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The Vanguard Group drives worldwide merchant-banker fascism from The City of London

Fascism is a politics where the government aligns with selected corporations where those corporations support the regime in exchange for preferred regulatory treatment from that government. It pretends to be “free enterprise” while being 100% insider controlled.

The Vanguard Group overwhelming controls the U.S. Federal Reserve though interlocking relationships and holdings.[*] Therefore the 2.329 companies in which Vanguard owns 5% or more are the fascist partners that control the U.S. financial and merchant economy.


Vanguard Group Inc. (Jul. 23, 2023). Form 13D/G Filings (more than 5% ownership, 2,329 companies. Fintel.i0 (Las Vegas, NV).

The Vanguard-controlled Fed even takes investments from the PRC!

But, they hide their capital stock list “as a matter of policy” from We The People

Editors. (Aug. 25, 2023). The U.S. Federal Reserve, Vanguard, and Demons. Anonymous Patriots.

Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street are controlled by The Pilgrims Society in The City of London (Rothschilds, Barings, Barclays, NatWest, etc.)

Fascism in America proven

Fascism in Britain

Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street are controlled by The Pilgrims Society in The City of London (Rothschilds, Barings, Barclays, NatWest, etc.)

Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street. (Sep. 11, 2021). De Facto ownership of America’s Top 505 corporations.

Note: FMR (LLC) = Fidelity Investments

I am bullish on GameStop


First, this is not financial advice. These are musings of a lifelong, successful entrepreneur who helped many a fellow entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur Organization and Women Presidents’ Organization, to be exact) out of a few pickle jars because I could see beyond their limited silos and offer suggestions that they had not thought about.

I see a convergence of GAMESTOP and SILVERSQUEEZE that could be epic.

Let me explain:

When you are leaving one financial system to another, as in the collapse of the Federal Reserve fiat currency and all the other currencies tied to it into ‘who knows where we are going’, you need to “park” the “dying money” in a “waiting state” (call it money purgatory) until you know how you can convert your asset into the new financial system.

This is why we see a bloated stock market and high Bitcoin prices. Folks are rushing in to protect their fiat currency into monetary lifeboats that can carry them across the tumultuous waters into the new system. Some have purchased stocks; others crypto currencies; some food for the pantry. The problem with these lifeboats is that they may not make it across the waters. Tech stocks that rely on the abundance of silver won’t make it. Bitcoin that can’t be “cashed in” on the new currencies will evaporate. Food that spoils can not be used for barter.

You need a good sturdy boat for your wealth’s journey to the new financial system. Silver and gold are good on either side of the financial systems. Other assets like land and commodities may also fare well.

Another safe haven I am seeing is GME, Gamestop stock, which is now being treated by the stock purchasers like a type of Bitcoin. Its value isn’t so much with the company the way it used to operate pre-2020, but on the trust and vision of the community that believes Gamestop can become something even better in the new economy.

Better than Bitcoin which is tethered to the ethers, GME is tethered to actual physical properties and a customer base which is WOKE. It’s the perfect marriage of a stock and a ‘cryptocurrency-like’ frenzy. It can hold the value of fake fiat currency until the financial transition is complete.

What if Gamestop locations became places for silver exchange? You could go into a Gamestop with 1 ounce of silver and have it converted, at the going spot price, which would be real not fake, for tokens (physical or digital) that represented grams of silver. These tokens could be used in retail establishments that accepted them.

And why wouldn’t a merchant accept these silver-backed tokens when they could go to a local Gamestop, cash in the tokens and/or credits and walk out with real money – silver. Gamestop would make its revenue in transaction fees and other gains in the increasing value of silver. Maybe they have a “members club” with an annual fee.

To keep things simple, Gamestop would only accept coinage issued by the mints of the country it was operating in. It’s not creating money; it’s just using the current legal tender of coinage for payment but transferring it into a digital form for easy carry and use.

Maybe they limit transactions to a few ounces only. If an ounce becomes worth more than a few hundred dollars, it will be difficult to pay for a coffee or the babysitter using just silver. You would pay in Gamestop tokens from your phone, all backed 100% by silver and gold, redeemable at any GameStop location. There are all kinds of variation in how the details would work. Coin stores and bullion dealers would still be around to handle the bigger transactions.

