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The Bitcoin-Venables Family Affair to Create Digital Banking and Control

We have posted reports on Philip Venables, the real creator of Bitcoin. (See below.)

The REAL Creator of Bitcoin – Philip J. Venables

What does Bitcoin look like under “the hood”


Now let’s deep dive into his family history:

Here’s his Daddy-O

He ran Tavistock!

Peter Venables (3 April 1923 – 26 April 2017) [1] was a British psychologist who was the founder and former head of the department of Psychology at the University of York. He retired in 1988 to become Emeritus Professor at the University of York,[2] where he continued to research.[3]


Philip “Phil” J. Venables (brother), Goldman Sachs, Google; Oxford graduate (MSc 1989-90) – “Mr. Crypto”
Anthony James Venables (brother)CBE, (born 25 April 1953),[1] is a British economist and the BP Professor of Economics at the Department of EconomicsUniversity of Oxford; London School of Economics.
Peter Venables (Big Daddy), former President of the British Psychological Association (incl. Tavistock Institute) See attached
Tavistock House South, Tavistock Square, London, W.C. 1.
Group b/w print taken of members of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Psychology Committee at Oxford Management Centre
c 1975.

The members pictured are identified as the following:

Front row from left:
Miriam Harris Committee Secretary
Halla Beloff Edinburgh
Sy ? Council Administrator
Sylvia Shimmin Lancaster University
Anne Kauder (assistant to Miriam Harris)

Back row from left:
Peter Venables York University
Donald Broadbent Cambridge, Chair of the Committee
Peter Bryant Oxford
Rudolph Schaffer Strathclyde
John Radford North East London Polytechnic
Geoffrey Stephenson Nottingham
Terry Lee Surrey
Gordon Trasler Southampton

Photographer: Unknown

Searching US Patent Collection…

Results of Search in US Patent Collection db for:
IN/”Venables; Phil J”
: 4 patents.
Hits 1 through out of 4

PAT. NO.Title
110,574,685Full-TextSynthetic cyber-risk model for vulnerability determination
210,044,746Full-TextSynthetic cyber-risk model for vulnerability determination
39,704,143Full-TextCryptographic currency for securities settlement
49,571,517Full-TextSynthetic cyber-risk model for vulnerability determination

U.S. Pat. No. 9,704,143. (Awarded Jul. 11, 2017). CRYPTOGRAPHIC CURRENCY FOR SECURITIES SETTLEMENT, incl. Phil J. Venables, Goldman Sachs & Co. USPTO.

Interesting choice of bitcoin insiders (IBM, Google) underwritten by Venable’s employer, Goldman Sachs

Added other controllers: CITI Banks, Microsoft

This refers to the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) already proven to be owned and controlled by Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller and Michael Chertoff.


His website:

Blue Star Strategy Group and Dutko Worldwide

In the video below, Rudy Giuliani mentioned the name BLUE STAR STRATEGY. Thought we would give our information warriors some background info on the players involved with this lobbying group. Study up and in a few days we will do an audio that describes how this is all connected.

A related article that we also posted is under the headline link below:

What is going on at Cobbett Hill Earth Station, U.K.?

Andrii Teleshenko Outs Alexandra Chalupa in Ukraine-DNC Corruption

blue star strategies

Jessica Lindgren, corp counsel


World Bank

Skadden Arps (Hillary’s law firm)

lindgrenlindgren 2lindgren 3blue star strategies 1blue star strategies 2

Aspen Institute

European-American Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Corporations

  • We work with some of the most dynamic U.S. companies on their toughest international challenges in emerging markets around the world. Our clients have included American corporations from across diverse industry sectors—such as Abbott Laboratories, Caesars Entertainment Corporation, and Atlantic Tele-Network. From Latin America and the Caribbean to Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and beyond, we help U.S. businesses solve their market access, global investment, and regulatory objectives—wherever they have a need.

U.S. Corporations

Multinational Corporations

  • We work with global corporations on their most important regulatory, market access, and trade objectives in the United States, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and around the world. Using a targeted yet “big picture” approach, we leverage a complex array of power centers, decision makers, and opinion leaders—at the supranational, national, and local levels of government, private sector, public policy institutions and think tanks, industry associations, and the media. Global companies from across diverse industry sectors—such as Handelsblatt Global, Fontem Ventures, and Salini Impregilo—turn to us to help them navigate and succeed in complex political and policy environments in countries around the world.

