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Did Obama’s Youth Corps Birth and Incubate Black Lives Matters and Antifa?

Question: Was Obama’s Youth Corps, the birth and incubator for ‘Black Lives Matter’ and Antifa?

What is the Obama Youth Corps?

Homeland Security graduates first Corps of Homeland Youth

October 7, 2012. Vicksburg. The federal government calls them FEMA Corps. But they conjure up memories of the Hitler Youth of 1930’s Germany. Regardless of their name, the Dept of Homeland Security has just graduated its first class of 231 Homeland Youth. Kids, aged 18-24 and recruited from the President’s AmeriCorp volunteers, they represent the first wave of DHS’s youth corps, designed specifically to create a full time, paid, standing army of FEMA Youth across the country.

Paramilitary Obama Youth Corps

The Obama Youth Corps Wave p1

Make an impact, youth urged by Obama


Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act  2009

Was introduced in the United States House of Representatives on March 9, 2009, by Representative Carolyn McCarthy of New York. Originally titled the Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act (GIVE Act), the bill reauthorizes and expands the AmeriCorps program that was first established in 1993. It passed in the House of Representatives on March 18, 2009.[1] The U.S. Senate debated and approved an amended version of the bill on March 26, 2009, renaming it the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, after Senator Ted Kennedy. The House of Representatives voted on the bill a second time, approving the amended version on March 31, 2009.[2] It was signed by President Barack Obama on April 21, 2009.[3]


Nazis and FBI Share Similar Practice

Incoming transmission from StarShip 7, a member of the American Intelligence Media starship fleet.

StarShip 7……RE: Confidential Human Source (CHS)

Is the IRS Protecting David Brock of Media Matters?

While researching ships data banks of why the IRS would be mute on this subject, in combination with other searches that may include subjects such as Carter Page, George Popadopulas, Bundy Ranch, we’ve discovered this document:

Confidential Human Source Policy Guide

We believe this is how the spy networks work within the USA and why certain criminals are not prosecuted. This policy guide lists who may be a CHS, how they are paid, just about everything one would want to know about the CHS.

This program is very similar to: “The Sicherheitsdienst (SD) was the intelligence-gathering agency of the SS. It was responsible for the security of Hitler and other top Nazis and was led by Himmler’s right-hand man, Reinhard Heydrich. To help these organisations a spy network made up of ordinary people was established across the Germany.

At a local level, Blockleiters were in charge of listening to gossip, keeping an eye on neighbours and informing on anything suspicious in a block of flats or a group of houses. At the top of the network were the 42 regional Gauleiters.

Copy and Pasted from:

This dissertation was also very interesting as it mirrors very closely the progression of our “Deep State’s” takeover to Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

We hope the miners and the Rebel Alliance find value in these documents.

– StarShip 7 Transmission ended –

President Trump and America’s Life and Death Battle Against the Pilgrim Society’s Anglo-American Intelligence Network

Post by AIM Patriot and Conclave member Condor

I recently watched an interesting two-part interview between Sarah Westall and Harley Schlanger (from December 16, 2019). Below is the video and my notes.

IG Report Shows FBI Sting, Learn the Real Story of Ukraine w/ Harley Schlanger (1 of 2)


President Trump and America’s Life and Death Battle Against the Pilgrim Society’s Anglo-American Intelligence Network

Two-Part Interview between Sarah Westall and Harley Schlanger – December 16, 2019 –

Part I:  Ukraine, Obama Admin, Candy Store

Interview breakdown (43 minutes): 

Sarah Westall writes…Harley Schlanger rejoins the program to break down the incredible developments occurring in the United States and around the world. We start with the IG report which highlights either the most inept FBI at levels never seen OR we are looking at a planned FBI sting operation to take down a sitting president.

We further dig into the motives behind those actions and we take a look at the real situation in Ukraine. You will learn that Ukraine was a prosperous nation with the highest GDP in Europe in 1990 after the fall of the Soviet Union to now having the lowest GDP in Europe; This is after two decades of serious looting by criminals in the United States and in Ukraine.

We then get to the deeper issue that could be the real motivator behind all of this action: the collapse of the U.S. dollar and the risk of criminal factions losing their access to the rigged game that only enriches them at the expense of real wealth (i.e. healthy citizens, great Universities, solid infrastructure, etc..) of our country.

This is an amazing discussion that is only the start of what more of us need to be having. You can learn more about Harley and his organization, the LaRouchePac, @ There you can sign up for his blog and learn more about his weekly discussions and seminars.

Video Timeline:

02:20-5:00  Introduction—”connecting the dots” for those patriots who want an overview of what is happening behind the curtain around us.

06:00-9:59  Assessment of IG report highlighting either an inept FBI at levels never before seen OR an illegally planned FBI sting operation to take down a sitting president.

