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Trump leads the global patriot movement

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben explain how the Deep State can be dismantled by destroying the corporate propaganda news media which is, as President Trump continues to remind us, ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

Afterwards, round off your citizen education on fake news by watching the blockbuster interview with Michael McKibben in the hyperlink below the audio embed.

Once you have completed your ‘assignment’, make sure to find out about the Miller Act Notice and let the White House know what’s on your mind.

Trump leads a triumphant global patriot movement


A plusAIM Patriot Michael McKibben hits a home run with this interview. Listen and watch here.

Then share on your social media sites!


Overthrow the Globalists in One Signature!

Corrupt Media AFI


Continue your citizen education by looking at these two AIM citizen intelligence reports:

Who Really Owns the Military Industrial Complex: The Highland Forum Exposed


Yellow Journalism: Globalist Weapon of Mass Deception

Fake History is Deadly

Fake History is DEADLY to all of us on the planet.


And this is what nations around the world need to be doing – busting up the international order set in motion by EVIL Cecil Rhodes and his Rhodes scholar sycophants.

AFI. (Jan. 24, 2019). So you thought Rhodes Scholarships Were Good? Americans for Innovation.

cecil rhodes info


Media brainwashing and propaganda roots/continuity found!

Marconi’s monopoly was established by the British War Propaganda Bureau (1914, Wellington House, precursor to Tavistock Clinic/Institute) director, Charles Masterman, a relative of Cecil Rhodes and Rothschild collaborator. The successor Propaganda Minister of Information, John Buchan, was chief of staff for Viscount Alfred Milner, one of the spiritual leaders of the new world order League of Nations based on British imperial federalism. Rhodes Scholars to this day are recruited to this 200-year Cecil Rhodes vision.

 MARCONI WIRELESS T. CO. OF AMERICA v. U.S., 320 U.S. 1 (1943).

Foonote, p. 4

marconi 1

RCA founded NBC in 1926, just 10 years later! The fusion of wireless and fake news!

Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, founded SERCO (1986)

Marconi merged with RCA (NBC) and GE in 1987

RCA changed its name to SERCO in 1987

Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, became Marconi’s President 1990-1999.

zucker cnn.jpg


Tesla was proved to be the true inventor of wireless, therefore the British Gov’t, Marconi, GE, RCA, CBS, and now CNN are benefiting on stolen wireless (as well as social)  technology

MARCONI WIRELESS T. CO. OF AMERICA v. U.S., 320 U.S. 1 (1943).

p. 13

franklin institute

p. 34

priority of inventionmarconi theft of tesla snippet.JPG

p. 35

commercial success

Marconi’s claims were rejected in legal patent speak such as “noninfringement, invalidity, lack of priority, void, patent in suit”

p. 10

marconi 2

Official confirmation of prior inventorship by Tesla (over Marconi), actually cited in the Supreme Court Opionion on p. 13:

Carl Hering. (Dec. 06, 1893). Committee on Science and the Arts Report on “Nikola Tesla’s Researches in High Frequency Phenomena”. Franklin Institute.


Two MPs caught investing in Marconi Wireless America (the ones that got caught)

two ministers


ana padilla jargstorfAnd where have you heard that name MILNER (long before we told you about Alfred Milner) before?

Russian Yuri Milner worked with Larry Summers and Sheryl Sandberg at the World Bank in 1993 pushing the disastrous Russian voucher system that opened Russia to the mafia-western bank oligarchs

Here is Wikipedia’s ALL TOO PERFECT whitewash:

Note that he just made an investment in 23andMe DNA testing

“The Silicon Valley startup now has a major partner and investment to tap that potential: It announced Wednesday that it sold a $300-million stake to British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline Plc. (The Wellcome Trust is a biomedical research charity based in London, United Kingdom).”

Baron Ricky’s paramour  Dr. Ana Elena Padilla Jargstorf (aka Tavistock Ana) consults to Wellcome Trust for the British Psychological Society. Hmmmm

TIMELINE ENTRIES (in your browser search on “milner” and you will see over 100 instances in the timeline$100-million-silicon-valley-palace

Did Milner have a bastard child during his trip to double-cross Czar Nicholas in 1917?

