American Intelligence Media Organizes Cyber Research Teams

Let’s get organized into search teams.

Thanks to all of you who have started digging through the SES and SERCO documents. As more documents are added and more of you want to join our efforts, we have organized our efforts so we know who is doing what.


GeologistsThe geologists are experienced internet researchers who know how to locate documents, especially those that have been obscured by the enemy as they hide their evil plans and ongoing crimes deep in the digital battlefield. Like geologists in the mining industry, they analyze layers and layers of content to find the seams that yield high results of indictable evidence.

Geologists aren’t looking for day-to-day videos and articles, they are looking for solid evidence that can be added to our crimeline that can be used to indict criminals.

Download, study and share the “Crimeline” widely



MinerOnce the motherlodes have been identified by the geologists and are posted in files for patriots to review, miners begin to go through them, looking for indictable evidence. This is a big job, patriots, and we need help going through these files. For those of you who have asked “How can I help?” this would be a great place to start.


BLOCKBUSTER Folder with SES documents


Alternative site with SES documents (same contents)


SERCO Document File



smithieThe smithies hammer the material into a presentable shape. This could be in the form of articles, memes, videos, tweets, etc. Once evidence is found by the miners, it doesn’t mean it will have a nice form and luster that will appeal to readers and viewers. Like precious stones, information must be cleaned and cut in order to be presentable to the truth consumer.

Smithies are content creators that regularly contribute to the American Intelligence Media and other platforms. Our daily pages, like many aggregators, rely on the incredible job smithies offer the community.



jewelerThese are the “store fronts” that present the articles, videos, and other materials in organized web and blog pages, posts, and tweets that make it easy for readers to consume the day’s intelligence from a variety of smithies. Jewelers pay particular attention in making their platforms easy to share among a wide variety of social media platforms. They may host their own original work as smithies, but also highlight other jewels in their store.


Here is an example of how it all comes together…..

Miner Gunn reports:

I was diggin in archives for Q crumbs and found this which many Americans are aware of but what was it about the Green Hilton Agreement signed by JFK (others) that would make it the VERY FIRST THING JOHNSON DID AFTER BEING SWORN IN WAS CANCEL IT? WAS IT IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO HAVE HIM ASSASSINATED?
Thank You ALL
Going digging in the serco files now.


Hopefully Miner Gunn’s ‘find’ will help others who are working on content about the Federal Reserve, fiat currency, JFK, and its relevancy today with the people’s overthrow of the central banking system cabal. Make sure to subscribe to the site so that these finds are archived in your email box.


What have you found?

8 thoughts on “American Intelligence Media Organizes Cyber Research Teams”

  1. This is a summary of what I found looking into 5th Ave anon crumbs. I am sure there is still more to be found. The following focuses on two loci: 666 building and Malta.

    Joseph Misfud, a Maltese citizen who seems to be associated with British intelligence, claims to be an ardent Putin supporter and is the source of information given to George Papadopoulous that Russians had damning info on Hillary Clinton. Skripal was known to Christopher Steele, who created the Trump dossier, and Skripal was a Russian attaché to Malta earlier in his career. Yulia Skripal had recently been in Malta, and Cambridge Analytica was found to have been harvesting Facebook data in Malta. In addition, Maltese internet reporter, journalist Caruana Galizia, was the victim of a car bombing in 8/2017, and was investigating CA at the time.

    Skripal was a Russian spy who was turned to be a British double agent in 1995, but returned to Russia in 1996 and was convicted of espionage in 2006 in Russia. He was returned to Britain in 2010 in a spy exchange. Pepsi Diner commercial was aired in 1995, the Pepsi cheating commercial was aired in 1996 and repeated in 2006. Apparently, the Clintons visited the first Coca-cola plant opened in Russia in 1995.

    Alexander Nix of Cambridge Analytica was acquaintances with Christian Kalin, who sold Maltese passports 650,000 euros, which gives the buyer access to the EU open borders policy, who was also being investigated by Caruana Galizia.