10:00  The British infected the United States’ OSS (Office of Strategic Services) during WWII and setup the bad side of the U.S. intelligence agency.  By 1947, OSS had been transformed into the malignant Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

10:40 – 14:00 President Trump became an even greater threat to the globalist cabal when he sought to work with Putin to set aside a military arms process which earmarked seven to eight hundred billion dollars annually for weapons production.  President Trump wanted to divert these weapons funds toward vitally needed American infrastructure enhancements.

The Pilgrim Society’s Anglo-American Intelligence Network (AAIN)

14:00 – 31:30

AAIN financially attacked and bankrupted the Soviet Union (1991).  At that point, one of the Soviet Union’s breakaway satellites, the affluent Ukraine would be targeted.

31:30 – Speculative VS. Physical Investment – Going to the Heart of Pilgrim Society Geopolitics:

In 1904 British political geographer, Alfred Mackinder. drafted a document for a geographic pivot of history and later, in 1919, he amended his document to confirm the Pilgrim Society plans involving the future

Whoever controls Eastern Europe will in turn control the heartland of Eurasia.

Whoever controls Eurasia will control the “world island” of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Whoever controls the “world island” controls the world! (32:27)

32:30 – What must the Pilgrim Society do to Continue to achieve their One World Government by the turn of the 21st Century?

They must use the navy…their seaports…their control of the sea to control world trade.  The Pilgrim Society must stop sovereign nations from negotiating by-lateral and multilateral agreements where goods could be brought in with transcontinental railroads…and things of the sort.

32:55 This is why the Pilgrim Society launched World War I.  The Anglo-American family elite blood lines could never allow the French, German and Russians to forge an alliance. If that were to happen, and the Americans also joined in, it would be the end of the Pilgrim Society (33:07). This is why WWI and WWII were instigated by those who had the most to lose.

33:17 Now it is all breaking down because of the stupidity of the Anglo-American cartel…or ruling class that believes they can somehow survive if they kill billions of people if their Green Policies are adopted and they keep “funny” money operation going (33:39).

34:37  The Pilgrim Society thrives on insanity. Someone like Mike Bloomberg, a multi-billion who wants to shut down every coal plant on the planet. That along with shutting down natural gas pipelines will kill billions of people. Cut down coal, gas, nuclear and you kill billions in cooler times.

35:60  The Pilgrim Society (prior British Empire) believes their system can only work if colonies are kept stupid and dependent on the mother country from both technology and financial credit.

There are many misconceptions concerning early American founders, John Locke Vs. Hamilton…Central Banking Vs. National Banking.  Harley Schlanger details the misconceptions and re-writing of American history here.

36:52  Some of the early American manufacturers conducted intellectual thief of British patent property  because England was not going to willingly give up its manufacturing secrets.

38:26  Education of students is not happening. It is merely brainwashing.

38:50  The U.S. Constitution leaves it in the hands of the voting citizens…not the Pilgrim Society…what is good for the general welfare of all (what President Lincoln described as “of, for and by the people”). The Pilgrim Society has been attacking the American public for a very long time.

Through Quack-economics, the Pilgrim Society promotes radical trade policies which is essentially an excuse to shut down manufacturing and industry here in the U.S. and use cheap labor and raw materials to produce it somewhere else.  It doesn’t work and the American founders rejected it.

39:40  President Kennedy took it a step further. He enacted a policy to spin off military projects into the private sector. To fund it, JFK commissioned the printing of Treasury bills to bypass the Pilgrim Society’s Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve refused to provide credit for such an endeavor to advance modern technology.

40:00  President Reagan followed up twenty years later where he wanted to achieve President Kennedy’s strategy of keeping the military powerful but to also spinoff technology advances to build up the private economy just as JFK did with NASA in the 1960s. Reagan envisioned the Strategic Defense Initiative bringing breakthroughs involving lasers and plasma technologies.

40:34 Unfortunately, when the Pilgrim Society successfully steered the U.S. to strictly invest in weapons hardware to destroy nations, we have been doing this for the last eighteen years. This becomes pure profit for the Pilgrim Society’s arms producers.

There are no private industry spinoffs…

41:09 Finally, when you have a credit policy imposed by the Pilgrim Society…which has a flow of money into banker speculation…as oppose into physical assets—nothing into production (roads, bridges, etc.)  you arrive at our present crisis. The Pilgrim Society’s solution to this crisis is to dramatically reduce the human population on the planet.  It is for this reason, over the centuries, this criminal cabal does not want humanity’s creativity and ingenuity to solve this problem through disruptive technologies which would also bankrupt the Pilgrim Society’s monopolies.