Yuri could be that offspring’s son or grandson.


AIM Cats Bust Felix Sater

caution felix saterThere were excellent comments under this audio that we wanted to share in a more permanent, easy-to-share way. Thanks to all of you that took the time to educate and enlighten us more about Felix Sater. For those of you who are not aware:

Felix Sater is the linchpin for the British Spygate scandal because he was James Comey’s FBI asset used to set up numerous October Surprises that were intended to “take out” candidate Trump. Felix is the “Russian spy” who tried again and again to set up Trump through the Trump Towers/Alfa Bank accusations, the Michael Cohen Russian sanctions letter, the meeting with Natalia Veselnetskya, the Russian Trump Towers deal, and many other crooked “frame ups.”

If Felix is questioned by authorities, including Adam Schiff and the members of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, the entire coup d’etat will become revealed and Comey’s treasonous crimes will come to light. This is why we encourage all AIM patriots to educate their audiences on who Felix is…and then to get to action and contact your congresspeople.

Read the full report here: Patriot Sources LEAK Mueller Report!!!

Comment by Christopher Strunk

Dr. Corsi took my phone call as he was sitting with his family at JFK waiting for his plane to Italy for his 25th anniversary celebration trip NYC Rep J. Nadler represents Little Odessa (Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach) and his money man Felix Henry Sater (born Felix Mikhailovich Sheferovsky; Russian: Фе́ликс Миха́йлович Шеферовский; March 2, 1966) the American mobster, real estate developer and former managing director of Bayrock Group LLC,a real estate conglomerate based out of New York City.

Sater has been an advisor to many corporations, including The Trump Organization, Rixos Hotels and Resorts, Sembol Construction, Potok (formerly the Mirax Group), and TxOil. In 1998, Sater pleaded guilty to his involvement in a $40 million stock fraud scheme orchestrated by the Russian Mafia, and became an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and federal prosecutors, assisting with organized crime investigations.

In 2017, Sater agreed to cooperate with investigators into international money laundering schemes. Sater was born in Moscow into a Russian Jewish family, the son of Mikhail Sheferovsky and Rachel Sheferovskaya. He has a sister, Regina. The family emigrated to Israel when Felix was 8 years old to avoid religious persecution in the Soviet Union, and eventually came to the United States, living in Baltimore, Maryland before settling in Brighton Beach, New York in 1974.

Felix and his sister adopted the surname Sater. Mikhail Sheferovsky (also known as Michael Sheferofsky) states that the family name was Saterov at some point (Сатаров). According to the FBI, Mikhail Sheferovsky was an underboss for Russian Mafia “boss of bosses” Semion Mogilevich and convicted of extorting money from local restaurants, grocery stores, and a medical clinic.

AND Felix Sater is reportedly a childhood friend of Michael Cohen.


Oh Yes did I fail to mention SEMION MOGILEVICH ? See the movie Lord of War we spoke with Viktor Bout in Thailand see Exhibit 3 of

LOOSE NUKES: The Kursk’s Unregistered Missiles

AIM Patriot Kevin Timmer made a few additional comments:

Felix Sater’s father…Mikhail Sheferovsky was an underboss for Russian Mafia “boss of bosses” Semion Mogilevich…The family moved to Israel when Felix was 8 years old, before settling at Brighton Beach in NY. Felix’s father was known as Cosa Borschtra in Russian mob.

He has a pretty violent past – not to mention he’ll work whatever side benefits him and will snitch on anyone. In 1991, Sater was convicted of first degree assault after he got into an argument with a commodities broker at the El Rio Grande restaurant in Manhattan. In 1998, Sater pleaded guilty to involvement in a $40 million stock fraud scheme orchestrated by the Russian Mafia. In exchange for his plea, he agreed to become an informant for the FBI.

Felix’s father was an Underboss in Brighton Beach for the Russian mafia. He had ties from birth.


AIM Patriot Kevin sends us another important link:

Oh man, I’ve found a lot more info on the Sater…or Sheferovsky father & son. Sheferovsky has been a cooperating witness out of the USAO-EDNY since 99-00 time frame. Did lil Felix roll on his daddy, too?

