2 thoughts on “Tales Of Unity, Oneness, Consciousness, and UFOs That The Government Doesn’t Want You To Know”

  1. Super Bowl of ages.
    Space is not empty. Ether the eternal fluid. That of which everything flows(vibrates).
    I agree with some of what this story teller, tells, I could have some very interesting conversations with him. I would be very curious to discuss ancient history with him.
    Much of his testimony mirrors that of Billy Meirs story.

  2. No the government are driving the UFO conspiracy theory entirely Its their creation to deceive the wghol world into believing only a united one world governmet of elites can save theclanet from the dangers of deadly aliens Its all a form of entrapment and its rubbish They the elite monsters actually have stolen children from orphanages over decades and used them n MKULtra and monarch tea ngprogrammes,altered their bodies to practice for transforming transgender,as guinea pigs removed their male organs ,expanded their craniums ,made their eyes weird and set them lose to look like aliens ,and then of course killed them and hushed it all up as if hiding aliens Notbey were hiding the truth They still are

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