– End of Part I –


Part II:  Coup Plotters Want War Not Peace

Interview breakdown (38 minutes): 

Sarah Westall writes…Harley Schlanger (author of the outstanding 2013 article, JFK VS. The Empire[1]) rejoins the program to break down the incredible developments occurring in the United States and around the world.

Video Timeline:

03:00  If President Trump was to be successfully removed from office, the U.S. would move from a Presidential system to a parliamentary system where the largest party controls the Presidency and the President is nothing more than a figure head.  This is a battle of a republic vs. a democracy.

04:00  The American public historically might have been able to identify good Presidents from bad ones but now the mass media is totally on the side of the coup plotters… Fortunately, the American people are proving themselves not to be that manipulable and stupid. Humanity is now waking up all around the world.  Look at what is happening in United Kingdom, Germany and France.

06:00  How does a Republic work? A Republic has to take into consideration the interests of its people. Instead, the Pilgrim Society has pushed confusion and chaos on society where we now have up to one hundred different sexes, youth of hopelessness…a minimum of 22 veterans are committing suicide a day in the U.S. We once had a “physical” economy which was second to none where the American worker was the most productive in the world because he was educated…he had optimism and was a natural problem solver. Today China is turning out the scientists and engineers (problem solvers) and while the Pilgrim Society has transformed American into their military arm…taking over countries and destroying everything as oppose to rebuilding our own infrastructure and focusing on our citizens.

08:38 Remember that is what Trump said in the 2016. He asked why we are spending 7 trillion dollars on these endless wars that are only destroying those countries, killing their people, killing our people and draining our funds that should be going into education, health care and infrastructure and that’s why Trump was elected!

10:30 Pelosi has a satanic mind. She does not care about people…she is protecting private interests of the liberal billionaires and the multimillionaires who fund the Democratic Party…they are bringing down a President because they do not want a change in policy.  The Ukraine route is not working for Pelosi, so she had returned to Russia. Pelosi asserts all roads lead to Putin and so she’s part Russia-phobic inside the beltway swamp people who need the war—need the enemy to be able to pursue the policies that they want.

12:00  The people on Wall Street are terrified that if Trump comes out of this impeachment hearing stronger, which he may well be, and the democrats may be digging themselves a grave, then he’ll not only win in 2020 but the Republicans will sweep the House again. Wall Street is afraid that Trump will go all the way against this old paradigm including throwing out the Federal Reserve…including putting these zombie corporations through bankruptcy reorganization. We must work with Russia and China from a position of strength.

15:00  President Trump has wisely taken this fight out into the open. Trump thinks about mutually beneficial results for all. Trump thinks how we get a common benefit.

16:00  Those who presently control the swamp still believe they can get away with anything they want because they report to the City of London and Britain. The George Soros, the Jeff Bezos and the Bill Gates have been enriched through the City of London by being allowed business models which should have been illegal if we truly had a free enterprise system.

18:00  Why is the City of London so critical to the Pilgrim Society?  The reasons are discussed.

  1. Offshore banking which is totally unregulated.  There is a building in the Cayman Islands that has 47,000 corporations listed at one address.
  2. British intelligence was built up over several centuries around the financial operations and this is why Sir William Stephenson is discussed.  This is why we have to look at people like Christopher Steel and Sir Richard Dearlove who was Steele’s boss who was the real author of the dossier that got the United States into the Iraq War that President Bush used to claim Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

19:00  The City of London lamented the waning strength of the Western World, namely American brawn and British brains…and if Trump gets a second term, this special relationship will be dead.  What we are really talking about is the European bankers that have been looting and destroying the European economy and doing the same in the United States. These bankers have been looting the productive sectors to  sustain economic bubbles and then getting the Fed to pump more money in which is just devaluating your savings, your pensions, your income while the members of the Pilgrim Society are living the life of Riley. This is what Eisenhower meant by the military-industrial complex and they use the military to destroy any nation that might get out of line.  Whether it’s Gaddafi who is trying to build up his own country. At one moment in time Gaddafi’s people were the wealthiest in Africa and the best off. They built water systems, built universities which were free to its citizens, they promoted women…and what did we do?

Hillary said it best…We came…We saw…We killed him.  We proceeded to destroy their waterways and their infrastructure. We took Gaddafi’s military weapons to arm the local terrorists in the Middle East.

21:40 We are now learning through John Solomon that President Obama, Biden and the Democratic party has been treating Ukraine as if it is the candy store. This returns us to Part I of the interview where we discussed the Russia/Ukraine story between 1991 and 2013. Many Americans became wealthy by working with Ukrainian oligarchs. Trump is trying to get us out of these financial raids on other nations while the Pilgrim Society is trying to impeach Trump to keep us endlessly in these foreign entanglements. The Pilgrim Society, who is pressing for the impeachment…is the war party…the speculation and swindle party. They are the same groups of people pushing the climate change austerity program seeking to shut down our advanced industry.

