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These nuggets below are from mining activities since our last post. Miners research the documents we have provided in the link below, as well as other relevant information they might find, and then send to us for posting so that smithies can drop in and pick up what they need to develop new, cutting-edge articles, stories, videos, etc.

We have not vetted any of these items for relevancy or truth. This is the job of other miners and smithies to help us determine if any of these stories, links, and leads are valid. Today’s posts are research materials about Serco.

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Roy Gardner



Current CEO of Serco Group PLC, Sir Rupert Soames, has close royal ties; contracts with every Five Eyes nation (UK, Canada, NZ, Australia, US). (Hunch: may be the primary Five Eyes IT tech integration provider).

Sir Rupert Christopher Soames


Rupert Soames, the grandson of Sir Winston Churchill. Eton grad (same as  Princes William and Harry). Oxford grad 




Opening statement of parliament

Definitely close to the Queen and royal family. His brother Nicholas Soame was an MP.

soames connection



Hmmmm. Serco (SI Int’l)*, CACI, Lockheed, Booz Allen*

*Obamacare contractors

Appears to be an executive roundabout to show a ruse of free market competition.




Behind the scenes it is the same group of Top 20 shareholders!

Gee Beav, don’t these investors look like a big club?

Gee Beav, would you be surprised to know that in-the-know politicians and judges have look-alike investments too?

Follow the money (sources Wall Street Journal, Morningstar):


IPO Investments 1

IPO Investments 2

IPO Investments 3

FB Source: The Wall Street Journal

Serco, Booz, CACI, Lockheed sources: Morningtar.

See also:

Accel Partners. (Nov. 19, 2013). Anne Rockhold joined Accel Partners (largest Facebook inside financier, James W. Breyer chairman, former NVCA chairman) in 2010, former Vanguard CFO and NVCA Director** [Press release].

** Founding investors in SI International, Inc. that was merged into Serco, Inc. Rodney L. Goldstein (Managing Partner of Frontnac VC, Chicago), was also an NVCA director***

*** Gilman Louie, founding CEO of C.I.A. In-Q-Tel in 1979 was also an NVCA director

AFI. (Dec. 29, 2017). Corporate Transnational Warlords Are On The Run. Americans for Innovation. PDF.



Without WAR!, our mutual funds don’t make money. It’s that simple. What don’t you get about that folks?”

obama legacy pix

So, essentially, what has to happen is to stop ‘war’. No one has accomplished this yet. All institutions in the US promote war for the profits. The ‘funding mechanisms’ have to be exposed which seem to be in several revenue stream categories as follows: inflated ‘fiat’ currency used by these companies in the ‘first round’ which has the highest purchasing value; followed by ‘patent theft’ to create ‘stock IPO’ controlled by insider trading at enormous profits; direct profits of arms sales by the companies owned by the ‘insider club’; direct profit from R&D paid by taxes so no risk occurs($300 hammers); and tax exemptions traded as commodities.

Citizens get no opportunity to participate in the ‘free markets’, because there are no free markets. Seems to me that this club has to be exposed, along with the revenue streams, and how this effects all Americans. These seems to be a better gambit than anything, because everyone hates to be fooled out of their money. However, it is easy to fool someone, than to get them to admit that they have been fooled.



SI International, Inc. in 2001, contracted to OPM, thus tying SERCO to SES. There is a lot more. https://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/2002-11-08-SI-INTERNATIONAL-INC-Amendment-No-5-Reg-No-333-87964-SEC-Edgar-Nov-08-2002.pdf

1998 Oct. 14, 1998 incorporated

1999 $33.9 million

2000 $120.6 million

2001 $146.6 million

Forget commercial entities.

Celgene Corporation

Roche Laboratories Inc.

Hewlett-Packard Company

BTW. SI Int’l formed on Oct. 14, 1998.

Two months later:


On Dec. 11, 1998, inventor Richard C. Walker filed an international patent applications WO 98/24664 titled ‘Secure Communication and Control System for Monitoring, Recording, Reporting and/or Restricting Unauthorized Use of Vehicle.’

Where will readers find out more on Richard C. Walker?

How they plan on controlling everything in your life. 



This was not quick to find (left out of most histories).

Serco GE history


Serco Group PLC first came to the US in 1993. (Bill Clinton’s first year.)

Serco in US market


Largest shareholder in Serco Group PLC

AKA: We love war!

Serco Group PLC 1



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  1. The whole benefit system in the UK is being changed and going over to Universal credit owned by Serco. Their draconian system will make thousands of people homeless – a housing benefit claim will take 39 weeks to process, and anyone with a mortgage, instead of help will be given a payment which will have to be paid back.

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