5G Can End Humanity as We Know it

5G can end humanity as we know it


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One of our AIM4truth readers (Charles P.) sent us this explanation of 5G. We thought it was post-worthy and wanted to share with everyone.

I was listening to your broadcast explaining the new 5G. The length of the waves is the subject of this document:

CORRECTION: You stated Milli waves being worse than the present; proper would be smaller than Microwaves; i.e.; Nano waves.

decimal line

Typical components rated and measured like this are Capacitors- uFarads; Inductors- uHenry’s etc.

This decimal line reveals how short the wave is: a scope display of the analogue frequency will show the (sign wave; ~) around the zero-horizontal cross-over with 50% above the line and 50% below the line, over time.

As shown; the new 5G waves are Nano? and may possibly be Pico? waves. I am not sure what the frequency is. 4G is 2.4 Giga Hertz (2.4GHz) I know we use also 5GHz routers, but I am not sure if this is still 4G? So, if we think about frequencies and their “names”:

Kilohertz (KHz) – Voice from 0-20KHz

Megahertz (MHz) – radio and older analogue TV as well as earlier computers and even some Radar

Gigahertz (GHz) – Radar, Doppler Radar, SAT Communications, modern Digital TV and computers

Nanohertz (NHz) – Who knows? It would be useful in Hospital X-Ray type of equipment’s and MRI’s to replace radio-active stuff; BUT….

Where do we go from here?

Comment Cont.: The higher the frequency, the shorter the distance required to travel one full wave-length. If you are familiar with the tool dial-caliper; it is usually 6” long and is used to measure the inside and outside dimensions of small objects with a resolution of one one-thousandths. So, you can see in your minds eye how short these waves are!

  • I agree, just based upon common sense; that waves in the order of nano-waves would be detrimental to the human body because the bodies cellular structure. Each cell is as large or much larger than the nano-wave! Therefore, the stronger the signal or the increased length of exposure time they will be damaging and separating the cellular bonds!
  • The higher the frequency; the more power must be used to propagate the signal! Worse, the more towers it will take to obtain and use the signal!
  • Yes; it will be faster to communicate digitally because our technology switches state on the upside AND on the down-side of each cycle. So, increasing the frequencies will give us technology that will have fluid video and natural communication by voice + video will be much nicer to view with more detail. But is using technology like this worth “cooking” us to accomplish this? I think NOT! 5G WILL BE LIFE-THREATENING. I believe THAT is what “They” want! To control the world’s population to less than 500 million; BILLIONS MUST DIE!

They tried; Fluoride in the water – everyone drinks water, Chem trails everyone breathes, gasses of all sorts, man-made virus epidemics, GMO; etc. So now, why not use nano-waves to just simply kill us!



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