The Story Behind Donald Trump and America First

By AIM4Truth Condor

I was listening to the recent interviews and at the 15 minute mark of Alibaba and the Globalist Thieves, there was the discussion of the Clintons from the 1990s coupled with murder by Chinese tyrants.  That triggered a memory.

I began searching my archives concerning a group of U.S. military patriots who had discovered the Clinton’s treason with China back in 1995.

As noted in your video interview, the Clintons had indeed been selling American technology to the Chinese.  These American military officers, who had discovered the treason, intended to seek impeachment with their evidence.  They were all murdered as they attempted to escape Washington D.C. and fly back to their own military base in Texas.  If you have heard the story before, you can stop here.

If not…here is the rest of the story.


In February, 2017, I was listening to a Dr. Jim Willie interview (link is now broken:, ). In the opening four minutes Dr. Willie shocked me with claims that on April 17th, 1995, President Clinton took out an American military coup intending to impeach him for treason due to the sale of military secrets to China. Dr. Willie indicated President Clinton, was also mixed up with a Fannie Mae fraud involving fraudulent bonds approaching one trillion dollars (link is now broken: Both issues were cornering the President in April of 1995. If this were true, and evidence was available, how could he get himself out of impeachment and prison? Would he ever be able to run for a second term in office?

It was time for me to see if Dr. Willie was off his rocker, or if, with Trump as President, he believed he could disclose facts which should rock the world. I jumped onto the internet to see if there was any evidence to support these incredible claims. Here is what I found. I have included six attachments with links.  They appear to support Dr. Willie’s claims.

Support for Claims:

These attachments detail all aspects of the sabotage of the military plane with the loss of all passengers which I dug up. The military plane, with generals and other top military brass, flew out of Washington D.C., to return to Texas to strategize how they would disclose these revelations to the American public and pursue impeachment proceeding through Congress, conviction and ultimately have the Clintons sent to prison.

Once in the air, the Constitutional patriots, on a historically reliable Air Force C-21 Learjet, realized they were losing control of the plane. They made an emergency change for a military airport in Alabama. The jet crashed into a wooded area near Alexander City, Alabama, at about 6:30 p.m.

One eyewitness to the plane explosions reported what he saw: Jimmy Keel, who saw the plane coming down, said he could see the pilot was struggling. The plane flew just above the tree line. “It was coming in a straight line for my store, said Mr. Keel, who runs a bait and tackle shop. “I could see the pilot fighting the plane. He was in trouble. He fought it up, it went left, then right, then it exploded.”

Miranda Wyckoff, who lives nearby, told The Alexander City Outlook, “It sounded like an earthquake when it came over our house.” She said she heard three explosions, including one as the jet plunged to the ground. (again attachment 5)

This particular C-21 had been in the Air Force inventory since only 1984 with a good safe history. There were 80 aircraft in the fleet. The only other Air Force C-21 crash was recorded back in January 1987.

Among those killed were: Clark G. Fiester, (attachment 4) Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for acquisitions; Air Force Major General Glenn A. Profitt II (attachment 4); Major Hubert B. Fisher (attachment 4) who researched sensitive information technologies. Families of the victims of the airplane explosion were not permitted to retrieve any belongings nor be given any details of what happened. A heavily-censored story was given to the Main Stream Media (MSM) to distribute. Such as, “High Air Force official mourned after jet crash

How was America distracted from the sabotaged military airplane crash.

No one paid any attention to this story because, two days later, on the early morning of April 19, 1995, the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was blown up killing 168 additional men, women and children. It was never made public that documents proving President Clinton’s involvement in the Fannie Mae bond fraud were destroyed in the Murrah Federal Building as noted in Dr. Willie’s interview.

With the aid of the Corporate controlled Main Stream Media (MSM), President Clinton would win a second term in office. Hundreds of military officers, dedicated to the Constitution, would be fired from the military under Clinton, President Bush and President Obama cabal over the ensuing twenty years.

I learned from Dr. Willie other military patriots did not give up hope for America. Behind the scenes they worked to break the hold of international elites on the Presidency. They worked under America First. This story possibly explains why Trump had come to power under the slogan, he repeated several times in his inaugural speech, America First!

What a remarkable time to be alive!

Last Military Statement Concerning President Clintons’ Treason Against U.S. Before Plane Crash

On April 17th 1995 a Learjet crashed – On board were generals and admirals getting ready to arrest Bill Clinton for treason

President Clinton – assassination of military – the military plane which crashed

President Clinton – assassination of military – MAJOR GENERAL GLENN A. PROFITT II

President Clinton execute military impeachers – All eight aboard Air Force jet die in crash landing attempt

Shock-Man Who Helped Funnel Chinese Money To Clinton Made ‘insurance Policy_ Video Fearing Assassination

The Story Behind Trump’s Slogan

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  1. Hi, guys.

    I think I get that window on Firefox (which I don’t use much) anytime I need to open an attachment, regardless of what it is. So I think that window is routine, not a reflection of censorship. All the attachments opened immediately in Safari. In researching that flight, I came upon this: Reading it gives the impression that there was some gradual–not sudden, as in sabotage–deterioration in the the aircraft parts involved, as well as very human choices involved with the decision to fly it for that flight in spite of apparent problems. The whole report–easily available online–indicates something other than the sabotage Condor/Jim Willie indicate. So…I’m skeptical…at least so far… 🙂 (Skepticism gives rise to a lack of confidence in the source. 🙂 )



    1. Right. And the 3 explosions heard by folks on the ground while the plane was coming in were “bad judgements” by the pilot, too.

      And the pilot would pick a “junk” plane to haul big brass around, AND be suicidal, too.

      And, not being a child, we know that CYA reports, like about “wore out” stuff, “appear” after “accidents”.

      Expand your thinking.

  2. I think you are wrong about wndows microsoft … Normally i get asked “which program i want to use to open file” …. Which i will use various programs depending on type of file downloading. But with these particular files .. i am only give 1 choice .. “microsoft office suite” .. to me that IS VERY ODD .. suspicious even. Being that ALL Microsoft products HAVE TO BE REGISTERED , ACTIVATED & AUTHENTICATED in order for them to work .. that being said .. MICROSOFT WANTS TO TRACK EVERY SINGLE PERSON INTERESTED IN PARTICULAR DOCUMENTED FILES BEING LOOKED INTO … DOCUMENTS & FILES SUCH AS THESE

  3. Never really believed in an Antichrist, however seeing all these accusations/claims I may have to rethink my beliefs. Incredible all these deaths around this woman.

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