He’s responsible for 20 high profile arrests over a 10+ year period according to Loretta Lynch out of the USAO-SDNY. Some of those 20 were La Cosa Nostra. The only way he survives this is with help from high up…like Semion Mogilevich. I will get more details to you once I get this all neatly wrapped up! Here’s some good info to start with though.


Request of AIM Patriots:

Let us know what you discover about Felix Sater by leaving your insight and links into relevant articles and videos in the comment box below. Then make sure your congresspeople, especially those that will be questioning Michael Cohen during the House Select Intelligence Committee, that you demand to know how Felix Sater fits into the big picture of the overthrow of our President.


Make sure Adam Schiff knows that patriots know all about FELIX SATER.

Official Websites

Government Website:
Campaign Website:

Social Media Pages



Click below for the members of the Committee:

Majority Members

Minority Members


SPOILER ALERT: The Crown Ordered the Overthrow of Donald J. Trump

The American Intelligence Media story begins in late 2015 when Tyla and Douglas Gabriel saw the events of San Bernardino unfold in front of our computer screen. We saw the sloppy event unfold in real time and couldn’t wait to see how independent media would cover it. Of course, we knew that the mainstream media would never report the truth.

We waited. We checked our trustworthy alt media channels. Nothing. No one was calling it out as a false flag.

In the meantime, we were finishing up some books that comprise the foundational pieces of a larger online system of learning we were creating called the Glass Bead Game. We had both retired in 2013 from our long careers in the education business and were excited to be completing some of the foundational pieces for this digital “one room schoolhouse”.

As far as San Bernardino, we waited for two weeks for someone, somewhere, to start reporting the event accurately, but there was nothing from the media anywhere about the false flag operation. So, we decided to use our research, writing, and teaching skills to submit a report to one of our favorite outlets. This was our first article, published in December 2015:

Was The San Bernardino ‘Mass Shooting’ A False Flag Within A False Flag?

This article was a huge hit and is considered by many of our peers to be an independent media “classic”.  We didn’t feel that we had reached a satisfactory answer which led us to asking the question – Why is the government running false flag operations on citizens?

That research produced amazing results and our friends at the Millennium Report provided their platform for our report:

“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense


This research opened up a HUGE CAN OF WORMS for us once we saw the scope of corruption in the world and the lack of journalism and honesty in traditional media. We wrote dozens of reports to fellow citizens – we call them Citizen Intelligence Reports – about corruption all around the world. Eventually, we created our own landing page for these reports at the American Intelligence Media.

As we were doing our research in 2016-17, we kept running across a company named Leader Technologies. They claimed to have invented the trade secrets for scalability used by all social media platforms, especially Facebook. Their research site at Americans for Innovation  was loaded with bombshell evidence, but early on we couldn’t figure out how Leader fit into the overall big picture of world corruption.

Eventually, we made contact with Michael McKibben and started learning his backstory. Once we realized that his horrific ordeals with the IBM Eclipse Foundation, the U. S. Government, the Patent Office, and the Supreme Court were accurate and his statements were supported with detailed evidence, we knew that the truth of the theft of social media could help drain the swamp. So we jumped in the car and headed out to Ohio where we met Michael in a hotel room. Douglas interviewed Michael in these historically important videos:

Facebook Unmasked: How the World’s Most Relevant Entrepreneur Was Screwed By Zuckerberg

We thought that this would be the end of the story and that truth would ring from coast to coast and the world would be saved.

Nope. Didn’t happen.

But what DID happen is that Douglas and Michael began to see intersections in their two previously-unconnected timelines….more and more frequently. Michael’s timeline ended with the Highlands Forum. Douglas’ timeline started at the Highlands Forum. Once they saw the bridges – BOOM. Chocolate met peanut butter.

In the last year, our community has watched the AIM and AFI researchers peel the onion of global corruption, layer by layer. Michael is a civil engineer by trade and insists that all work product be based upon indictable evidence. On the other hand, Tyla and Douglas like to look at world events through the cosmology of neoanthroposophy. Together, the team looks at the really big picture – as big as we can imagine it, yet builds its foundation of truth on the painstaking measurements of evidence and fact.

