The Pedophile Papacy Exposed

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Whore of Babylon Revealed: The Dark Secrets of the Vatican Exposed


The Pedophile Pope


Abuse victim to pope: Will you probe cover-up?

“Are you as the Holy Father, and leader of the Vatican and worldwide church,” he asked, “going to have an investigation into all the cover-up and corruption?”

Amid tears, Damian told Britain’s Channel 4 News “there are thousands and thousands and thousands of people like me” who want to ask the pope that question, “and they want action.”

Damian said Francis, on a pastoral visit to Ireland Saturday and Sunday, replied that he was determined to root out what he described as “corruption and filth.”

On Sunday, however, Francis declined to comment on a claim issued Saturday by a former Vatican ambassador to the United States that the pope ignored sexual abuse allegations against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington, D.C., who was forced to resign last month.


Investigator Catches Paedophiles by Looking at the Marks on Their Hands (Video)

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    The Crowned Heads of Europe, top businessmen and government employees, priests, ministers, policemen, military leaders, entertainment stars, the roots of pedophilia run deep in the societies of the planet, designed through blackmail, deceit, and bribery to keep it that way. Even death to whistleblowers, to journalists who get too close to the secrets that have kept the elite in power over the rest of the people for centuries. Now, it’s time for that practice to be exposed for the evil it is…

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