    Kushner Properties bought 666 building in 2006, with help of Barclays Bank, and, perhaps separately, Cadre, a firm started by Jared and Joshua Kushner and significantly funded by George Soros, although Kushner Properties denies this. The precipitous fall of rents after the housing crash placed the financing for the 666 building in a precarious position. An investment bailout by al-Waleed Bin Talal was refused two days before the Saudi coup took Bin Talal out of circulation. Proposed investments by Chinese government company Anbang were prevented as were investments by the former prime minister of Qatar. When Jared Kushner went to the White House, he sold his portion of the 666 building to a family Trust, of which he and no member of his immediate family are not a beneficiary.

    Seems like a lot of the usual suspects really wanted this building.

    Kushner’s maternal uncle served more time in the tax evasion conviction involving Kushner properties than any other person, including Charles Kushner. In addition, Richard Stadtmauer was associated with Ponzi schemes of Platinum investments and also Bernard Madoff.

    While at Harvard, Kushner belonged to Chabad, an orthodox Jewish organization with ties to Russia and possibly Israeli intelligence, Mossad. Chabad has an office in the 666 building.

    One plan for the building was to raze it and replace it with a towering building designed by Zaha Hadid, known as the queen of curves for her very serpentine designs. She has projects in various stages of completion or disarray in Libya, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Qatar, China and Azerbaijan.  She died of a heart attack in 2016, ending the possibility of her design being actualized. Her design for the 666 building resembles an antenna more than her previous reptilian sinuous designs.

    Lucent Technologies was a tenant of the building. Lucent merged with Alcatel, and was subsequently bought out by Nokia, who has a significant deal to develop 5g in conjunction with China Mobile. Given that Broadcom was prevented from buying out Qualcomm, this gives the Chinese another opportunity to be involved in 5g in the West.

    Lucent technologies merged with Alcatel, a French telecommunications company. Alcatel lucent was led by Ben Verwaayen, a Dutch businessman and Bilderberg attendee, who retired from Alcatel Lucent months before incoming CEO Michael Combs negotiated a sellout to Nokia. Verwaayen, whom negotiated China Mobile’s involvement in Alcatel lucent, is now an advisor for Evercore group, an investment vehicle started by Roger Altman, ardent supporter of the Clintons and the Democratic Party. Jean Claude Juncker, EU chairman, facilitated approval of the merger. Juncker was previously forced to resign as prime minister of Luxembourg during a spying scandal by the countries aristocracy, who apparently had ties to MI6.

    Interestingly, one of Juncker’s supporters during his tenure as EU chairman, was Joseph Muscat, current prime minister of Malta. Joseph Muscat was criticized by assassinated Maltese journalist Caruana Galizia, who was also investigating CA and the sale of Maltese passports. Muscat’s wife was implicated in the holding of offshore accounts by the Panama Papers, also by Caruana Galizia. It is also thought that this reporter had found connections between Hillary Clinton and Russian oligarchs and her campaign funding mechanisms.

    Muscat is also implicated in the Pilatus bank scandal involving Iranian Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, who is accused of violating the Iranian embago. Muscat’s wife was found to have an offshore account in Dubai, and there several million dollar transfers from the Pilatus bank to Muscat’s account in Dubai. Al Sadr has been arrested by US authorities.

    Engineers working for NXP developed NFC, and of course, Qualcomm has a pending buyout of NXP. Qualcomm is the industry leader in the rollout of 5g. The current CEO of NXP, Rick Klemmers, worked for Agere, which was a spinoff of Lucent Technologies.

    Avago Technologies was formerly Agilent semiconductors, and was bought out Broadcom and who moved their headquarters to Singapore. Broadcom attempted to buy both Qualcomm and NXP in one fell swoop, which would have given them unparalleled control over 5g and NFC.

  2. Here is some more from 666 building questions, law firms and relationships. Boies Schiller is not in the building, however.

