Let’s break out of prison planet. 

Please educate and enlighten your social media audience in a way that resonates with them at the level of their awareness. Once ‘WOKE’ to that level of truth, help them awaken to the next level up. Use our dozens of deeply researched citizens intelligence reports to educate yourself on Lucifer’s minions and machinations so that you can then enlighten your audience.

In this way, we lift the consciousness of humanity to confront and overcome the evil that you see in the chart below.

This is not just an American problem, and it is anything but a conspiracy theory.

This is a world-wide luciferic prison we are all in. It will take people all over the world to activate, engage, and take down the system.

We have a tremendous world-wide network behind this newsletter. How can you enlighten your fellow citizens? How can you use our citizens intelligence reports to start gently waking up your people around you? When people are in a deep sleep, like many are today with all the brainwashing and programming, you can’t just slam them with truth.

Be gentle, but be persistent.

Time to wake up and move into a new age – the Satya Yuga, the age of light. Remember, Betsy and Thomas offer to be your geopolitical sherpas, helping you navigate the journey from imprisonment towards a NEW WORLD AWAKENING.

Q-Anon Post Compendium.pdf.

Lionel explains, in his unique New York way, how the system really works. Hold on for the ride. 


Q Describes the Secret Global Network of the Power Elite

An excerpt: “There’s no easy way to build up to this so I will just go ahead and say it: the vast majority of the elites are Satan worshippers who sacrifice children to the ancient matrixgod Moloch. They run the global child trafficking networks to supply themselves with vulnerable children to murder, rape, and harvest for organs and blood to keep them young. Their hundred year plan which kicked off in the middle of WWI was meant to completely subjugate the West both through immigration and through cultural subversion. Bits and pieces of the full picture are documented in many places but it’s very hard to study in detail because the subject matter is repulsive and because it attracts a lot of distraction. It is quite likely although not yet confirmed that Hollywood and most of Washington D.C. are full of pedophiles. If you find this completely unbelievable, then ask yourself this: how many Hollywood personalities and media executives have resigned in just the last month because of accusations of sexual impropriety? Has PizzaGate really been debunked? Are there a hundred and one coded references to cult behaviour in the leaked emails of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and his brother Tony? What do these people like to do on a Friday night with their friends from Hollywood?

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  1. Its been going on for centuries a gually .Remember even in the new testament Jesus is confronted by Satan himself .Remember that the Protestant Reformation was driven largely by the widespread European view of the Vatican as the seat of Satan.

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