’s RICO RICO RICO.

    Brad Baker

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