Along the way, we had a stunning realization: We had not won the American Revolution. Our research was showing that we were still under British control through clandestine operations that included Senior Executive Service, SERCO, the Crown Agents, and our U. S. intelligence agencies.

Russia Collusion is a False Flag

Not everyone realizes that the operation that masquerades as “Russia Collusion” is actually a false flag operation with the intent to overthrow, perhaps even assassinate (we need to see those Strzrok-Page texts in total) the President of the United States. The Tavistock Institute and its many tentacle operations, including the Atlantic Council, Cambridge Analytica, Strategic Communications Laboratories, corporate media world wide, publishers, etc. are trying to drum up public support for this propaganda narrative in order to destabilize America. False flags are used all the time to herd the public into their globalist agenda, whether a school shooting like Sandy Hook for gun control, the Gulf of Tonkin which started the Vietnam War, or the ‘terrorist with box cutters’ narrative of 911.

“Russia Collusion’ is a false flag operation run by Robert Mueller.

Patriots are not going to let Mueller’s false flag operation be successful. We did our research and we know where truth is going to take us. Information warriors are using their circles of influence to get out memes, videos, posts, and tweets to make sure the people are getting real truth, from real people.

Let’s keep pressing forward with the truth, AIM Patriots. Keep educating and enlightening your circle of influence as you show them how Christopher Steele is related to Stefan Halper. Then take each name, step by step, and walk truth straight into the Privy Council.

Stefan Halper

Who is Stefan Halper?

Halper: Senior Executive Service Spy

International Esionage, Spygate, and All the Queen’s Men

These are breadcrumbs!

Sir Richard Dearlove

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Privy Council Interfered with the 2016 U. S. Presidential Election

EXPOSED: The British are Running a Coup Operation Against the President of the United States…Again

Sir Geoffrey Pattie

Queen’s Henchman Geoffrey Pattie Fails to Overthrow Donald J. Trump

Spygate was Directed by the Queen, not Russia

The Windsors Are Not Our Friends

The Biggest International Espionage Plot the World Has Ever Seen – SPYGATE

Sir George Mark Malloch-Brown

Diane Feinstein and Husband Richard C. Blum Control MSM Censorship with Lord Mark-Malloch-Brown Using Avid ISIS Leaderplus Election Management Software

Mark Malloch-Brown and the Shell Companies

Nick Clegg

Sir Nick Clegg was Lord President of the Privy Council and worked closely with Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie in communications and trade

Queen’s Privy Council Infiltrates Facebook

Richard B. Allan


So there we go. Mission accomplished. We have connected the theft of social media to the Privy Council in an unbroken trail of evidence. And along the way, we have discovered that the globalists have been waging a 100-year war against humanity. We call it the Great Information War. It is an elaborate war of deception, propaganda, and brainwashing.

Patriots Expose the 100-Year Anglo-American Propaganda War That Has Terrorized the World with War, Strife, and Poverty

Best news is this. Now that we know who our enemy is, we know who are target is. And our opposition can’t meme.

cat smile

EXPOSED: One Hundred Years of Deadly Propaganda Wars

Patriots of the American Intelligence Media have learned that the British have been running a 100-year propaganda war on the world. It is part of their 200-year plan to dominate and control the world under a New World Order.

If you don’t know anything about these propaganda wars, then read our post here:

Patriots Expose the 100-Year Anglo-American Propaganda War That Has Terrorized the World with War, Strife, and Poverty

Knowing TRUTH HISTORY is very important in understanding how fake news media and false flags that have stoked the fires of war and terror for over a century. After reading the article link above, we recommend that you continue your citizen education by watching these excellent video presentations by the Corbett Report.

Notice that below the videos, we have a timeline of treachery chart that explains why we have endless wars since 1914.

The WWI Conspiracy – Part One: To Start A War

The WWI Conspiracy – Part Two: The American Front

The WWI Conspiracy – Part Three: A New World Order

For those interested in some question-answers about this series from James Corbett, see: WWI Q&A – Questions For Corbett


Want to know where we are going on our journey of WORLD HISTORY TRUTH? Just follow our connections from the theft of social media to the beginning of the modern propaganda war begun by the BRITISH ELITES in 1914.

Our truth journey is takes us to the British monarchy and along the way we will be snagging a pope or two.

