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Email note to the conclave from a member:

Confirms what is known about using fast spectrum high pressure reactors. Like, ‘ink-jet printers’, the fixed cost is nothing compared to the variable costs of the cartridges for ink. Similarly, U238  or natural Uranium contains only approximately 0.711% of U-235. Reactors need this increased to about 4% for LW reactors, and weapons to about 85%. Logically, this is where the value is for companies who are in the nuclear fuels business. The shear volumes of earth and facilities needed to enrich the uranium, or to safely down-blend weapons grade uranium are extremely capital intensive, plus natural occurring uranium is scarce, and the available weapons grade for down-blending is totally dependent on ‘treaties’ to make it available. Thus, an alternative is needed, as most intellectuals have discerned who have critical thought capacity.

Let’s fast forward to Liquid salt reactor technology, using Thorium or recycled stored U-235 fuel rods. It is known that a LFTR will utilize 99% of fissile material contained in the core. The ‘undesirable’ nuclear products from fission are removed and recycled actively and continuously as part of the process. So, in terms of economies of scale, the reactor theoretically runs continuously for its lifecycle, estimated at 100 years. This means that utilization is about 95% which is extremely high compared to all other forms of energy generation plants. Solar, per capital dollar, is about 8%. Hydro about 20%. Fossil fuel plants about 25-30%. The Pima Nuclear Plant near Mesa AZ, has a utilization above 90%. Thorium plants, even with capital intensive continuous reprocessing systems attached gain even higher capital returns, when coupled with ‘carbon dioxide’ high pressure generators, where the CO2 is compressed in steps, to densities of a liquid, capture above 40% of the energy utilized, both in terms of heat and mechanical entropy of the moving parts. From a mechanical engineer’s perspective, this a dream. Add to this, that Thorium is abundant in the Earth’s crust, is a ‘waste by-product’ currently stored in barrels, from ‘rare earth mining’, it eliminates the entire low yield expensive natural and down blending cycles currently used globally for uranium reactors. Thus, the LFTR technology, is a technology disruption for the key criminal cartels who control the entire Uranium as a nuclear fuel business. It takes little critical thought, to arrive at the conclusion on why Thorium and LFTR technology has been suppressed. The economies of scale, abundance, safety, utilization, non-proliferation, modularization, co-locality, waste reprocessing, medical isotope generation as part of the actinide cleansing, combine into an irrefutable exponential leap forward for mankind.

In the discovery of how much money is sent overseas by OPIC, compared with the returns such investments would make internally, utilizing homegrown technology from Oak Ridge, paid for by taxpayer dollars, the umbrage is total. The transparent audacity and political hubris is insufferable. The pure waste and filth of the cartel’s evil control of the taxpayer is beyond meekness.



Drill Down on Urenko

The 1971 original incorporation doc also includes the Enrichment Investments Limited name “change” / hiding the BNFL real name in 2001.


1/3 UK gov’t via Enrichment Investments Limited = hides British Nuclear Fuels Limited

1/3 Dutch gov’t via Ultra-Centrifuge Nederland Limited

1/3 German utilities (2) via Uranit UK Limited (50% E.ON S.E. and 50% by RWE AG)

Governed by a TREATY OF ALMELO




Urenko 1

Urenko 2

Urenko 3



Serco Group PLC


Between Lloyds and Fidelity, they hold 12%.

Fidelity International Limited

HBOS PLC = Lloyds of London

4-18 1

4-18 2

4-18 3

4-18 4

4-18 5

4-18 6

Lucy Adams was the BBC’s Human Resources Director during one of its most turbulent periods.

Prior to working at the BBC, Lucy was Group HR Director at Serco, the government services business covering transport to nuclear facilities to schools, where she was in position during a period of extensive expansion and acquisition for the business, incorporating new employees and cultures. Prior to Serco Lucy worked for the law firm Eversheds.

Mercer Human Resource Consulting (“Mercer”)



URENCO LIMITED (UK) operates America’s only uranium enrichment facility named Louisiana Energy Services LP (LES) in Eunice, NM. It is 1/3 owned by Her Majesty’s government. Here’s the inauspicious proof (it has taken a day to find this record in London Companies House records – numerous documents, reports and resolutions that would have made it easy to see this holding are uniformly removed and marked as “unavailable” without special request and a fee). This record was so buried the censors probably missed it:

Urenko 4

On May 25, 2001, URENCO LIMITED incorporated in London UK.

