Insider Points to Vatican Operatives in Trump Overthrow Attempt

Betsy and Thomas of the American Intelligence Media review an email from a source claiming to be a Vatican insider who explains how Robert Mueller, Joseph Mifsud, and Stephan Roh are all Knights of Malta agents working to overthrow Donald J. Trump. Yes, we are telling you that globalist factions world-wide have been trying to take out the President of the United States.

note from the bossIn this audio we explain how the British, Vatican, and Russians are all connected in an international crime of all time.

This story is TOO BIG for the movies.  

As the ‘Boss’ reminds us, look at what is REAL. Turn away from fake news. Look at the REAL in reality.

Insider Points Trump Coup d’etat to Vatican Operatives


Dear Betsy and Thomas,

We have been following your work since the original Anonymous Patriot articles on Before Its News and have been pleased by the depth of your research and the bold reports you have written.

Your recent “leak” from the Mueller team has spurred us on to offer you another piece to the puzzle. Some of what we have to tell you must be in a code of sorts because we work for members of the Knights of Malta and, as you know, they are the most powerful secret insider group on the planet and they do not hesitate to eliminate enemies, especially from within their own ranks. Also, as you have revealed in your intelligence reports, the Knights of Malta are controlled by the Pope and the Queen of England takes a vow of fealty to the Head of the Knights of Malta who takes a vow to the Pope.

It is commonly known that the most powerful people in the world are members of the Knights of Malta. But what people don’t know is that the Knights of Malta have their own intelligence agency, separate from the Jesuits, comprised of secular agents who are usually rogue intelligence agency operatives from many countries. These agents are not full members of the KoM but take their orders directly from the Vatican. Under the guise of a charity the Knights of Malta commit the most heinous crimes imaginable.

I am sure none of this so far is big news to you. But the following should be.

Joseph Mifsud is a KoM agent

Robert Mueller is a KoM agent

Stephan Roh is a KoM agent

Link Campus University in Rome is a rogue intelligence training facility for the Vatican and Italian intelligence. They train and place agents and lawyers throughout countries around the world. Acting as “students” of international law and counter-terrorism, EN and Link Campass University students are a network of Vatican controlled spies working under the guise of helpful lawyers and law students.

Mueller has two of these spies on his special council:

Arvinder Sambei, Senior British Crown Prosecutor (former British counsel working with Mueller on 911 cases) and member of the London Center for International Law Practice and the Global Center on Cooperative Security – both organizations that Mifsud and Roh work through.


Zainab Ahmad, former US Federal Prosecutor for the Eastern District of New York, and member of the Global Center on Cooperative Security. Ahmad was one of the first people, along with Andrew Weissman (another Mueller special counsel member) to see the Christopher Steele Fake Dossier of Trump/Russian collusion.

The real Russian spies were Stephan Roh, his wife, Ivan Tinofeev, and the many others Aim4Truth have pointed out, Sater, Millian, Derispaska, Halper and the rest of British intelligence including Hannigan, Dearlove, Wood, Downer, etc.

Joseph Mifsud was a Vatican spy running the latest intelligence training facility out of Rome through the direction of the Knights of Malta at the Link Campass University – owned by Stepan Roh.

It is highly likely that Joseph is dead. Killed by one of the many factions he tried to balance but got out of hand. His Vatican “immunity” was stretched too far and he had compromise the Knights of Malta with his attempted “frame up” of George Papadopoulous.

Thomas has been very close to saying these things but we thought he something more substantive to confirm this information from a direct source.

As a Roman Catholic priest working for the Knights of Malta, I can tell you frankly that the Papal See wants Donald Trump taken out of office. His ideas are destroying the economic backbone of Vatican – refugees and open borders. The desperation these powerful people feel is unprecedented and they simple want Trump gone and will stop at nothing. That is why Mifsud and others made so made gross errors of judgment throughout these botched operations.

Thank you for all you are doing to bring hope in these apocalyptic times. Don’t ever stop bringing the truth to light – you and your teams do a great job. Just thought we would do what you say all the time – “be a white-hat and whistle-blow.” That is what we are doing. Hope it helps the research.

Together in the work,

Vatican insider




6 thoughts on “Insider Points to Vatican Operatives in Trump Overthrow Attempt”

  1. California is run By Gambino mafia which makes sense that N Pelosie a lifetime mafia politician is the Queen. On our Tax dollar!!!!
    Not run by Jews. but the US supports Jew Isreal.

    Like @CaptDax said, Swamp is Ocean!!!! How is anyone to clean America, no matter who is the President??? America is very important country why these want Trump removed. Tump knows everything with us (Q)
    Betsy & Thomas, Thank you for your hard truth work for the American Patriots.
    You have kept me sane…& giving hope. We are living in a very scary times. Many of us are wake in the wake of Trump’s Presidency.

    1. Keep the faith, patriot. Your president knows everything … plus more. We are fighting a war and he is the supreme commander. He will strike hard after we citizens give him the power boost of an all-red win.

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