The GME token could become known as the GameStop crypto tethered to silver and gold. Then folks could use the electronic payment system without lugging around pounds of silver. GameStop could open up more locations or lease cheap space from the collapsing banks. It could also have an online presence where you could mail coinage into them and they would convert to their digital tokens, plastic cards, or memory sticks.

This could become the monetary system of patriots and precious metal bugs all around the world. Wherever you traveled, you could use the Gamestop system of converting precious metals to digital tokens for local exchange.

Yes, there are ways to encrypt this technology and much better than the Bitcoin system. We are working with engineers now to roll out an amazing encryption system that the patent trolls are salivating about, but we aren’t going to let them steal it from us… this time.

The name GAMESTOP is a perfect name for this new financial system. It marks the time in human history where enough people around the world said STOP this evil GAME of shorting everything you don’t own – meme stocks, silver, and the future of our children. This is what hedge funds and banksters have done – placed our entire world into a short position as though this were a giant casino and human beings were their chips.

We love the marriage of GAMESTOP and SILVERSQUEEZE as it brings together the energy of young people with their excitement and tech abilities for gaming and gathering online with silver bug boomers who knew that one day….Truth and Silver would save the world.

Tyla Gabriel, American Intelligence Media

Read what we predicted back in January 2021:

GameStop is a Game Changer

AIMCats Fire Silver Truth Bullets

It wasn’t WallStreetBets that created such a fervor in the silver market; it was the influential community of the American Intelligence Media who were armed with information and truth from years of study and knew just what to do.

Congratulations, AIM Cats!

On Thursday, January 28th, we alerted you to the brewing silver movement and reminded you of the history of silver and the Federal Reserve. We pulled up some old “lesson plans” for your refresher.

On Friday, January 29th, we pulled up a vintage lesson on JP Morgan and Spoofing in the Silver Market. We told you why we were making a play in the imaginary SLV market. You made your own plays in one or more of the silver games. You alerted your downline and the word was passed through the internet.

On Friday afternoon, January 29th, we showed you how this was going to erupt into a SILVER WAR and that everyone needed to get ‘bullets’ of silver, literally buy silver. Go to your coin stores and start buying up as much physical as you could. You did. You informed your downline and the word was passed.

On Saturday, January 30th, we fired up the meme machine and delivered fresh, dank memes for you to fire into your downline to get them engaged and motivated. AIMCats know the power of memes and fire them generously. We gave you three reports to keep your audience stoked. Report 1. Report 2. In Report 3, we were already reporting that the silver transactions were clogging the financial system.

On Sunday morning , February 1, 2021, we reported that the dealers were experiencing huge shortages. In the afternoon, we unleashed the Kalki Avatar with a second report.

Our community of truth seekers were so hyped, they could hardly sleep on Sunday night, waiting for the markets to open…and goodness, we opened with a bang as this CNBC person describes with the CEO of JM Boullion. This was not WallStreetBets, who have disavowed any association with the silver revolution. This was the power and influence of our AIM truth community.



How to destroy 5G rollout

The US Geological Survey (USGS) has publicly stated that the world’s silver supply will be depleted by 2025. This will make silver the first widely used industrial commodity to have its in-ground supply exhausted. Source

After you read how important silver is in the new technologies that will control humanity, think about what happens to PRICE when SUPPLY is LIMITED!

The reason that a silver shortage would be a big problem for the Green New Deal, including the rollout of DEADLY 5G, is that SILVER is required for the technology to work.

We are asking citizens of the world to buy physical silver and get it out of the hands of the evil globalists who want to lock down the planet in digital tyranny. For example, remember our reports on the Internet of Things? It needs silver to operate.

Internet of Things: Fascism by Another Name. Powered by 5G

Big Brother is Watching You — For Real

This technology will not work unless SILVER is readily available for industrial and commercial use. The most efficient way citizens can fight this intrusive technology is to gobble up all the physical silver they can, whether it is American Silver Eagles, Australian Kangaroos, Canadian Silver Maples, South African Kruggerands, UK Britiannas, or any other form of pure silver.

We don’t see a down side to this at all! Silver is not only valuable as a store of value, its price is never going to go down, except in the rigged SLV markets where silver is imaginary, not real.

