Strike One

Google-YouTube fascists have given us a First Amendment strike. This infringes on your right to HEAR and READ as much as it does us for to SPEAK and PRESENT.

This is why we suggest that you follow our truth community by email and subscribe to the American Intelligence Media. The information war has moved into the hot phase and many of our brothers and sisters in the YouTube truth community are being taken out.

Don’t get caught in enemy territory with no way to communicate with us. We are at: Patriots for Truth and the American Intelligence Media.

Our SPirit MagazineFor those of you who enjoy our eclectic material, and certainly this is not for everybody, you can sign up for our Mystery School Magazine which is delivered to your inbox a few times a month. Your welcome email contains a link to access our archived materials – which are simply amazing.

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Information War Strategy

Some of you may remember that our first intelligence reports were on the Before Its News platform. We posted there until their platform was totally wrecked after the election. Strategically, we anticipated this move by the enemy and began leveraging our material to other platforms until we were able to gather enough patriot support for our own blog and YouTube channel.

We knew the smart and influential people who are addicted to truth like we are would follow us.

Please pat yourself on the back…and take a bow if you have been with us since BIN.

Now we need to position for another move…this time off  YouTube. We never used Facebook for our geopolitical posts, instead we relied on you to carry the message through your FB networks. We will continue to provide you with intel that is easily delivered, yet bypasses FB censorship.

We are counting on YOU, our amazing GLOBAL truth community, to spread the word to others about Betsy and Thomas discussions and other hot topic videos that we will not post or find on YT.

Eventually they will silence us all.

That is what fascism is.

You are now the core group of AIM4Truth warriors.

Grab an Truth Ammo Bag

In the meantime, don’t just stand around looking lost. GET TO WORK! This is our country, our Constitution, our heritage. We have given you dozens of ideas, articles, videos, memes to spread around the internet. We have shown you how to use the Miller Act Notice. We have given you hundreds and hundreds of pages of criminal evidence to start your own targeted efforts on any one of thousands of traitors.

Start you own YT channel or WordPress blog, download our videos and reblog our articles; place on your own channel, adding your own content as you can. Our AIM4Truth work is free for all patriots to use.  We do the research. You do the messaging, in your unique way to your special audience.

Send emails with our articles attached to your elected representatives. Single out criminals on our CRIMELINE and barrage them with the evidence you have on their criminal activity.

Obama Army MemeAdopt a Corruptocrat

In our article on the Senior Executive Services we showed you, name by name, the bureaucrats entrenched in the government, refusing the will of the PEOPLE as they carry out the orders from the leader of their coup d’etat.

Find one or a few names that interest you and see if they fall into our CRIMELINE. Send them mail or emails and let them know what you know about their past deeds and associations. Show them how you are connecting the dots in their personal and professional biographies. Let them know that they are on the people’s radar. Let them know we have the dirt on their criminal activities, corruption, and plans to overthrow America.

You can access the up-to-date Crimeline at this link so bookmark it. It is an information arsenal.  This is a HUGE file. Over 17 years of investigative work with over 500 pages…so open up your browser, drop in the link, and walk away from your computer for 10 minutes. It takes awhile to download. Then preserve a copy for yourself.

Update monthly as we are always adding info to the timeline.

Learn how to use information weapons

Minutemen patriotsWe are always making great material for you to send out through your network of truth seekers. Recently, we made this great link to start stirring up folks about law and order: The Case for Military Tribunals

Learn how to make effective memes and hashtags.

Grab your digital pitchfork and torch. Let’s take out the globalists.

Be a new kind of warrior….a digital minuteman or woman.


AIM4Truther Daniel writes us and encourages us to use this form below to start dropping information bombs on the White House.

Daniel indicates that it has limited space so recommends a condensed message that fits the allotted space:

We the People Make Official Charges of 28 Counts of Treason

The Anonymous Patriots have written extensively about Comey and Mueller’s crimes, but this is the first time we are listing crimes they have committed under the protection of “National Security” which were, in fact, crimes against America. With this internet posting, We the People are officially charging them with these crimes and we demand that military tribunals be set up to prosecute these traitors.

Read the 28 charges here:

This is just a sample of what you can send and to whom. Is there anything on the CRIMELINE that you think the White House or your elected reps should know about? Who do you know that needs to read one of our citizens’ intelligence reports at the American Intelligence Media?

The video clip below is a reminder what our ancestors did for us. What kind of legacy will we leave the next generation?

John Adams – Declaration of Independence



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