Julian Assange: Political Prisoner of Queen Elizabeth

Sometimes it takes a while for articles of interest to percolate up to the surface of independent media. Notice the timing of these articles below and decide for yourself if the headline could be true.

March 20, 2018

SCL – a Very British Coup

Two days later, we have a tweet from Julian pointing to the article.

Julian Assange March 22

March 28, 2018

Ecuador cuts off Julian Assange’s internet access at London embassy

Separately and apart from the Bella Caledonia article, our research uncovered the same conclusions – the Queen is running a spy operation from Windsor Castle. She is an enemy of the United States and many countries where she, Geoffrey Pattie, the Privy Council, and her extensive spy, propaganda, and election rigging network terrorizes not only the British people, but countries around the world.


Our blockbuster report is coming out soon. We have been leaving ‘nuggets of interest’ from our research for our readers over the last few weeks. The final report will show the indictable evidence from Washington to London in this epic international espionage ring of all time – lead by Her Majesty the Queen. People of the world need to get this info into the hands of patriots in your country so that we can take down her evil rule of the planet.

Is Julian Assange being held as a political prisoner of the Crown?

Below are recent articles that we have posted about the Queen’s spy network. In our research, we found the March 20, 2018 article from Bella Caledonia. Great to see others headed in the same direction… and all roads leading to Lizzie. Once our final report is out, we will add recent reports to the list below.

Queen spygate

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Privy Council Interfered with the US 2016 Presidential Election


EXPOSED: All the Queen’s Agents and Corporations that Control the World


International Espionage, Spygate, and All the Queen’s Men


The British Crown Runs the U.S. Legal System


Cutting the Gordian Knot of All Time



7 thoughts on “Julian Assange: Political Prisoner of Queen Elizabeth”

  1. Thank God for the information highway that showed u just before the Queen could depopulate 3.5billion people.

  2. Australia was fucked by the CIA in 1975 over pine gap the privey counsel has another name in the north of England (pedophile counsel) people are sick of the royals and the corrupt government red or blue. The only way to find changes is a good revolution like France afew year’s ago OFF WITH THERE HEADS Greg

  3. Ok, article of Bella Caledonia comes-out on March 20th:


    JA tweets about it two days later.

    Yet remember how March 28th, white hats launched the attack against Q and his 3 boards and how he lost the ability to post?

    Then Q told us “You failed”. Remember then how Assange loses his Internet the same day as they think the attack and wake-up info was coming from Assange?

    We did not do the attack on the Q sites, but we exposed Q and supported AIM, pointing to AIM exposing Jeff SESsions and fake Q. AIM then comes to support and defend us.

    So please remember how Assange lost his Internet the very day that the prophecy referred to – the day we attacked Q, he attacked us and said “You failed” and in turn, Q was forced to change his trip code and wait for 5 hours to post. Assange lost his Internet at that moment, immediately after this. Please remember this. Betsy had suspected this at the time, that Assange might had lost his internet as a result. Now we would like to remind you of this event.

    Please note: (Your video was posted on the JA channel here as well):

    Julian Assange – Rescue & Trump will pardon him and bring him to the USA very soon???


    Note: (The clowns cut-off our vpn just as we were getting ready to post this, so we had to come back with a different VPN to post this).

    Thank you.

    AIM4Truth Anonymous.


  4. Note also how recently Wikileaks confirms that Q is most likely a pied piper:

    Wikileaks confirms this is legit by re-tweeting it:

    “I referred to #QAnon today as a ‘Pied Piper’ operation. What I meant by this, is that the operation exists to round up people that are otherwise dangerous to the Deep State (because they are genuinely opposed to it) usurp time & attention, & trick them into serving its aims.”

    See the link for full details:


    Wikileaks re-tweeted.

    This analysis, unfortunately, increasingly appears that it may be correct:


    This means that they also noticed that Assange Internet was removed from him the same day White Hats and we expose fake Q.

    This explains the entire sequence of events!

    Note: This is further evidence that fake Q is a black hats rogue Intel operation. They attack Assange because others attacked Q. thinking the attack was coming from him. Proves Q larp.

    Thank you.

    AIM4Truth Anonymous.

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