Clinton’s Secret Back Channel to India and Pakistan


U.S. State Department FOIA PART I. (Feb. 01, 2019). Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State, Case No. F-2016-07895, Doc. No. C06162980, Date: 09/26/2018, emails Oct 18 00687-1, 376 pgs. Judicial Watch. [Fully indexed and searchable]

A first revelation from our review is that as early at Sep. 16, 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using Lanny J. Davis as a secret back channel to India and Pakistan. Davis is Michael Cohen’s current lawyer. The task was so secret that the DOS CLASSIFIED it before this Judicial Watch release. Tellingly, just 14 days later on Sep. 30, 2010 Hillary secretly paid $250,000 and hired Facebook’s Russian manager Dmitri Shevelenko for a second tranche to create a “template for election winning.” Shevelenko’s own Linked In page says he moved to India to write the program. Apparently, Lanny J. Davis and the Department of State itself was being used to rig American elections by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This Facebook contract occurred just two months after the Leader v. Facebook trial which was going to appeal at the time. Such tampering with witnesses in an active litigation is obstruction of justice by Hillary Clinton herself, not even counting treasonous election meddling.

Indra Nooyi has a globalist NWO resume: Pepsi, Boston Consulting Group, Booz Allen Hamilton, Motorola, ABB, Yale

NEW JUDICIAL WATCH Mar. 22, 2019 FOIA TRANCHE: Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny J. Davis was a CLASSIFIED Hillary Clinton secret back channel to India, Pakistan and the Middle East using Pepsi’s Indian-American CEO Indra Nooyi as early as Sep. 16, 2010.

State Department CLASSIFIED a Hillary Email to LANNY J. DAVIS, Michael Cohen’s attorney!


U.S. State Department FOIA PART I. (Feb. 01, 2019). Judicial Watch v. U.S. Departmentof State, Case No. F-2016-07895, Doc. No. C06162980, Date: 09/26/2018, emails Oct 18 00687-1, pp. 293-297. Judicial Watch.


lani davis email

This was just 14 days before Hillary secretly contracted with Facebook to build a “template for winning elections”… in India using Facebook’s Russian programmer/manager Dmitri Shevelenko


hillary template for winning

Proof Peter Strzok mislead (lied) to Congress about when Hillary Clinton set up her private email server.

Strzok’s testimony:

peter strzok afiPeter Strzok big fat FBI lie about the reason for the set up of the private email server. The FBI knew years before they released tranches of Hillary’s emails starting in Sep. 2016. Tellingly, he volunteered this explanation even though he wasn’t asked about WHEN.

Peter Strzok. (Jun. 27, 2018). Peter Strzok TRANSCRIPTION of Interview with Peter Strzok released by Rep. Doug Collins (GA 9th), Committee on the Judiciary, pgs. 312. U.S. House of Representatives.

strzok testimony

FACT (which he should know as a top FBI officer)(we in the alternative media have known this ever since DATE):

jan 2009 clinton

clinton interview

who is clinton email


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