Urenko 5

Urenko 6

Urenko 8

Urenko 9

Urenko 10

URENCO incorporated with three shareholders: 1 share (URANIT GMBH, German), 1 share (ULTRA-CENTRAFUGE NEDERLAND N.V., Holland), 1 share (BRITISH NUCLEAR FUELS LIMITED, UK).

However, URENCO’s Mar. 29, 2018 financial report does not disclose BRITISH NUCLEAR FUELS LIMITED, UK, but rather ENCRICHMENT INVESTMENTS LIMITED as a 1/3 shareholder.

Further investigation reveals that ENCRICHMENT INVESTMENTS LIMITED (Co. No. 4223635) is the name given to the company on Dec. 17, 2009, From its incorporation on May 25, 2001 until Dec. 17, 2009, the original name was BNFL ENRICHMENT LIMITED (Co. No. 4223635) as shown on the Companies House (London) incorporation papers below.

Further, the 2001 and the 2009 official records for Co. No. 4223635 show only one shareholder: BRITISH NUCLEAR FUELS LIMITED (PLC).

Apr. 01, 2005 is the effective date of the creation of BRITISH NUCLEAR FUELS LIMITED (PLC) because that is when its  articles of incorporation changed the name from its formation name PRECIS (2004) LIMITED to BRITISH NUCLEAR FUELS LIMITED on Apr. 01, 2005.). On Feb. 25, 2005 (5 weeks earlier), the sole holder of two shares became Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.

In other words, the British Government controls BRITISH NUCLEAR FULES LIMITED PLC and its ruse shell ENRICHMENT INVESTMENTS LIMITED which holds 1/3 of urenco limited.

Could this name change have been intended for the sole purpose of hiding the overtly “BRITISH” holding in URENCO LIMITED and the running of America’s only uranium enrichment facility?

In any event, URENCO’S 2018 financial statement that did not disclose the true holder of the ENRICHMENT INVESTMENTS LIMITED as the British government is a material non-disclosure by the auditors… evidently meant to deceive and hide the British influence over our nuclear national security.

Original name, formed in London (UK) on  May 25, 2001

Urenko 11

Original 3 shareholders of URENCO LIMITED: 1 share (URANIT GMBH, German), 1 share (ULTRA-CENTRAFUGE NEDERLAND N.V., Holland), 1 share (BRITISH NUCLEAR FUELS LIMITED, UK)

Urenko 12

On Mar. 29, 2018, URENCO LIMITED discloses British Nuclear Fuels Limited as  ENCRICHMENT INVESTMENTS LIMITED.

urenko 13

However, on May 25, 2001, ENCRICHMENT INVESTMENTS LIMITED was first incorporated in London and is nothing more than a sell, a front name for its only stockholder: BNFL ENRICHMENT LIMITED, front name for BRITISH NUCLEAR FUELS LIMITED (PLC)

urenko 14

urenko 15

Urenko 16

Nowever, on Dec. 17, 2009, filed incorporation papers that false represented its formation name as ENCRICHMENT INVESTMENTS LIMITED and not BNFL ENRICHMENT LIMITED as clearly shown in the May 25, 2001 filing above.

Urenko 17

urenko 18

On Feb. 25, 2005 (at formation), Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Trade and Industry became the sole holder of two shares of BNFL ENRICHMENT LIMITED renamed ENRICHMENT INVESTMENTS LIMITED and solely owned by the Her Majesty’s government in London.

urenko 19

On Sep. 06, 2005, Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra conducted their Kazakhstand Urasia/Uranium One junket.

urenko 20

Clearly, this was a sham filing since absolutely nothing had changed, other than this 2009 attempt to rename the company and hide the association with BNFL or British Nuclear Fuels Limited.

Could this name change have been intended for the sole purpose of hiding the name “British Nuclear Fuels Limited” from the subsequent URENCO LIMITED financial statements, as clearly shown in the latest 2018 financial report?



urenko 21


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