Time to Hit the Streets: Demand Hillary’s Arrest and Full Funding for the Wall

The time has come. Here is our grassroots action plan and some memes to get the conversation going in your circle of influence. Patriots keep asking the American Intelligence Media to organize something..so here is our attempt.

Let’s use the next few months to build momentum at a local level. Wear the safety vest color of your choice. The French had yellow vests in their cars, as mandated by government overreach, and were handy to use at the first protests. American hunters (i.e. patriots with guns) prefer orange vests. Either color works.

We want to start at a local and/or state level. Let’s get protests going all around the country and build our momentum before heading to the national capitol. All countries are invited to participate in this WILDFIRE GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT.

The list of demands are extensive –  from arresting Hillary Clinton and George Soros to stopping all U. S. funding of the UN, OPIC, USAID, NATO. We want fair elections with paper ballots and a bi-partisan chain of command. We want the DOJ to start prosecuting major swamp creatures – like Hillary and Bill Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Valerie Jarrett, Christopher Steele, Stefan Halper, John and Tony Podesta, the Bushes.

We want the Senior Executive Service shut down and SERCO prohibited from all government contracts.

We want military tribunals to be held for traitors like Robert Mueller. We want the perpetrators of 911 and its subsequent wars (Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush, and the neocons) to be held for crimes against Americans and humanity.

We want the PATRIOT ACT to be immediately terminated.

We are fed up with the globalists and their puppets, banksters and monarchs, popes and alien invaders. These people have had over 2000 years to run the planet. Their results? A planet full of criminal enterprises, human trafficking, pedophilia, dark money, and satanic cultures.

You’re fired!

Now it’s the people’s turn.

patriots prefer orange.

Two men hunting in the swamp


orange vest defend America


Let’s support our European brothers and sisters. The people of the world are sick and tired of criminals running the planet. In the beginning, there may only be a few of us, but keep the momentum going by making the weekly Saturday event fun and informative. Eventually, the b.s. media will have to report on our growing movement, especially as we gain traction over the next few months.

decentralizationBy the spring, we will be strong and well organized. It will be our PATRIOT SPRING to usher in peace and prosperity of many, separate, distinct, and beautiful sovereign nations of the Earth.

Send us your photos and videos from your events so that we can share our progress.


Orange and yellow vest movement


Decentralization and Freedom Understand what our movement is about and what we oppose. We want decentralization of everything. We oppose a ONE WORLD ORDER and support a planet of free, independent, and peaceful NATION STATES. In America, we demand the dismantling of Washington D.C. with a return to states rights.

We demand the end of the FEDERAL RESERVE. The banksters can default on their debt as it is owed by the rich, elite, globalists to themselves. The people of the world REJECT odious debt, and this time when the markets collapse, the people will be bailing out themselves, not the politicians and banksters.


These vests are “all occasion” so you don’t have to limit this fashion accessory to Saturday afternoons. Enjoy wearing them any time, any day. Many are one size fits all!

orange vests for Americans
Paint America ORANGE until the globalists are ousted off the planet!  https://tinyurl.com/y9d5xnlk


17 thoughts on “Time to Hit the Streets: Demand Hillary’s Arrest and Full Funding for the Wall”

    1. KAREN, I’m with you on this one, fully fund the Wall, ARREST Hillary Clinton & Bill Clinton and Hillary’s evil spawn, Chelsea, the fraudulent recipient of monies meant to go to the starving During of Haiti who go without parable water without medicine and Hillary who spends $15 million of the money donated for them and her daughter’s wedding and she throws her another 15 million to cushion her savings account! Lock them all up, CO-conspirators in defrauding donators to their Canadian, hard to audit Phony Foundation, but just another Clinton foundation scam spearheaded by Hillary herself along with her paid to play promises that she told people she was guaranteed to be the next president did she stick it in their ass or what? Sold yellow cake 20% of our nuclear arsenal materials to Russia and she calls Donald Trump the Russian collusion or she even use that hypocrite dog face Mueller to carry out her dirty Aaron boy work up going there and meeting with the Russians he was her ERRAND BOY, Mueller who’s should’ve recused himself instead of spent millions and millions of taxpayer dollars and his witchhunt against Hillary‘s arch enemy president Donald J Trump who she despises, and who Mueller licks Hillary’s slippers for another “at-a-BOY” & this ex-lover of NASTY NANCY PELOSI, has the audacity to find any thread of evidence to try to Impeach OUR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUmp, Lock Mueller & his tight Buddy Comey Up! Never saw more criminal behavior in my life! J- Edgar Hoover is rolling over in his grave at what COMEY & Mueller have done to damage the great name associated with the FBI & it’s stellar reputation!!

  1. ……. yes, this is a great plan; I will tell everyone I know about it; solidarity within the anti-globalist movement; and we can continue to try and wake more people to the criminality and abuses of power, …….

  2. A great plan, can some one please make up decks of cards like those used during Desert Storm with the bad guys likeness on them. Cards would be a good pass time and stories told amongst the players concerning the crimes of those featured on the new ‘Treason Club Cards’. .

  3. Dress for Success:
    Do you think the Judiciary Committee entrusted to uphold the U.S. Constitution would allow Alex Jones the freedom to wear an orange vest in this hallowed (or hollowed) hall? (Mr. Jones makes an appearance near the beginning of the YouTube Vid)


    GooTubers are commenting on GooTube and lowering their Dragonfly affinity program scores.

    I would imagine DeepMind is keeping scores (for future settling?)

  4. I’m ready to help get this moving in Ohio! Maybe we can get Mr. McKibben to help get the word out, too. The State House in Columbus is a great place to start for many reasons! Especially while Kasich is still there. I’ve got my vest ready to go!

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfbTbPEEJxI&feature=youtu.be&t=7675



    Me thinks staged hearings of Congresspersons (who are all Google customers) lobby softballs playing to the C-SPAN (YouTube) cameras is not in any Americans interest.

    And tell me how we are not already here as your face is scanned without your consent wherever you go:

    And just how isn’t the Googleplex built of Spam and Smut and Identify Theft?

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