    Vinson Elkins is Houston based law firm
    * J. Evans Attwell, former V&E managing partner; Chair, Harris County Hospital District; and partial owner, Houston Astros (1978–1994)
    * Howard H. Baker Jr., former U.S. Senator; White House Chief of Staff (1987–88)
    * John B. Connally, Jr., Presidential candidate (1980); Secretary of the Treasury (1971–72); Governor of Texas (1962–69); and Secretary of the Navy (1961–62)
    * John “Buck” E. Chapoton, Sr., Assistant Secretary, U.S. Treasury Department (1981–84)
    * Carol E. Dinkins, Deputy Attorney General of Department of Justice (1984–85); Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Environment and Natural Resources Division for Department of Justice (1981–83)
    * James A. Elkins, Co-Founder, Vinson & Elkins LLP; Founder, First City Bank
    * Alberto Gonzales, U.S. Attorney General (2005–07); White House Counsel (2001–05); Texas State Supreme Court (1999–2001); State Secretary of State Texas (1997–99); General Counsel to Governor George W. Bush (1995–97)
    * James J. Hoecker, Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) (1997–2001)
    * Theodore “Ted” W. Kassinger, Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce (2004-); General Counsel, U.S. Department of Commerce (2001–04)
    * Ron Kirk, Mayor of Dallas, Texas (1995–2001); U.S. Trade Representative (2009-)
    * George Peddy, attorney with Vinson & Elkins (1925-1942); Texas politician
    * Claude Pollard, Co-Founder Vinson, Elkins, Wood and Pollard, Attorney General of Texas (1927–1929)
    * Harry Reasoner, Managing Partner (1992–2001)
    * Jeff Smisek, former chairman, president and CEO, Continental Airlines
    * Mark Tuohey, candidate for Attorney General of the District of Columbia
    * William A. Vinson, Co-Founder, Vinson & Elkins LLP
    * Max Holmes, Founder, Plainfield Asset Management LLC


    * Legal advisor to Enron
    * Rick Gates noted to be represented by VE
    * Opened Hong Kong office in 2006
    * IP lawyer John Fuisz, who went head-to-head with Theranos Inc. over trade secrets while at McDermott Will & Emery, has returned to Big Law after Vinson & Elkins absorbed his two-lawyer boutique.
    * Advises Noble Energy
    * Trump lawyer Sheri Dillion, handling business transfer to his sons, was previously a partner for Vinson & Elkins, Bingham McCutchen and McKee Nelson LLP.

    George soros
    * Investing in cryptocurrency with Rockefeller and Rothschilds
    * Attempted to break Chinese currency several years ago
    * Shorted Shenzhen stock exchange, Chinese state exchange
    * Investing in Cadre, Kushner real estate tech firm
    * Loans to build Trump Tower
    * Invested 50 million in sihuan pharmaceuticals in Hong Kong
    * Investor in Alcatel lucent, then Nokia
    * Soros china investment fund

    Boies Schiller
    * Lawsuits to amend electoral college
    * Gore vs. Bush
    * Weinstein lawyer, hired Black Cube, Israeli intelligence security organism to shame victims
    * Counseled Virginia Louise Roberts-Giuffre, against Jeffrey Epstein and companion in sexual abuse case
    * Co-suits and legal feud with Alan Dershowitz regarding the same minor
    * Lawyer Pressman closely associated with Samantha Powers and unmasking scandal
    * Defending Miles Quok
    * Defended Hrc along with Coies Perkins during 2016 election
    * Hong Kong office

    Norton Rose
    * Defending Jared Kushner in Russia investigation
    * Abbe Lowell defended Bill Clinton in impeachment hearings
    * Did have offices in Ukraine
    * Abbe Lowell defending Ivanka Trump in Russia investigation
    * Hong Kong office

  3. t seems to me the only way to get change in America is to demand more Representation in the House. The Constitution says we get 1 per 30,000. Even one per 100,000 would be something better than the current 1 per 800,000. How does a citizen get the representation we are promised in the Constitution? How can the Congress limit it? Why not put the internet to a good use and get the swamp drained and put our reps back at home? Why does no one care? What am I missing?

    1. USA, Inc. (British) Is Bankrupt in 1999. We the People of the United States of America is still exists 1879(?) & never gave up the country take over. We still hold our Constution, etal. American history teaching has been supressed. I learned a lot on Aim4 Truth.

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