How to Antidote EMFs and 5G

Today we posted a citizen intelligence report that is a must read for understanding 5G. We also posted the audio below to explain our research.

So many questions arose about this article that we needed to give it its own URL so that we could post the answer easily on the YouTube description.  As more questions come in to us, we will answer them on this post.

Below is the original article and YouTube if you haven’t seen it yet.

Internet of Things: Fascism by Another Name. Powered by 5G


Citizen AlertEric Schmidt Global Tech Lord

Thomas and Betsy go so far out in the weeds on this one, you may want to stay safe and not listen to a single word.

To answer the many questions we received about this audio, here are some resources to get you started. We have been writing and posting about this for several years so many of you will know this material already.

For those of you wanting to know more about the Qube and sigils, click here. This page explains how it works and a few more clicks will send you to a page where you can download and print your own sigils. Betsy puts clear label sigils in all of her windows (in a discreet location). Readers have sent us comments about their positive results from putting sigils in a variety of places to cohere dissonance in their environment. Read about them and be creative.

QubeFor those that asked, we don’t sell the Qube…because we absolutely will not go through the patent system to have its proprietary system “protected”.  When we saw how powerful the Qube was, Betsy and Thomas used their background in resonance, sacred geometry, and antenna design to create a two-dimensional antenna that you can print and use anywhere you like. The two dimensional sigil resonates and is in perfect frequency with the three-dimensional system contained within the Qube.

Sigils are very effective and the more of us that use them, the more powerful they become. They are free – so what the heck, print as many as your like. One reader sent us this sigil screen saver to share with everyone. If you don’t like the words on the image, eliminate them. They are not needed for the energetic quality of the sigil. They are there to show people where to get them.

Did you notice that we place a sigil at the bottom of each Truth News Headline post?

Sigil screensaver

Getting the Heavy Metals Out of Your Body

In the audio, Betsy and Thomas speak about heavy metals in the body acting as an antenna for 5G and the dangerous metals and chemicals in chemtrails, not to mention the accumulation of pharmaceuticals and other poisons that haven’t been flushed from your liver, tissue and blood, accumulating year by year, over decades.

We cleanse our own bodies using these techniques that were discussed in the audio:

For more on liver flushes, click here for the Amazing Liver Flush. This is one of the lessons in the Ascend program where you learn to cleanse your chakras from foundation to crown. If you haven’t started this program, and especially if you were one of the folks writing to us about your physical ailments, you might consider starting this program.

You will be amazed at the results. We were blown away.

After you have completed a series of liver flushes, you may want to try two other protocols that can eliminate heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and poisons from your body.

diatomaceous-earth-close-upWe recommend Bentonite clay and Diatomaceous Earth.

Ancient Minerals has a really good clay, as well as a magnesium oil which is recommended in the ASCEND program.

DE can be picked up at any health food store. Below is a great article showing you its benefits. This can be taken daily to help flush out heavy metals.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth


What Type of Metal to Wear?

Meteorite ballAs far as the metal that Thomas recommended to wear, it needs to be attracted to a magnetic. It should be a metal that doesn’t rust. If it meets both criteria, it will do the trick. Examples are stainless steel, meteorite, polished iron. This metal works because it grounds the electrostatic energy.

Betsy absolutely loves wearing her small ball of meteorite pictured here. .

In the picture below, Thomas shows you the various ways that you can incorporate meteorite in jewelry. These are pieces of meteorite that he keeps organized on a string, and might give you some ideas of how you can use yourself. There are websites that use meteorite in rings – which is very cool.

The engineer that we referenced in the audio who helped us with the internal components of the Qube offers other types of EMF protection on his website Basics to Wellness.

meteorite samples

Symptoms from EMF and 5G Exposure

Many of you wrote us and described a number of ailments that you have. Here is a self-assessment worksheet to help you identify the symptoms you may already have and is a great way to track your progress: Self-Evaluation Worksheet. Some of these may be coming from your exposure to EMFs and 5G; others may be due to poor digestion and other health issues.



Protect your family from 5G wireless


Shungite with Douglas and John Shungite, C60, Buckyballs, Ormus, and Superconnectivity

Thomas Paine and John Barnwell discuss some great ways to antidote 5G. Listen as they explore ormus, C60, shungite, buckballs, and superconnectivity.

We regularly update this article: How to Antidote EMFs and 5G. Please share it with family, friends, and colleagues. This effects all of us – all of humanity.


emf problems


Surviving 5G

Thomas Paine and John Barnwell continue their conversation about natural ways to counter 5g and EMFs. They discuss C60, aloe vera, sea vegetables, shungite, and other natural methods.

Surviving 5G


Other tips and protocols

Here is a handy Symptom List we created for friends and family that are following the ASCEND protocol.


Have you tried our recipe for colloidal silver water? The Best Homemade Recipe for Multi-Use Colloidal Silverwater


Here is a brief audio that is related to all of these topics above.


AIM Patriot George wrote:

I was working around robots in Everet WA I think they are using some type of 5g wireless in the last year or more have had a lot of medical health problems body hurts and I have a sound in my head brain and its loud and for more than six months can not sleep very well going nuts it really sucks.. people I think have died from it at work and home…what does a person do?

