Surround New York Times Building with Ultra Powered 5G Installations

By AIM Patriot Chris Neglia

The New York Times published a 5G promotional organic advertisement editorial for the telecommunications industry that doubled as a hit piece smear on those questioning the health impacts of 5G–effectively shaming them as conspiracy theorists. In so doing, the NYT effectively denies the proven health and biological injury ramifications of 5G microwave or milliwave emf technology published by science journals. This is propaganda that intends to cause harm to their readers and is wildly irresponsible and criminally negligent.

New York Times Denies Health Impacts of 5G Cellphone Technology

So I propose that they offer themselves and their own employees in a field trial to prove once and for all whether or not the brain cancer clusters are being caused by 5G by installing ultrapowered 5G towers surrounding their building and having the EMF radiation saturate their workspace 24 x 7 for a period of 2 years and then measure the delta of health issues reported by their employees before, one year in and 2 yrs in.

If the New York Times really believes 5G is safe enough to roll out, and that the health concerns are truly “Russian Propaganda” then they should be willing to put their health where their publishing is, and run the test.

This petition will be to petition consent of the NYT to give this project a greenlight, and then another petition will be for the city NYT is located to give a utility easement for the installation and then finally we will crowdsource to install commercial 5G antennas, and our preference would be Ubiquiti to start, though any would be qualified and the lowest bidder meeting requirements would be chosen.


Disclaimer: This is a real petition, not satire. The opinions above are, for the purposes of legal protection, satire and for entertainment purposes only. It is not meant to bully or harass any person, group, business, or government. It is not meant to incite violence or lawbreaking of any kind. The opinions expressed in this petition do not represent those of, its affiliates, sponsors, advertisers or partners.

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