Hold on! The redpilling action is going to be wrenching for the fake news media and globalist puppets.

timeline of british treachery updated 1timeline of british treachery updated 2timeline of british treachery updated 3timeline of british treachery updated 4

timeline of british treachery updated 5
#the-original-wwi-false-flags |





The British Use Psychological Warfare to Control the World

The Brits Use Psychological Warfare Operations to Control the World


B R I T I S H   P R O P A G A N D A

integrity initiative 2

The Integrity Initiative has mobilized an international disinformation campaign across Europe. Now, with government and right-wing foundation money, this massive “political smear unit” is infiltrating the U. S.

A bombshell domestic spy scandal has been unfolding in Britain, after hacked internal communications exposed a covert UK state military-intelligence psychological warfare operation targeting its own citizens and political figures in allied NATO countries under the cover of fighting “Russian disinformation.”   Read Bombshell Report Here.


propaganda war 1propaganda war cabinet


League of Nations BUSTED: Proof that it was a British PSYCHOLOGICAL OFFENSIVE, to be launched at a well-selected psychological moment

Research notes from the Conclave:


john buchan 2Proof of the marriage of British Intelligence to the Ministry of Information (Propaganda Dept.) ca. March 18, 1918.

This fusion continued after World War I and exists to this day.

John Buchan. (Mar. 18, 1918). SECRET INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT OF MINISTRY OF INFORMATION – Memorandum by the Minister of Information, War Cabinet, Cat. Ref. CAB 24-45-64. The National Archives.

ministry of information 1ministry of information 2.JPGministry of information 3



J C Smuts.jpgJ.C. Smuts. (Mar. 15, 1918). SECRET INTELLIGENCE BUREAU OF THE DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION, Memorandum by General Smuts, Prepared in accordance with War Cabinet 359, Minute 7, GT 3939, Cat. Ref. CAB 24-45-39. The National Archives.


ministry of information 4


Two more Oxbridge (Oxford/Cambridge) fathers of modern brainwashing:

buchan and smuts


Now do you see how Time Magazine has always been a Tavistock publication?

john buchan on time


Proof: The British War Office (Smuts, Buchan, Carson) exploited the world war to propose a global “Psychological Offensive” to push a “League of Nations” “Manifesto.”

carson and buchan

Promotion of the “League of Nations” emerged inside the British War Office by the same people who ran the Propaganda Department and merged it with Intelligence.

They attempted to propagandize the League into existence.

From Wikipedia. This entry is contradicted by the War Office record re. the League of Nations. Why? Because, Carson clearly promoted in SECRET a “League of Nations”

military machine.JPGwar cabinet 1league of nationsleague of nations 2manifesto

carson quote

John Buchan (Dec. 17, 1917). SECRET – A PSYCHOLOGICAL OFFENSIVE, To be launched at a well-selected psychological moment. G.T. 2941, Cat. Ref. CAB 24-35-41. The National Archives.


The Crown, Tavistock, and the Overthrow of Donald J. Trump

Trump exposes Queen Elizabeth’s secret plan to take over the world. Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben connect the dots from the overthrow attempt of Donald Trump to the Tavistock Institute and Facebook. Along the way, they give further disclosures on the Jesuits, pedophilia, human trafficking, and Pope Frances.

Highlighted ‘Cliff’s Notes’ of the Forward to:

John Coleman. (2005). The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations – Shaping the Moral, Spritual, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of The United States of America. Family Guardian ( ).

TI 1TI 2TI 3TI 4TI 5TI 6TI 7TI 8TI 9TI 10TI 11TI 12TI 13Ti 14TI 15.JPGTI 16.JPGTI 17TI 18TI 19TI 20TI 22TI 23TI 24ti 25ti 26ti 27ti 28

Chapter I Highlighted ‘Cliff’s Notes”:

CHAPTER 1 Founding the World’s Premiere Brainwashing Institute

John Coleman. (2005). The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations – Shaping the Moral, Spritual, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of The United States of America. Family Guardian ( ).