23:30 They (the Pilgrim Society) have to be defeated and the only way to do it is through a mobilization of the American people.

24:00 What is the purpose of NATO?  NATO was to counter the Cold War build-up of the Warsaw Pack…but there is no longer any Warsaw Pact!

28:00 President Trump has been brilliant in exposing America’s enemies whereas President Kennedy made the mistake of not informing the public of the deadly battle he had been waging with the Pilgrim Society’s swamp. JFK didn’t name them publicly and when they decided to execute him the public could be fooled.  Not so with President Trump. He is namely them publicly.

29:30 President Trump’s challenge is the likely sabotage of the financial markets by the central bankers in hopes of defeating him in 2020.  There isn’t one Democratic candidate who isn’t a phony. They and their allies cannot be trusted.

33:00  Has President Trump prepared to block a financial attack on the stock market between now and the first quarter of 2020?  We will not have long to wait.

35-38 How to contact Harley Schlanger and follow his work.

– End of Part II –

[1] Kid Atlas, Condor, 2019, page 35 plus 208 other JFK, Kennedy references throughout working manuscript.



For those that care to take this topic to a deeper level, check out the two documents below from Condor:


Part I – President Trump America’s Life and Death Battle Against the Pilgrim Society’s Anglo-American Intelligence Network

Part II – President Trump America’s Life and Death Battle Against the Pilgrim Society’s Anglo-American Intelligence Network


Papadopolous Confirms: It was a British Overthrow

George Papadopoulous uploaded this video that is newsworthy and historic. We are saving it directly to our site in case it is taken down. The raw file is here, if you want to preserve a copy:


Papadopoulous wants to know more about Arvinder Sambei. Your social network might also like to know about this shadowy British operative.

Mueller Sambei

The FBI-Mueller-Sambir/Sambei Connection Exposed


AIM Patriots have known the connections for a long time. Now that Papadopoulous has confirmed all connection points from our citizen intelligence reports to his first hand testimony, you can rest assured that you are speaking TRUTH when you educate your network about the….

Origins of the Coup


Geoffrey Pattie AFI

Crowngate: The Greatest Criminal Conspiracy in U.S. History


WindsorGate is Espionage


Joseph Mifsud is today being reported as dead – like that’s a big surprise. Do you remember this “Insider” story from January?

Insider Points to Vatican Operatives in Trump Overthrow Attempt


Additionally…isn’t it interesting, now that we know about how compromised Jeff Sessions is with Uranium One, that he was the only Trump campaign member that encouraged George Papadopolous to pursue the Russia connections? Listen to George explain Session’s actions and suggestions at that time of the campaign.

british enemies


Remember that time when we were ‘Q’?

Jesse Watters ASKS THE QUESTION: “IS Q TRUMP?” Here are are two low-information talking heads blathering about a subject about which they are clueless. Y’all remember how Q started…way before 4chan…back in the day when Cicada 3301 ran its online puzzle that year called “Q” and used AIM material for their early posts. Took off like lightening…until here we are today, with fake news media trying to figure out who and where is Q.


For those following the American Intelligence Media a few years ago, you may recall the epic take-down of Q in March 2018 after we attacked them as being a psyop that had taken over the Cicada 3301 operations. The “new” Q was misleading its followers into nonsense like : Trust Sessions. Trust Horowitz. Trust Huber….

….. We busted them and then went on to solve a higher level/dimension of the puzzle than deFango did and the spear was sent to us. But all of that ‘origin story’ stuff would blow Watters out of the waters and dumbfound his Fox news masters, especially when we would get to that part where Douglas Gabriel created the Star Wars original treatment. And Indiana Jones, too.

You see, the original intent of the Cicada 3301 puzzle was to attract really smart people to work together to take out the evil planetary rulers, which we have now identified by name – the Pilgrims Society. The folks in the AIM community have become this group of “really smart people” and this is why we encourage you to participate in our comment boxes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember Cicada 3301’s puzzle that year? This video of March 2018, entitled Q Leak Plugged, was given to us by Cicada 3301 to be posted on our YouTube site. Make sure to watch the video’s end – spectacular music by Thomas Schoenberger and graphics by Arturo. This was the video announcement of that year’s puzzle – “Q”.

We learned that the puzzle solvers would get to hold the “spear of destiny” as deFango describes in the video below, which also describes the early beginnings of Q. Now you see why we say Watters and his guest are clueless about who is Q and what is its source. Well, what do you expect from propaganda Fox News?