Citizens around the world are waking up to the VALUE of SILVER. Dealers can’t seem to scarf up American Eagles anywhere. So try other ’rounds’, from other countries, or pure silver bars from a reputable dealer.

Another great place to look for silver is in pawn, second-hand and antique shops. Many times shopkeepers are unaware that they have a valuable metal in utensils, silverware, tea sets, and jewelry. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver. It can be melted down and purified by silver professionals who will buy it at coin and pawn shops – for just that purpose.


In this industry publication – Silver Institute Paper, you will see that silver is REQUIRED for 5G manufacturing.

What do you think will happen to the price of physical silver when the SUPPLY is short and the DEMAND is long? Yes, the silver you buy in the physical form is going to have an “up charge”. Get used to it as this is reflective of the real price of silver, not that imaginary stuff over at SLV that is used to set the price of physical silver.


Read under these headline links for edgy memes and informative videos to circulate in your downline:


The SILVER Revolution Will Change the World

Listen to the entire video in the headline link above.

Reddit Rebellion Has Clogged Entire Financial System’s Plumbing

This ZH article is worth the read time as it will remind you about the DTCC and its role in clearing stocks. Then drop below to the next headline and remind yourself of what you learned with our 2016 article on the EXCHANGES.

It’s Not Just Robinhood, Reddit Rebellion Has Clogged Entire Financial System’s Plumbing

“Because the buyer does not know who the seller is, the brokers for both buyer & seller use a 3rd company called DTCC to actually match & “clear” stock transactions, moving title from selling broker to buying broker while ensuring proceeds are moved on time.

For equity options contracts (puts and calls), the primary clearing entity is OCC (Options Clearing Corp). I’m going to refer to “DTCC” below, but know that the same story can be told for options with OTC.

Clearing for US equities is generally a “T+2” process: settlement takes no more than 2 days from the trade. But the Buyer’s & Seller’s brokerage accounts generally reflect the transaction immediately – behind the scenes, there is lending. Lending means “counterparty credit risk.”

DTCC provides its balance sheet to guarantee settlement. But its balance sheet isn’t that big, so it has to tightly manage counterparty risk to guarantee accurate settlement.

In this way, DTCC is both a central repository for Title, and also the guarantor of Title.

This guarantee is typically an extremely low risk proposition.

However, “low risk” does not equal “no risk”” 


Students in the AIM School of Truth learned about these exchanges in a lesson plan of August 19, 2016. If you were not a student at that time, this is a must-read. If you need a refresher, by all means drop in and reboot.

Exchange Casinos Control Practically Everything You Own

Are You Ready to Be Ripped Off in the Biggest Financial Scam Ever?

We began the article: “You have heard that the stock market and Wall Street are nothing but a casino. “Outright gambling” you have heard or read. You may think you know what that means, but we urge you to read this article to see how deep we went to uncover the truth for Patriots.

Once you read this article, there is no going back to sleep. You will want to act to preserve your savings before the collapse happens. Our markets are no different than all that proceeded us in history: Fiat currency always ends the same way—total collapse. As we have told you before, we are not financial analysts and aren’t giving you financial advice. We are just outlining what our research discovered and are saying in a calm voice to our fellow Patriots, “Fire. There is a fire in the casino and you might want to cash out your chips and head to the exit door. Immediately.”

You probably have a sinking feeling in your stomach about what is happening in the global financial world. It doesn’t seem to make sense. You read that the U.S. stock market is hitting all-time highs, yet you hear that exchanges around the world are faltering.  Why are we told that stocks are at record highs and volume in trading is strong, but that no one is buying? That just doesn’t make sense. Why are we hearing about the robust health of the “markets,” yet seeing more and more unemployment in our community?”


What to do with your 401k/IRA before the stock market storm


Then, read what one Wall Street trickster suggests that the WSB community should do to put the globalshits in a vice grip squeeze:

Mark Cuban Presents A “Little Trick” For Creating The Mother Of All Short Squeezes

In a series of tweets on Friday, the iconic investor and “shark” compared the lending and rebate payment mechanism in stocks vs DeFi crypto tokens (where the bearer gets the benefit of the borrow fee and not the broker) and said – in an almost verbatim paraphrase of our “tricky” tweet from two days earlier – the following:

one trick that I have been on both sides of is to lend out stock to shorts at a high APY and then call back my shares, which forces the short to cover. Now if #WSB did this en masse, it would be the mother of all short squeezes “.

