Mark of the Beast Already Here

Army War CollegeAfter reading our citizen intelligence report (below) a reader sent this Army War College paper for circulating among our network. This paper was one of the earliest outlining the potential military uses and social implication of the Internet of Things.

Our readers know that there is a war being waged against citizens by the Deep State and globalists about which we have written extensively at the American Intelligence Media and Americans for Innovation. When we read a document like this, we are fully aware of the evil that can be done to citizens here and around the world. If they can do this to the enemies abroad, they can do it to anyone, anywhere.

How They Plan to Control Everything In Your Life





Recent developments in identification (ID) technologies are likely to have a revolutionary impact on American society and the manner by which it wages war.
The good news is that broader and more creative use of the new ID technologies could enable coalition forces to achieve dramatic victories in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) by targeting directly and effectively a critical requirement of most insurgencies: the insurgents’ anonymity.
The bad news is that these same technologies may be inherently inimical to the future of privacy and American civil liberties. They could transform our nation and others into surveillance societies, concentrating in the hands of central governments levers of control without parallel in human history.
How to reconcile American interests and values with the imperative to bend every element of national power in their defense is the central paradox of the GWOT. Are the new ID technologies useful means to the important end of securing the United States against potentially cataclysmic attacks, or will they subvert the very interests and values at the core of all we seek to defend?…..
…….Primarily through the support of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), consumer packaged goods manufacturers, and mass merchandisers, ID technologies are maturing rapidly, paying immediate dividends in the areas of supply chain management, access control, and force protection. As their associated costs continue to drop, expanded adoption of these technologies will make possible new, more value-added applications that could be enormously beneficial to society.
RFID chip in credit cardCritics of the technologies, however, argue that adoption of the technologies could lead to
the virtual extinction of privacy. Some even fear their abuse will effectively lead to our
enslavement in an Orwellian “surveillance society.” Although frequently dismissed by some in the security industry as alarmists and Luddites, this relatively small number of privacy advocates is attracting more and more attention in the Congress and the media.
Because the roll-out of much of this technology is already underway, the window of opportunity for public debate and timely legislation to help shape its development and uses is quickly closing. Our civilian policymakers and military leadership urgently need to look behind the industry’s gee-whiz marketing literature and the privacy advocates’ demonizing to gain an objective understanding of the emerging operational environment. Our elected leaders, in particular, need to educate themselves on these issues in order to establish the appropriate types and levels of risk we are willing to accept as a people…..
RFID-basics-Fig-3……For example, RFID tags can combine with a whole class of tiny, networked, wireless sensors, called “smart dust” and “motes,” to monitor heat, light, movement and other environmental factors. Motes are already being used in transportation and viticulture.
Using microelectromechanical systems for locomotion, and distributed intelligence to produce “swarm behavior” similar to the collective behavior of insect colonies, a meshed “colony” of low-observable motes could share magnetometer information, peer-to-peer, in order to provide early warning of an advancing tank column or a possible ambush.

Sown in a future battlespace by the thousands, at a cost of only about $1 apiece, they would be too numerous to destroy and, at perhaps the size of a grain of sand, too small to notice. Deriving their power from sunlight, vibrations, or perhaps just a coating of radioactive isotopes, they could have greater longevity than humans. Their military missions could include such things as sniffing out deadly toxins, hunting missiles, or monitoring treaty compliance……


Read the full 32 page report here.

RFID chips are already used in every day life:
rfid tag
RFID healthcare

One thought on “Mark of the Beast Already Here”

  1. Thanks for the link to this paper. I don’t know if this was ever corroborated, but it was rumored back in 2007 to provide a basis for part of Sen. John McCain’s secret strategy for winning the War on Terror.

    Here’s the relevant excerpt re the Mark of the Beast:

    “Many fundamentalist Christians share a conviction that RFID technology will migrate from smart cards to subcutaneous implants (voluntary at first but later mandatory), and that these implanted chips will correspond in Biblical prophecy to “the mark of the Beast” in Revelation 13:16-17.80 Some believe that the sinister number ‘666,’ signifying the prophesied “number of the Beast” of Revelation 13:18,81 already is encoded in UPC codes.82 Those who refuse the chip will be regarded with deep suspicion and will experience persecution–the “Great Tribulation”–having been effectively locked outside the world economy.

    “It would be easier to dismiss these apocalyptic fears as paranoid were it not for the fact that Applied Digital Solutions has been implanting FDA-approved RFID “VeriChips” in humans for years, marketing them for use in medical emergencies and to combat kidnapping. It has implanted thousands and now has no less than former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson serving as its pitchman.83

    “VeriChips are not very different from the over 15 million microchips already implanted in animals.84 This leaves some to wonder: with the Pentagon turning to the use of microchips in military “dog tags,”85 and dogs now being tagged with chip implants, what will be next — implants as the generation-after-next military dog tag?”

    In fact, bar codes do commonly contain what appear to the human eye to be three pairs of identical marks corresponding to the code for the number ‘6.’ As the Bible suggests, this is rather recondite knowledge requiring certain wisdom. These marks tell the scanner when to begin reading, when to end, and they also appear in the center, where they separate the manufacturer’s identification code from the SKU number. Technically they are discreet machine markings, but to the normal human understanding of those relatively few individuals who understand how to read UPC codes, they prominently contain the numbers ‘666.’

    Bar codes are now on virtually everything bought or sold, just as was prophesied. So, however prescient this AWC paper was for 2005, how much more prophetic is the Book of Revelation, now nearly 2,000 years old!


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