(March 2018) DeFango, AIM, Q, and Cicada 3301

This video of March 26, 2018 is the one that created the havoc in the Q-community – we busted it as a psyop. Today Q seems nothing more than a passing fad. Q Exposed as Psyop

American Intelligence Media’s ‘Betsy Ross and Thomas Paine-in-the-ass-of-the-globalists’ (Betsy and Thomas) would go on after Cicada 3301 and Q, inspiring patriots everywhere in the world. The Betsy Ross flag became our symbol of a global movement of patriots to take down the planetary rulers.

So, no, Rush, it isn’t Colin Kaepernick selling these shirts for you. It is a patriot force that is swelling from the grassroots. It is a global movement to end tyranny from the Pilgrims Society.

Get on in here, patriots, and get your Betsy gear. Much cooler gear than “Q’s”. And fun to watch Rush figure out that he has been our ‘uniform manager’ for Team Betsy Ross Patriots Everywhere.

Betsy-Ross-rush limbaugh.jpg

Betsy Ross Redpills Rush Limbaugh

Proof of British Pilgrims Society direct ties among ICG, Soros, Malloch-Brown (UN election rigging), and Lord Patten

Proof of British Pilgrims Society direct ties among ICG, Soros, Malloch-Brown (UN election rigging), Lord Patten (Oxford chancellor-Rhodes Trust), BBC (MSM) & CLINTONS-URANIUM ONE-RENAISSANCE CAPITAL uncovered

afi christopher francis lord patten.jpgPilgrims Society Member

Hong Kong governor

chris patten.jpg

See Sir William Johnston “Tony” Keswick, son of Henry Simon Keswick

afi george soros.jpgLast British Governor-General of Hong Kong

International Crisis Group (Soros, Sandberg, Summers, Clark, Malloch-Brown)


patten 1.jpg

BBC Trust (MSM-propaganda control)

patten 2.jpg

afi malloch brown.jpg

Oxford Chancellor (propaganda control, Russia, China)

patten 3.jpgpatten 4.jpg

Secretly Pro-Russian (playing both sides)

oxford russia fund.jpg

patten 5.jpgpatten 6.jpg

patten 7.JPGpatten 8.jpgoxford russia fund 2.jpg

Lord Chris Patten of Barnes. (Jan. 25, 2005). Appointment of director or secretary, OXFORD RUSSIA FUND, Co. No. 05341971. Companies House (UK).

afi igor yurgens

Igor Yurievich Yurgens. (Oct. 28, 2013). Appointment of director or secretary, OXFORD RUSSIA FUND, Co. No. 05341971. Companies House (UK).

OXFORD RUSSIA FUND, Co. No. 05341971. (Jan. 25, 2005). Certificate of Incorporation, Oxford University Magdalen College officers including Lord Christopher Francis Patten of Barnes and other related records. Companies House (UK).



Igor Yurievich Yurgens. (Oct. 28, 2013). Appointment as director, Oxford Russia Fund, Co. No. 05341971. Companies House (UK).

TIES ICG/Soros/Oxford/Oxford Russia Fund/Sir Patten to Bill Clinton, Uranium One, Renaissance Capital Group

yurgens 2yurgens 3.JPG$500k-renaissance-capital-moscow-speech

clinton 1.JPG


Sir Chris Patten, as Oxford chancellor and advisor to the Rhodes Trust, is a prima facie member of the Pilgrims Society. He is a director of the International Crisis Group (ICG) founded by George Soros, with directors including Larry Summers (Clinton, Bush, Obama, Economic Council), Sheryl Sandburg (Gmail, Facebook, Instagram), Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Gen. Wesley Clark.

afi hillary clinton.jpgPatten is therefore associated with Malloch-Brown’s well-known UN election rigging program Optech and Smartmatic. Batten helps direct BBC propaganda for the Pilgrims Society as a BBC director.

Patten is a founder of the Oxford Russia Fund that includes director Igor Yurgens. In 2005, Yurgens became a vice president of Renaissance Capital Group. Renaissance directed the financing of Uranium One and paid Bill Clinton $500K as a part of the Uranium One deal.

Therefore, this proves sedition among the American participants in this conspiracy of relationships.

Proof of British Pilgrims Society direct ties among ICG, Soros, Malloch-Brown (UN election rigging), Lord Patten (Oxford chancellor-Rhodes Trust), BBC (MSM) & CLINTONS-URANIUM ONE-RENAISSANCE CAPITAL uncovered$500k-renaissance-capital-moscow-speech

clinton uranium one.pngrussia fund 1.jpgrussia fund 2.JPGrussia fund 3.jpg


Note from AIM patriot David who points out:


Ambassador Wood

He was advising Renaissance Capital too when they paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for his Moscow speech, and Renaissance was one of the market makers for UrAsia (Frank Giustra – Clinton Foundation) sale to URANIUM ONE.

andrew wood.jpg


GEET Instructions Build Your Own Plasma Generator

Important GEET document to download below. Save it to your PC. Share it with everyone. Condor spent several decades compiling this historical information that has been kept from humanity by the Pilgrims Society and the PetroLords. Even if you don’t understand it and it looks too complicated, save it. We need to get this technology in the hands of everyone on the planet, especially those with critical energy needs.

