Judge Rudolph Contreras: Total Deep State Stooge

ContrerasJudge Rudolph Contreras, an unremarkable Deep State stooge judge


Judge Rudolph Contreras was appointed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) court in 2016.  Two months ago, Contreras, an Obama appointee judge was removed from General Flynn’s criminal case.  Today it is still unknown why Contreras was removed. Emmet G. Sullivan will now oversee over the trial.

Contreras’ confirmation biography shows that he is a remarkably unremarkable attorney. He has worked in the federal courts practically his entire career. He has represented numerous Deep State figures, including John M. Deutch, disgraced former C.I.A. Director. He was co-counsel in the D.C. Courts with fellow Assistant Attorney General Eric H. Holder on numerous cases. He is also a member of the Hispanic Bar Association of District of Columbia. Here is his disclosure from his Confirmation Statement:

Hispanic Bar

See: Senate Judiciary Confirmation Hearings for Rudolph Contreras


Contraras has intimacy with numerous actors in the Trump-Russia-Mueller-Clinton probe. His bias is quit unmistakable. Contraras’ obvious bias has tainted this investigation irreparably:

  • C. I. A. executives, including disgraced former C.I.A.Director John M. Deutch, certainly creates an appearance of impropriety. See docket for District Court of D.C., search ATTORNEY: Rudolph Contreras. Represented Deutch multiple times.
  • In addition, Contreras represented the C. I. A.  in a 2003 FOIA case:

Substitution of COunsel

See: Hall v CIA where Contreras represented C. I. A

Hall v. CIA, 98-cv-01319-PLF (D.DC. May 28, 1998).

  • Deutch’s intimacy with Bill & Hillary Clinton, including Bill Clinton’s pardoning of Deutch on 19, 2001–the same day he pardoned commodities fraudster and Clinton Foundation donor Marc Rich;
  • Contraras’ Hispanic law club membership which would certainly show him to be biased on issue related to Donald Trump (what are the odds of Donald Trump getting two Hispanic judges during the campaign? (See also Gonzolo P. Curiel).
  • His intimacy with fellow AUSA former Attorney General Eric H. Holder who was later sanctioned by Congress for contempt.

Contraras’ resume clearly shows that he is a custom-groomed Washington, D.C. Swamp Creature. Any reasonable person can see that Contraras had no business touching any subject related to Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Britt Snider. (Feb. 18, 2000). Report of Investigation: Improper Handling of Classified Information by John M. Deutch (1998-0028-IG). Central Intelligence Agency Inspector General.


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