But if they do, one trick that I have been on both sides of is to lend out stock to shorts at a high APY and then call back my shares, which forces the short to cover. Now if #WSB did this en masse, it would be the mother of all short squeezes . — Mark Cuban (@mcuban) January 29, 2021


r/wallstreetbets vs. The Establishment – War On Wall Street

Ben does a great job giving an overview of the Robinhood-GME-Citadel predicament. View it yourself and make sure your downline gets a copy of the link. Then see how you can easy and affordable it is to get your memes on a billboard.

r/wallstreetbets vs. The Establishment – War On Wall Street


The next tier of “sleepy-heads” wakes up from the mirage and are very upset. It was all a game and they were the pawns.

See the billboard sign in action inside this link.


Patriots are placing 3D memes (billboards) around their cities and communities. Inside this link, you will see suggested designs, how to do it, how much it costs. DIY, crowdsource the project, Go Fund Me. Learn here.



“F**K ROBINHOOD” Protest is held outside NYSE


Some of you might be concerned about your investments in the stock market, especially if they are retirement accounts and you do not have years and years to make a mistake and rebound. IN side the link below, citizens have helpful suggestions.

What to do with your 401k/IRA before the stock market storm


Is The Reddit Rebellion about to become a SILVER WAR?


He taught his army of patriots well.


Is The Reddit Rebellion About To Descend On The Precious Metals Market?


Yes, we agree with Bix that physical silver is the only silver that has value, but our strategy of jumping in to the SLV (paper, derivative silver) is to drive the digital (rigged) price up and make money all the way to the Moon. SLV shares are casino chips, so to speak, and only worth money when you cash out where it is converted to fake, fiat Federal Reserve currency which will soon be worth nothing. To buy real wealth, take those fiat dollars and buy precious metals from the local coin or pawn shop, or purchase real assets like cars, boats and houses, or grab those essentials that you might need for your household.



Of course, if you have been in the AIM School of Truth for a few years, you know all about JP Morgan, metals rigging, and the secret power of the silver bullet. Here are two reports from our archive that will give you the history of what’s been going on in the silver and banking industries.

J.P.Morgan Controls Major Newspaper Editorial Policy While Spoofing and Hoarding Silver & Gold

“J. P. Morgan Chase is an agent of the Rothschilds and controls the media and metals market. This post with GROUNDBREAKING new evidence from historical records shows the Rothschild plan to control American media and metals market.”


Time to Get Your Silver Bullets as We Fedexit From the Banking Cabal

“Thanks to the banking cabal, the price of silver and gold has been suppressed for over one hundred years in order to cover up their financial crimes to humanity and suppress the real value of currencies around the world. This means that Patriots can still pick up an ounce for less than twenty fiat dollars! This is REAL U.S. minted currency and will be important to have on hand as the derivatives market collapses the entire financial system as the banksters find out that we will not be bailing them out of their Ponzi scheme this time.”


Suing Robinhood – Again


$GME The Movie


Ladies and Gentlemen, WE GOT THEM


It’s not going to be a CIVIL WAR with bullets and blood; it’s going to be a SILVER WAR with naked shorts and a rich middle class.

Be a patriot and do something to contribute to the SILVER WAR efforts. Go to the coin or pawn shop today/tomorrow and load up on real silver and gold… or join silver warriors who are speculating in the SLV market to drive prices of silver to the moon, knowing that if it suddenly collapses, we could lose everything but at least we saved our children from global tyranny because we would have collapsed their evil system.


The Democratization / Demonization Of Speculation

An interesting intersection of dynamics has led to the curtain being ripped aside by the democratized speculations of WallStreetBets, a crowdsourced pool of speculative capital which shares many characteristics with online gaming and live-action role playing (LARP) only the gains and losses are in real dollars (the fortunes made and lost in GameStop (GME) are very real indeed).

Wall Street and the politicos who profiteer as insiders are naturally horrified by both developments.”


Charles Payne Goes “Beast Mode” On Hedge Fund Elites As We See Once Again The Game Is Crooked


Alex Jones explains how digital silver trading can be used to defeat the globalists at their own game!

The silver bullet to slay the globalist werewolf is here!