It is a big file, so give it a few minutes to download. Tons of hyperlinks make this document highly valuable to those future scientists in our audience. We look forward to seeing the inventions that come from this basic knowledge of GEET.

Book of GEET

An aside: Today, Douglas was on the phone with an engineer friend of 50 years. Rick is a really smart guy who is totally dialed-in on Tesla-type technologies. Douglas was telling him about GEET and Rick knew all about it. Said he visited the inventor decades ago to book of geetvet the technology. Said it was the real-deal. The inventor was Paul Pantone. If you didn’t download his Book of GEET, yet, please do it now. Did you see the engine demonstration?

You would actually be building a plasma generator and, as it looks, an anti-gravitation device, if you follow Paul’s instructions. Please help us disseminate Paul’s gift to humanity and spread these documents wide and far around the world so that the evil petrolords in the Pilgrims Society can’t keep hording all the energy technologies to themselves.

Is this what was going on in a garage in Ohio yesterday? Was one of our Ohio AIM patriots tinkering with a GEET plasma generator? Inquiring minds want to know.

Advancing Thorium Molten Salt Reactor R&D

Here’s another free publication that patriots will want to save to their own files:

A 1300 page free PDF book:

Kid Altas – The History of GALT in America

The Schwarzman Scholars: Future globalist operatives for the Pilgrims Society

ses recruits pilgrims senior executive.jpg

Patriots, make sure to download the links below. We found a huge rats’ nest where the Pilgrims Society prepares its future “foot soldiers” who will hold positions in government and corporations around the world. This is really no different that finding the names of future ISIS fighters. This is their globalist training camp; they will be recruited for positions around the world where their “special training” is desired.

Their names and bios are put online so that globalist recruiters can find them. Our miners found it so everything you see below inside the links was available on a public platform. We preserved the website in PDF format. Thank those amazing miners at Americans for Innovation who cataloged, organized, and formatted the documents for easy searching.

young bill clintonGlobalist recruiters know that the people presented on these pages would have been thoroughly indoctrinated in “the New World Order agenda.” Schwarzman Scholars are akin to Rhodes Scholars who are also indoctrinated in Cecil Rhodes special 200-year plan to take over the world.

These young men and women come from around the world. Notice how many of them have U.K and China connections. Take some time to go through the files to find bios of future bureaucrats, politicians, bankers, and corporatists for your country.

We will have plenty more to say about this group, but for now…save the records. It will become important intelligence for the patriot movement as these young globalists begin their careers as ground troops for the Pilgrims Society.

Treason & Sedition

Schwarzman Scholars Awardees, all years. A Pilgrims Society, CIA, SES Rhodes Trust for China. (Accessed Dec. 08, 2019). Schwarzman Scholars.

“The most significant program of its kind since the Rhodes Trust, Schwarzman Scholars is creating a historic new path for the next generation of global leaders.”

“Schwarzman Scholars is designed to prepare its graduates to build stronger relationships between China and a rapidly changing world and to address the most pressing challenges of the 21st Century.”

Online version:

With Photos & Bios PDF

Without Photos; With University & Country List Only PDF

Without Photos; With University & Country List Only XSLX

scharrer.JPGjuliana lawrence.JPGzachary tan.JPGAlioune Fall.JPGzixin wang.JPG

And guess what their team colors are!

schwartzman scholars.JPG

Notice the beehive logo…reminds us of other beehives we have seen with globalist  indoctrination programs.

schwarzman scholars.JPG

Remember Burroughs-Wellcome? What’s up with the hive – are they trying to nudge us into becoming BORG with their evil hive mind, plugged into George Soros’ brain and consciousness?

wellcome 2


Speaking of team colors, did you see our post about the Betsy Ross team shirts? We have designated Rush Limbaugh as the Betsy Ross “uniform manager” for Team Patriots. Go to to pick up your Betsy Ross gear. The globalists wear purple as their team color. We wear Betsy Ross flags.

Betsy Ross Redpills Rush Limbaugh

betsy ross rush limbaugh


schwarzman scholars 2schwarzman scholars 3.JPG

China, China, China!!!

Job Specification. (Accessed Dec. 05, 2019). Schwarzman Scholars Alumni Affairs Coordinator. Schwarzman Scholars.

schwart 4


Thorium is New Energy for a New Age

Q: Why aren’t we using thorium for our energy needs?

thoriumA: Because this energy-buster is outlawed by the U.S. government. Want to know more? Drill down on the why Kissinger and ARAMCO agreed to tie U.S. currency to petroleum. You will find that GALT technology was used to blackmail the Arabs into the petrodollar system.