Our reply: Below are some things we have done to make our environment better. We are not physicians so please do not do any of these suggestions if it doesn’t resonate with you or if your state-regulated and controlled medical advisor tells your otherwise.

How do the Gabriels stay energized 24-7?

We take 15-30 mg of HEMP CBDs 3 times a day. You wouldn’t believe how well it works for aches and pains. We have recommended this protocol to many folks who tell us that they also see great improvement in their physical and emotional well being.
Just go to a Health Food Store and get a few bottles. Remember, they will NOT WORK if you leave them in the bottle or forget to take them as scheduled. 
garden of life cbd.png
Try out the Garden of Life or Charlotte’s Web varieties which are available nationally. HEMP CBDs are legal in all 50 states so take full advantage of the amazing healing powers of hemp-nature.
The Charlotte’s Web gummy bears are a bit pricey, but we love taking one at night for sleep. And if the Conclave members need a bit of energy to get through the day’s mining, they take one of the Charlotte’s Web ‘recovery gummies.” Everyone here at the American Intelligence Media is taking hemp CBDs on a regular, daily basis.
Your pets can benefit from hemp CBDs. Most manufacturers offer products for pet use.
As far as the 5G technology and your sleep, we have readers commenting that placing sigils in their bedroom and around their beds has been helpful in eliminating the buzzing, ringing, static sound some people hear with 5g and other EMF fog. The sigils are free so download and use generously. How they work is explained here: and here
We also recommend safe space EMF environmental clearing devices. We have several of these products in our home:  In the article below, we offered other suggestions: How to Antidote 5G and EMFs.
Also, if you are in a state where you can purchase CBDs made from cannabis, try out some THC gummies or drops for a great night’s sleep – even better than hemp CBDS. For the entourage effect use one of each just before bed. If you have medical issues that aren’t resolved with these products, you might want to check out Rick Simpson Oil. In Michigan, folks with a medical cannabis license (which is not difficult to obtain) can purchase Rick Simpson Oil at the clinics.
Again, we are not state-licensed medical agents. We are retired school teachers who stay curious about all aspects of life and nature’s gift of cannabis and hemp for our human health and well-being.

Let us know how it works out for you, George.


9 thoughts on “How to Antidote EMFs and 5G”

    1. Just wanted to add to the above…
      EMF blocking smart meter cover:
      Got these for the apartment building last June. Using an electrosmog meter, I was able to measure before and after installation – saw a ~71% reduction in EMF power output from the meters. This significantly reduces exposure without interfering with the power company’s requirement that they work. If you can’t get your power company to replace your meters with an analog one or need something immediate while they take their sweet time getting around to one, this will do the trick!

  1. I’ve been doing grounding, or “earthing”, for 3 years now. The results have been dramatic. I used to suffer from severe anxiety, which would go away when I went to the beach and stayed in the water for hours. So I realized there was a physical cause. After discovering grounding I ran a wire out the window and attached it to a copper rod driven into the ground. Then I simply held the wire in my hand. Within hours the anxiety started to lift, just like at the beach.

    I later discovered the “Earthing” wrist bands which made the whole process simpler. My sleep improved and after a few weeks my arthritis pain started to decrease. Photos show that red blood cells clump together when you’re exposed to ambient AC, and they separate when you barefoot on the ground for 30-40 minutes. This is probably why grounding has an effect on inflammation and arthritis.

    Phase two started when I discovered that the power company had “deployed” (their term!) smart meters in my neighborhood, about the time my anxiety started. Here in northern Virginia all you have to do is call Dominion Power and tell them you want to “opt out”. When they removed the smart meter the whole house felt cleaner, and my healing accelerated. I hope opting out is that simple in other states. I highly recommend you try.

    Recently I started using the sigils mentioned above. This started another, more subtle, level of healing. I laminated the sigils and keep one in my pocket, day and night. I also taped one to my water pipes to spread the vibes through the whole house. I love the Qube. One more thing I’m grateful to Betsy and Thomas for!

  2. THese types of metals/stones will work to help clear/protect ones field. Please keep in mind that at some point, like a sponge, they will fill up and have to be cleared/cleanse. There are various was to do that, I prefer the clearing plates that I use that streamline the clearing (in a matter of minutes) and then the object can be worn again. The plates do more than clear, but enhance the energetic qualities of the item as well.

    1. Most people can get more relief if they shut off their cable and internet box at night, also turn phone off and put it far away from sleeping area. The aluminum coated blankets you can buy in the camping sports stores, run around 3.99 on up are good to place on the wall inside where the smart meter is if you can’t afford a cover for the meter.
      I brought a silver water machine and after I make ours I make extra when I have time and give it to friends and family that do not have a machines.

  3. Hi everyone, for those who are looking how to physically shield 5G radiation it might be interesting to know about the new EMF shielding paint Turtal because it has been recently tested in really independent laboratory and proven to shield a range of 5G frequencies how you can find out from the shielding report. The official manufacturer website:

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