T1T2T3T4T5T6T7T8T9T11T12T13t14t14TI 21

The secret deal that has terrorized the planet since the end of WWII

The secret deal that has terrorized the planet since the end of WWII (Mar. 5, 1946)

The British signatory, Patrick Marr-Johnson succeeded John H. Tiltman who, along with Ronald Forbes Adam (Frederick Leonard Allan’s boss over Tavistock for which Allan was Deputy Assistant – Chief of Staff) both received the U.S. Legion of Merit within months of one another in 1946-1947.

Reminder, Frederick Leonard Allan is Facebook Baron Richard B. Allan’s grandfather.

“It will be contrary to this agreement to reveal its existence to any third party whatsoever.” p.7

First declassified and revealed to the public on Apr. 08, 2010 – just two months before the Leader v. Facebook trial challenging Deep State claims that social networking technology was “open source” as the intelligence disinformation departments in the UK and the US had concocted.

Bottom line, Leader Technologies’ PRIVATE development of a scalable collaboration platform for the Internet challenged their post-1946 secret hegemony over electronic communications… in the name of national security, of course—the ultimate excuse for fascist public-private deal making to which these secret war lords had been profiting since 1946. See AFI. (Nov. 22, 2017). The Weaponization of Social Media Should Concern Us All. Americans for Innovation, American Intelligence Media.

top secret 1.JPGtop secret 2.JPGtop secret 3top secret 4top secret 5top secret 6

British-United States Communication Intelligence Agreement. (Mar. 05, 1946). History Collection, NSA, Series XILH,. Box 47 (TSC), Declassified and approved for release by NSA on Apr. 08, 2010 pursuant to E.O. 12958, as amended ST56834. DOCID No. 3678942. National Security Agency.

British signatory:

Patrick Marr-Johnson. (Jul. 23, 1941). Major, General Staff Officer, 2nd Grade, R.A. Forces War Records.


Posted by Doreen Agostino

To prevent Canadians from being roped into overt communist globalization masked as the new GREENISM, on Nov 16.18 the Canadian Peoples’ Union, Freedom 2017 Inc. [the CPU], not for profit, issued a MORATORIUM to the de facto [illegitimate] Canadian government to suspend government activity.

Nov 29.18: No response led to filing a STATEMENT OF CLAIM T2068-18 against the government for usurpation, i.e. infringing upon the sovereign rights of the Canadian people and First Nations people.

Dec 13.18 government response: “Reply to the Court from the Legal Council representing the defendant(s) in The Canadian peoples’ Union v Her Majesty the Queen”. In other words, the Governor General will not be representing the Canadian Peoples’ Union or the Canadian people against usurpation of our sovereign rights by the government of Canada and all previous governments and politicians in the House of Commons.

In law, nothing supersedes the will of the majority of the people regarding governance.

The CPU is not a labor union, nor a political party, it is a registry to record the will of people who sign a legal document that becomes a MANDATE from the people to take back final decision making authority from de facto governments at all levels, and instill pure Direct Democracy with 100% people veto power. It is lawful, peaceful, safe, can be done on line and can be applied in any democratic country. This includes immigrants and refugees who can then stay in their respective countries, preserve their heritage, customs, family ties, national treasures, etc.

The CPU process AVERTS civil unrest, and AVERTS martial law that could lock down the entire planet to finalize globalization. By Maxim of Law silence is agreement. The CPU process gives man a voice to lawfully take back personal power, take back our Soul claimed by the Vatican in 1302 under Papal Bull Unam Sanctam and take back our countries.

Speaking up together also ENDS war waged against man and Earth as follows.

There is now a lawful PROCESS to free ourselves and home planet. The process requires accepting responsibility for allowing world conditions to deteriorate, focusing on pure freedom, collaborating, cooperating, and communicating widely as ‘never before’ in the entire history of man.

Ruling entities are likely ‘counting’ on man to remain separate. Therefore everyone needs to summon the courage to put aside personal differences, biases, hate, anger, judgments, revenge, etc. that keep man divided, weak, and enslaved. Maxim: The male sex always includes the female.

Yellow vests powerfully raise awareness for the people ‘however’ esigning the Convention of Consent is a legal document for the courts, to which government must comply.

To jump straight into the CPU step by step process and take lawful action now click here

If you live in Canada, we need you to join the CPU and e-sign the Convention of Consent now. Thank you.