Basically saying, “We will leave you in your tents and waterless deserts and unleash GALT, leaving your petroleum worthless, unless you agree to the central banker petrodollar scheme.” GALT technology is suppressed by the Pilgrims Society as they work overtime to heave-ho humanity into a third-world planet where they are the rulers and the rest of us are their neo-feudal slaves.

GALT: The Best Kept Secret in the World that Could Free Humanity with Unlimited Free Energy


Thorium: Kirk Sorensen at TEDxYYC

We have lots of information to share with you about thorium. Many of you will not know about this metallic chemical element with the symbol Th and atomic number 90. Your public school indoctrination did not permit you to explore other alternatives to energy. The petrolords in the Pilgrims Society need you to keep believing that energy is scarce and so you were not taught about thorium in your science classes.

Welcome to our lessons on thorium. We are breaking it down in bite-sized pieces so that you can learn to make your own water-powered lawn mower and demand that the U.S. Energy Department start using thorium as an alternative to uranium. Big shout out to Condor, our energy expert in the Conclave, who is helping us with the technical aspects of this presentation.

Folks, it is just a lie … a straight up LIE that we can’t produce enough energy for everyone on the planet to have inexpensive, clean, abundant, reliable, and safe energy. 





Patriots, history has been a lie. Schools were indoctrination centers. Free and abundant energy is being suppressed by the Pilgrims Society. You must start awakening your circle of influence that we can have our own GREEN NEW GREAT DEAL and it begins when the U.S. government demands the release of these technologies to the world.

Here’s the deal: It’s abundant. It’s cheap. It will help us get through the major climate crisis coming our way – a mini ice age. There are several varieties from GEET to GALT. We can grow anything, anywhere with cheap and abundant energy.

Thorium thorAnd, yes, A.O. C., we can give up petroleum-based fuels. We can even save the dinosaur fossils with our GREEN GREAT DEAL. You should see the anti-gravitation devices that can lift transportation technology into the current century, instead of running on ancient fossil fuel technology. And have you seen those GEET engines that run off water?

Fossil fuels are so “yesterday” when you have thorium. America has enough to run the entire planet for 1000 years says our Conclave energy expert Condor.

…and talking about that mini-ice age that is headed for us (for real), the folks in the PILGRIMS SOCIETY have known about this for a long time. They don’t tell us about thorium and all the other exciting energy technologies because it would make their petrodollar as irrelevant as their fossil fuels. It would also give us plenty of heat, warmth, and energy we will need with the climate change they aren’t talking about.

They don’t want us to know what they know. The mini-ice age is their next big genocide plan for all of us. But don’t you worry about those PILGRIMS who will be staying warm and toasty with plenty of fruits and veggies in their greenhouses just waiting for the rest of humanity to die off from cold and starvation. Do you see now?

VOTE TRUMP 2020. He knows.

After all, his uncle was John G. Trump.

“A few days after Tesla died on January 8th, 1943, his possessions were seized by officials from the amazingly-named government Office of Alien Property. About 3 weeks after that, all of Tesla’s things and documents were given a thorough examination by a group of FBI agents that included none other than John G. Trump, the uncle of the current Republican candidate for U.S. President Donald J. Trump.” Source


Inside the presentation below, you will find videos and slides that tell truth history of the suppression of thorium. Important stuff in here so don’t skip the lesson.

Thorium Energy Technology Can Free the World from Nuclear Poisons Today


Thorium can give humanity clean, pollution free energy | Kirk Sorensen Educate yourself on this technology that the Pilgrims Society is suppressing from the world. Share this with others so that we can educate more and more people of how dated the use of petroleum is.


thorium dinosaur framed.JPG

If you believe that there is a scarcity of energy and that the world is going to end if we don’t do something about carbon emissions, then you have been indoctrinated by the Pilgrims Society from the books that they publish and disseminate throughout the U.S. school system.

Educate your liberal friends about thorium. The wide use of thorium will give the planet abundant energy while starving the bankers from their never-ending resource wars. With one fell swoop, we can get rid of bankers, future Uranium Ones, while bringing energy abundance to all the people on the planet.

barney the dinosaur.jpgLet’s start getting this thorium education campaign rolling, folks. This is where the craziest of liberals might join us in saving the planet from energy tyranny. Send your memes and videos to Betsy!

Remember how the left used the polar bear images to yank our hearts about the climate change agenda? Well, we think dinosaurs are cute and cuddly and the crazies are so indoctrinated that they won’t know that dinos are already extinct. So plan to see lots of dinosaurs in our memes.

