Has Ruth Ginsberg Been Replaced with a Crisis Actress?

Everything points to the likelihood that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been replaced with a double

This is so outrageous that Supreme Court justices are permitting this hoax to go on. The position of a Supreme Court justice is not a “franchise” where the human is interchangeable with another human.

After you see the evidence that paulmuaddib61 has compiled, we must demand proof of life of Ruth and if a “Ruth” is presented to us, we must insist that she be examined medically to determine if she is the actual Ruth Ginsberg (DNA, blood tests, whatever) and whether she is mentally fit to perform her duties.

Aren’t you getting tired of this BS? If we find that the justices are in on this hoax, we will hold them all responsible. They will then need to be tried for treason. We the People put them on notice. Keep an eye out for any and all suspicious activities at the Supreme Court.ruth poster.JPG

Read full tweet thread here. See photoshopped images of Ruth.

We are talking about full blown treason if any of the current Supreme Court justices are hiding Ruth’s death or incapacitation by putting in a crisis actress to play her role on the Supreme Court.


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