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Information warriors know how to meme

Learn to meme

Reddit has a meme workshop going on right now CLICK HERE. Check out the memographers and learn their tips. Follow the conversation. See the most popular places to go for great memes, other than here and the American Intelligence Media (wink).

Memes are information weapons in the Great Information War. For people who are asleep (aka Tavistock brainwashed), we bring them out of their stupor, slowly like a deep diver going through decompresion. Be careful. Not too fast so that they don’t get the ‘mental bends’.

Humor is a great way to gently wake up people. You know how hilarious a properly delivered meme can be. You have come to know the difference between a ‘fresh, dank meme’ over a ‘stale, old-news, boring, yawn, put me back to sleep’ meme.

The secret of a good meme is that the truth and the lie are presented in juxtaposition. The viewer must resolve the difference and laughter is a non-verbal way of resolving  tension. In the moment of laughter, the viewer might be able to break through some of his/her/xir brainwashing. This is when they awaken a bit more until the next meme arrives in their inbox by another one of you amazing meme warriors.

Indeed, laughter is the best medicine.


memes and hashtags
Learn more and fine tune your skills!

September is ‘RESIST MSM’ Awareness Month

Better than AVID’s strategy to have all corporate media talking heads read their globalist controlled script is independent media’s strategy for getting truth news disseminated wide and far. If you are new to our American Intelligence Media platform, we roll out a monthly theme to encourage media creators and patriots to push and feature a theme that is “repeated” over and over again throughout our vast decentralized digital landscape.

This is how we have been successful in educating and enlightening citizens on a wide variety of topics: Senior Executive Service, SERCO, election rigging, and military tribunals, to name a few.

This month our theme is a twist on their leftie RESIST movements. We, too, can have our own RESIST movement. We are going to resist anything the propaganda, corporate media pushes our way.

fake news facts.jpgEach of you has a unique way of communicating to your circle of influence. BE CREATIVE. You might have a challenge to turn off TV for a month..or to cancel subscriptions in corporate magazines and newspapers.

You could make memes, create videos, sponsor a billboard for a few weeks, design t-shirts and hats. Put a sign on the side of your barn or on the roadside.

Send us your creations and, if they are good, we will share them with the AIM community for some global traction. We invite citizens all over the world to join our RESIST MSM Awareness Month.

rip fake newsLet’s all get behind POTUS and help him put Fake News in its much deserved grave.

To get started, make sure you know who we are resisting:

Yellow Journalism: Globalist Weapon of Mass Deception


Free Speech is Now a Whisper


Resist Mainstream media



Michigan Meteor Prophecy Heralds Coming of Prophet and Prophetess

This interesting video found its way to us. Some of our advanced players of the Glass Bead Game might find it interesting to note and certainly one that we noted as it flew right over our heads on the evening of January 16, 2018. We created this article to give the event a permanent placement in our digital space.

Michigan Meteor Prophecy | December 31, 2017.


Pastor in Michigan claims to have predicted meteorite falling from heavens providing proof in footage posted from New Year’s evening

Pastor Satterfield told local media that the meteor was a sign of positive things to come in the region.

“It’s a great day—it’s a great time, it’s not gloom and doom. It’s a jubilee day,” he said, promising that the meteor was a harbinger of mental, physical and economic rejuvenation that would begin in Michigan and spread across the world.


Updated NASA map shows calculated trajectory of Michigan meteor, where to look for meteorite

Q’s Christmas Eve Visit

By Dorothy DeChristopher

Twas the night before Christmas when all thru the Swamp
Many Creatures were screeching, taken down with a whomp!
The Indictments were arrayed on the table with care
In hopes Fed’ral Marshals soon would be there
Rescued children were huddled all safe in their shelters
While clothes, snacks and cheer were delivered by helpers

Melania in her trench and the Prez in his cap
Sat listening as Hellspawn fell into their trap
As networks with minions from bottom to top
Collapsed under the weight of Trump’s top secret op

When in thru the windows there arose such a Light
From the stealth helicopters aloft on their flight
And the Moon in her grace did witness the scenes
Of our Republic’s heroes lined up into teams
Ready, able and willing for the red, white and blue
To fight as they must with the Rule of Law too

Out came the 10 pilots, standing straight, tall and brave
I thought one must be Q from the salute that he gave
Now under the rotors each man ran for his seat
As the Commander called out, not missing a beat
“On Fitton, on Gomertz, Gowdy and Gaetz!
Go Jordan, go Grassley, Nunes and Wray!
Drain that Swamp on the Hill and those blocking my Wall
Now dash away, dash away, and go get them all!”

The teams they conferred as they flew thru the night
Holding sniffer devices to locate the blight
Up over mansions, clinics and offices they went
Marking down unknown and known of  Luciferian bent
Plus those seeking for power and reeking of greed
Who stole for a living and kept families in need
And bled dry this country of tax dollars and hope
“It’s not our fault” they’ll say, “orders came from the Pope!”

Now ready those handcuffs, call ahead for the cells
Prepared for these prisoners ‘ere ringing sleigh bells
Armed with warrants and glocks they landed on roofs
Smashing doors of the wicked, grabbing them and the proofs
Of unholy deeds, laws twisted and broken
And audiotapes of conspiracies spoken
In meetings and boardrooms, law offices too
And files of minions killed for how much they knew

Again and again these Owls they landed
To cops and marines the felons they handed
Up, up and away they zeroed on their true target
To Cabal ceremonies to save children from market
Robed blood drinkers ranted; how they shouted and fainted
Begging and bribing, Q said “No! They’re too tainted”
To ever again be in civilized society
Just cannot be trusted to act with propriety

And off they were taken to Special Places reserved
So globalist bankers and drug lords got what they deserved
Down went traffickers of sex slaves, organs and arms
And the rogue CIA who were greasing their palms
Not forgotten those bloodlines with gold,  castles and cash
Thinking their empires too mighty to fall with a crash
Wars, revolutions, false flags – they just wouldn’t listen
When the people rose up backing Patriots on a mission

And into the White House those 10 tired pilots came
With planeloads of files just loaded with names
Of enemies of Law and Freedom and Truth
Bad actors of deeds downright vile and uncouth
Our Commander received them with love, blessings and thanks
“My patriots, my patriots, there are no highers ranks”
Q said “Sir, we don’t think our mission’s quite finished
But with God’s Love and Light our enemies are diminished”

And Q was heard to exclaim, as they marched out of sight –

“Happy Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!”