Trump advocates 5G nightmare on humanity



5g death

Donald Trump,  Ivanka, and Ajit Pai are advocating the hardware installation of 5G throughout the United States. The faster, the better. Who is advising them on this HORRIBLE action? Don’t they know the lethal effects of 5G on humans?

Trump advocates 5G nightmare on humanity


Evil Spirits in the Swamp. They Go Forth. 5G

Get Involved. Citizens must educate Donald Trump on the dangers of 5G. Are Ajit Pai and Ivanka clueless or conniving? Why is it that Mar-a-Lago (Palm Beach) does not permit 5g towers? Or how about Rome, Brussels, CityofLondon. What do the rich elites and globalists know that they aren’t willing to share with the regular folks?

Has POTUS heard from you and your family?

Contact the White House


5g banner from SOTN

Wetware soft kill
The Queen’s SERCO is killing us with chemtrails and 5G – it’s the extermination cocktail for all humanity.


We are really at a pivotal moment of the American Republic. Either We the People terminate 5G … or 5G will terminate US.  Source


Are the Deagel population predictions making sense? It will be a quiet death for humanity as the elites and globalists take us out. We wonder how many times in human civilization they have done this to an unsuspecting population. Dumb us down, then wipe us out. Then change the history books and suppress the science so that the sheeple will never know what happened to their ancestors.

Many will die prematurely of cancer and other health ailments. You may already be experiencing health problems from increased EMFs. The full 5G infrastructure hasn’t even been rolled out yet, not to mention “turned on.” We will only have ourselves to blame if we do not wake up fellow citizens and sound the alarms.

But the real devastation to the future of the human being will be the zapping of the eggs and sperm in our children, deep inside their forming bodies, so that they will not be able to reproduce.

Just like what happened to the Pottenger cats in the study where cats were withheld enzymes in their diets. By the fourth generation, they could not reproduce.  (Hint: That is why your food is being zapped with radiation before hitting your grocery shelves. They say it is for longer shelf life, but the irradiation kills the enzymes and then you have a difficult time digesting your food…which leads to chronic health conditions.)

We are literally building our own 5G extermination ovens.

And, so sad to say–so very sad to say, our beloved President Trump, his daughter, and the FCC Chair Ajit Pai are cheering us on to the 5G holocaust trains.

deagel map.JPG.

Trump Considers a Lesson for CA

This is the paper that Nancy references in the video above: 15G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them

5g emf facts.JPG
Read full report and video here


These are the Big Telcom companies to boycott for rolling out the exceedingly dangerous 5G.


POTUS tweets that he will never forget this awful tragedy (tweet below), yet he is supporting the full scale rollout of 5G which could have horrific life and death consequences for millions of Americans. Clearly, we are not doing a good job educating him and our elected representatives. Take time today to send the White House and your congresspeople your concerns.

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