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Friday 13, Templars, Jesuits, and Sophia

To mark Friday the 13th, we offer you the video below. Be alert to the church propaganda agendas going on in this clip. Just below the video, Douglas explains the propaganda and gives you the redpill truth about the Jesuits and the Vatican.

The attempt to keep shoving the being of AnthropoSophia into some Gaia, Luciferian cult has always disturbed us and is the reason that Tyla and Douglas wrote The Gospel of Sophia trilogy, which we offer to you in a free PDF version.

Long before we started the American Intelligence Media, we saw where the Jesuits were leading the world with their One World religion and their control of the narrative of the most exquisite experience one can have with the being of Sophia.

Friday the 13th – What You Need To Know!

These are some of the citizen intelligence reports that we have posted over the last few years to alert you about the evils of the Jesuit-led Vatican:

In the audio below, Betsy and Thomas discuss how the Pope and Vatican were involved in the overthrow of Trump. Friday the 13th and the Dark Secrets of the Vatican

For those of you interested in finding out more about “the Damascus Experience”, you might begin your quest with these posts below. Click on the headline links to read more of the post.

Are You on a Quest for the Grail?

Every aspiring soul is seeking for union with the nourishment that only the spirit can provide, a sort of quest for the holy grail to transcend the physical and re-enter a paradisical state of consciousness. You may call it enlightenment, the golden moment of illumination, or the quest for the holy grail of your personal yearnings, among many other names.

Mary and grail bellThis insatiable desire arises like a flaming sword that cuts through the barriers that separate the soul and its spiritual longings to find the garden of paradise again. Like a powerfully hurled spear of fire, the awakened consciousness of wisdom that is gleaned from wielding the flaming sword falls like lightning and pierces the heart to open it as a wound that blossoms into a flowing vessel of love. This vessel of consciousness then overflows with the descending rain of fire coming from the fiery thoughts that rush into the pierced, humble heart-grail of the aspirant of the spirit.

This process is the physical signature of the cosmic descent of the human spirit. It is an ongoing process and must always be “sought after” like the “quest” of the grail knights or the “Way” of the early Christians. It takes an open, seeking soul that has purified itself beforehand to witness and participate in this wondrous process of human spiritual evolution.


Anthroposophia Reveals the Second Coming: Perceiving Christ in the Etheric

Douglas Gabriel translates the Damascus Event in a personal way so that others who have had the experience might understand it, and in anticipation for those who will meet the Cosmic Christ in the future, point to the indications of Rudolf Steiner to elucidate the spiritual event.

I was born clairvoyant and saw angels flying into our earthly realm, heard archangels sounding their harmonic music throughout everything, and felt the hand of the divine that instructed me in the language of the spirit. The problem was that almost no one around me saw, heard, or felt these beings. I had more conversations with these beings in my youth than with my family and friends. I could not understand why others did not perceive these other dimensions and experience these beings all around them. To me, nature was filled with elemental beings who could communicate their source and nature. I could see that higher spiritual beings were grouped in ranks and accomplished many tasks through their particular elementals.

Reading people’s minds was quite easy, and often I could read their feelings and actions better than they could if they acted without consideration, which is what people do most of the time. Throughout my life, I have been searching for a way to speak about the chasm that exists between normal materialistic perception of the world and the perception of the world from the point of view of a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient person like myself.

The chasm between clairvoyant and materialistic perception is so great that there truly were no words to describe these painful gaps in perception when I was young. Once I reached the age of nine, I realized that the chasm was too large to cross until I could build some type of bridge that would cross over from the spiritless materialism of our times to true living thinking, feeling, and willing. The threefold division of the soul into thinking, feeling, and willing causes a minor crisis in the soul of a materialist as it tries to merge these three distinct realms of activity into one united consciousness. Most people have yet to realize that there are three distinct soul capacities that must be understood before a balanced personality can arise.

Because I could see these basic problems people were having, I became a psychic reader and used palm reading, Tarot cards, playing cards, astrology and many other methodologies as tools to aid in the process of helping people learn to perceive their outer and inner worlds in light of spiritual principles. By helping to raise the consciousness of the person I was helping, he or she was given an opportunity to perceive the world as I did, full of spiritual beings trying to help us ascend the ladder of consciousness.

The bridge between the outer world and the inner world of the human soul has yet to be understood by philosophy, psychology, or physical science. What goes on in the soul is invisible and very hard to understand with the limits of the five senses. For me, there were twelve senses that rayed into my soul from the starry world that must be worked with to understand the world we perceive outside of our inner world. These twelve senses helped me understand the hierarchy of spiritual beings who work together to create both the inside and outside world.

Unveiling the Soul in Today’s Apocalypse