Even Andrew Yang, a Democrat candidate for president, is advocating thorium. Fossil fuels are ancient. Listen:


thorium thor

The PDF document inside is a 75-slide presentation. If it doesn’t mean anything to you, still save it….because one day all of this is going to make sense for you or your progeny. Plus there are some great resources inside that you will not find anywhere on the internet. This makes excellent material for patriots to write articles, create memes and videos, and move the Overton ‘energy’ window over to THORIUM recognition.

Who was John Galt?

thorium by tons

Patriots, let’s start getting on the OFFENSE of the Great Information War. The PILGRIMS do not want the people of the earth to know about THORIUM. It would end their business model of never-ending war, refugees, energy scarcity, and control. Our next education front needs to be waking up as many people about thorium as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Our research shows that memes are a great way to get the conversation going. But they won’t work if you don’t fire them through your network.

learn about thorium.jpg

The left will love what it does for their imaginary climate change crisis. The bankers will hate it because it interferes with their petrodollar. The globalist will hate it because it ends wars for energy and they won’t be able to collect a carbon tax. Patriots will love thorium because it is clean, safe, abundant, and inexpensive.

People around the world are demanding their governments switch from uranium to thorium within the next few years. Those who know about the real climate change coming – a mini-ice age – love thorium because everybody and the greenhouses stay warm and toasty for the decade of colder than average temperatures.

Have you contacted your congresspeople to educate them about thorium? Remember the folks in the Senate and Congress aren’t the brightest bulbs around. They count on information patriots like you to advise them. If you don’t, they only listen to corporate lobbyists and staffers.

Contact your congressman here.


Why Thorium rocks — Science Sundays


Getting very excited here about our upcoming lessons on new energy. We have been given permission to share some amazing videos and files with the AIM audience about these technologies that are being suppressed from us by the Pilgrims. The files are enormous so Betsy needs to get them well-organized for presentation purposes. We want AIM patriots to be well-informed about energy choices.

Each day, we will present a little bit more, building up to a release of a 1,200 page book that a Conclave member has been working on for decades, just waiting for the time in history where enough people are paying attention. Conclave Condor is making a philanthropic gift to the planet to share these discoveries with the AIM community so that you can push the info out to your audiences. We want to scale the information all at once, planet-wide.

Let’s educate citizens around the world that there are safe, abundant, inexpensive, clean alternatives to fossil fuels that can bring people everywhere unlimited energy. Yes, this will change civilization as we know it…so giddy up and help us pioneer the NEW WORLD AWAKENING. Don’t sit on the sidelines for the greatest time in human history – come on and join our worldwide movement towards lasting planetary peace and prosperity in a world full of separate, different, and distinguishable planet thorium.jpg

Scale it. We placed this post in a handy tiny url for easy sailing through your social media:

thorium new generation


GEET Small Engine Video Demonstration


Google is rigging search results about Fiona Hill’s Congressional Testimony

Google is rigging search results about Fiona Hill’s Congressional Testimony two days later

Fake Tech defends Fiona Hill despite her’s and the DEMS’ lies about her relationship to George Soros and the Open Society Institute (OSI). On Sunday Nov. 23, 2019, Google is rigging  search results about Fiona Hill.

When the subject came up in the hearing (raised by Dems), Fiona Hill diverted the discussion as an anti-Semitic attack on George Soros, despite the fact that Soros openly admits to collaborating with the Nazi round up his fellow Jews in Hungary. (They slandered Alex Jones and Roger Stone in the screed—who were right about Fiona Hill’s long-time Soros relationship.)

See Steve Kroft. (Dec. 20, 1998)60 Minutes George Soros interview. CBS.:

The Google search result below was made on 9:27 am EST to get Brietbart coverage of Fiona Hill. Here is what Google presented as the first five results:

#1 Jimmy Kimmel

#2 CNN

#3 CBS News

#4 Guardian News

All these sources are notoriously-known to be Pilgrims Society Fake News Intelligencers who HATE TRUMP and were evidently ordered by the Pilgrims Society to reinforce their stories that were discredited by Hill’s own testimony.

breitbart fiona hill.jpg

This one entry (below) in the UK’s government corporation securities website Companies House PROVES Fiona Hill and the DEMS are lying about George Soros and Fiona Hill’s long-time

FIONA HILL. (May 10, 2001). NEW DIRECTOR Appointment of director or secretary, Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) Co. No. 2744185, Form 288a, disclosure of member of Advisory Board for the Open Society Institute, signed Nov. 04, 2000. Companies House (UK).

fiona hill open society.jpg

George Soros is notoriously known to be the founder and funder of Open Society Institute, New York, USA where Fiona Hill has been an advisor since sometime before this filing on Apr. 11, 2000

fiona hill soros meme