227 Million Americans GONE by 2025!

AIM4Truth Kyle sent us this question:

Where is the link/website for the devices for combating 5G. I’ve been telling everyone about AIM and the 5G, would like to share the solutions! Also, how can you short circuit NanoTech in the sky and when it goes into your body? I have an idea/invention that is most likely being suppressed by the Patent Office already.

Maybe the conclave can develop this; Air Purification System/Shield that filters out heavy metals and EMP’s nanotech that comes through you A/C unit in your car or house. Thank you all for what you are doing each day!


Our reply: Here’s the link, Kyle. How to Antidote EMFs and 5G. Now that you know how corrupt the Serco-run U. S. Patent Office is, is it any surprise to find out that they would not want your invention to be released to a population that they are getting ready to microwave and mass murder with their 5G weaponry?

Of course, they will be safely sheltered in their lead lined underground bunkers until the Chinese and UN armies clean up the bodies, using the thousands of FEMA coffins we have seen on the internet. Will you be one of the 5G casualties?

We have all scratched our heads at the Deagel stats. How could the population decline so rapidly in the U.S. when no other nation’s population declines so drastically? Looks like a targeted kill to us. Looks like Americans are the target.

The chart below was from an older chart that we used to post. It indicates a projected population reduction of 270 MILLION people. In the newest chart, which we just now grabbed for you off of Deagel, CLICK HERE the total population in 2025 was adjusted.

The new reduction of U.S. population is 227 million people.

227 Million Americans GONE by 2025!

Deagel stats


storm troopers.jpg

darpa-atlas… all the while Doctor Evil Eric Schmidt hides out in China. Is he at the controls of 5G, while manufacturing Atlas Robots aka RobotStormTroopers? WIll these robot troops be used to take out those of us who didn’t succumb to the 5G microwaving?

And that’s how you use modern technology to target a specific population who threaten the New World Order and are no longer needed on prison planet.



The Elite Are Running To Underground Bunkers!

They won’t need to stay in their bunkers for long…just long enough for the great kill and body removal clean-up. Then out they will come into their new America, free from us pesky Patriots. That’s THEIR plan. What’s ours?


2017 Convoy Trains Transporting UN Military Tanks


5G Microwaves ; There is No safe Place, No Where To Go


DEAGEL 2025 US Population Forecast



It is no longer a secret that New World Order globalists are proponents of eugenics and world depopulation, as was Woodrow Wilson, Adolf Hitler and as are Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood. Indeed, government data aggregator Deagel.com, Agenda 21 and Ted Turner’s Georgia Guidestones predict higher than 70% population reduction by 2025-30. It appears that Serco is being paid billions of dollars a year to get ready and make it happen.

8 thoughts on “227 Million Americans GONE by 2025!”

  1. About DEAGEL.com
    You might find by reading the headlines there a whole new perspective on how they plan on depopulation. It’s unbelievable the weapons of war be purchased.
    Complete insanity rules this world.
    They did it before and they will do it again unless we stop them.

  2. I say this to u inbred global fucks who serve the defeated foe Lucifer ! Bring that shit and quit singing that shit because we the people are ready willing and able so quit running your dick suckers.

  3. what is our plan its this kill or be killed if those mf want to die for their cause so be it but i bet u this you inbred fucks i will take 20 or more u fucks with me I’m ready to get away from the narcissistic psychopaths anyway sharing a planet like this with them i would rather eat shit so i say this my God Ya is the real deal and all those mf will have to face him and there is not a way around his ass so i say this to all u dumb asses u better start eating off the right fucking table because eternity is a long time

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