Michigan Meteor Prophecy Heralds Coming of Prophet and Prophetess

This interesting video found its way to us. Some of our advanced players of the Glass Bead Game might find it interesting to note and certainly one that we noted as it flew right over our heads on the evening of January 16, 2018. We created this article to give the event a permanent placement in our digital space.

Michigan Meteor Prophecy | December 31, 2017.


Pastor in Michigan claims to have predicted meteorite falling from heavens providing proof in footage posted from New Year’s evening

Pastor Satterfield told local media that the meteor was a sign of positive things to come in the region.

“It’s a great day—it’s a great time, it’s not gloom and doom. It’s a jubilee day,” he said, promising that the meteor was a harbinger of mental, physical and economic rejuvenation that would begin in Michigan and spread across the world.


Updated NASA map shows calculated trajectory of Michigan meteor, where to look for meteorite

One thought on “Michigan Meteor Prophecy Heralds Coming of Prophet and Prophetess”

  1. ??? I’m unsure, with all due respect, how can this narrative be promulgated. I know that to much information at once is bad however promoting a false narrative or coincidence does little to help bring forward the truth.
    Maybe it is I who is wrong. Or you have different beliefs than I surmised. Confused Man in the Wilderness

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