T. S. Ellis III: Wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Judge T.S. Ellis III holds a mountain of Facebook interests; Fenwick & West LLP compromised Van der Meer by representing both sides and tainted Leader v. Facebook; Deep State duplicity abounds

Judge EllisAmericans for Innovation outed Judge Thomas S. Ellis IIIs back in 2014. He has played this confidence trick before. He’s a James P. Chandler III rogue shadow government disciple – he has voted in favor of the EEA (Chandler’s mass surveillance creation), NSA, CIA, Deep State at almost every stage. No question.

What new scam is he playing in the Mueller Witch Hunt? Is he giving Mueller an excuse to withdraw before the ramparts fall? It appears so. We do not believe for a minute that Ellis is turning on the Deep State. He is not strong enough and has dutifully played their games for too many years.

Is Ellis trying to appease the gods for his Deep State surveillance government complicity in his senior years?

AFI. (Jun. 13, 2014). Rembrandt v. Facebook Patent Trial On Like Button Begins – Another Kangaroo Court? Americans for Innovation.


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Our guess is he is not to be trusted. Look at his Blackrock holdings. He knows who butters his bread.


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    1. I was high fiveing all my fellow Trump supporters and then I haD to come here and get the REAL Devastating news AIM delivers, I was following Q but was not drinking the Q-koolaid. I was hoping this judge was real but my bring naive nature over took my emotions.

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