U.S. Corporations

Multinational Corporations

Sovereign Governments and Political Leaders

  • Political leaders and governments from around the world choose us to move the needle on their most significant foreign, security, and economic policy priorities. We’ve worked with foreign countries such as Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia on accession to the NATO Alliance, European Union, Euro zone, OECD, and the U.S. visa waiver program. We’ve helped political parties promote democratic institutions, candidates for office, and free and fair election campaigns. And we’ve helped political leaders from Argentina to Ukraine and Albania to Venezuela improve their bilateral relations with the United States at the highest levels.

International Organizations and Institutions

  • We work with global institutions such as international and multilateral development, finance, labor, and security organizations on their most important strategic initiatives. Organizations and high-level fora such as the International Labour Organization, World Bank Group, NATO Summits, and the Baltic Forum have turned to us to help build and grow strong relationships, increase budget allocations, identify funding mechanisms, and access public speaking and writing opportunities to support their messages and mission-driven strategies.

Public Policy Coalitions

  • We manage, coordinate, and advocate on behalf of coalitions to impact and shape public policy debates and to advance legislative, communications, and stakeholder engagement strategies. We’ve managed successful coalition campaigns such as the Business Coalition for U.S.-China Trade that secured passage of Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with China, the Coalition for Visa Equity that brought in new allies to the U.S. visa waiver program, and created and was a major driver in the U.S. Committee on NATO, a bipartisan group of individuals, corporations, and policy makers that successfully promoted the accession of 10 new member countries to join the Transatlantic alliance.

blue star strategies 3Sally Painterblue star strategies 4blue star strategies 5dutko global


dutko government

dutko worldwideDutkodan dutkoDan Dutko 2

Dutko obit in Congress


HuntsworthHuntsworth 2

David Lowden

Chairman and Independent Non-Executive Director

David Lowden was appointed to the Huntsworth Board on 1 January 2019 and became the Chairman of the Board and Nomination Committee on 6 March 2019. David has extensive executive experience in global marketing services businesses. From 1999 to 2008, he was a member of the Board of Taylor Nelson Sofres Plc, the marketing services business, becoming its CEO in January 2006. Before this, he held several other senior executive positions, including at AC Nielsen Corporation and Federal Express Corporation. David is currently the Non-Executive Chairman of PageGroup Plc, the specialist FTSE 250 recruitment agency and is Senior Independent director at Morgan Sindall Group Plc. David has previously held other non-executive roles, including at Cable & Wireless Worldwide Plc and Berendsen Plc.

Paul Taaffe

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Taaffe was appointed as CEO of Huntsworth on 7 April 2015. Paul has wide experience in communications and marketing, most recently as the Director of Communications at Groupon, the international e-commerce company. Prior to that, he enjoyed a 20 year career with Hill & Knowlton Inc, the global communications consultancy and subsidiary of WPP plc, including nine years as its Chairman and CEO. Throughout this time he advised many Blue Chip and international clients across all geographies and services.


donald trump oval office.AIM_cat giorgio

Supposedly conservative Salem Media chief technologist Jon Venverloh actually negotiated Google’s first Bill of Rights-destroying contract with the C.I.A. starting in Nov. 2003

More proof that Salem Media was infiltrated early by the New World Order British crowd (Salem’s president is British from EY—one of the globalists’ go-to auditors) to control faith-based conservatives and is a “limited hangout” to distract/sideline the opposition from the real project to destroy the American Republic

Jon Venverloh, Google Federal, Google Contract Pricing. (Aug. 23, 2004). Commercial List Price vs GSA Price. Doc. No. 0001487890, FOIA F-2007-00886. CIA.

venverloh 1venverloh 2.jpg

Google Contract. (Dec. 07, 2004). Beta Evaluation Agreement, Doc. No. 0001487902, FOIA F-2007-00886. CIA.

Misc. negotiations regarding the agreed license agreement. Clearly, Jon Venverloh led the negotiations at Google.

google contract 1.jpg

Jan. 01, 2004: C.I.A. contracting officer to Jon Venverloh, Google Federal: “I have funding to initiate a contract with you . . . the money is burning a hole in my pocket”

(This is the month that Mark Zuckerberg claims to have created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room, without help, while studying for finals, drinking, and chasing girls)

venderloh 3.jpg

Continue your citizen education by clicking the link below which contains an audio discussion between Michael and Douglas about this threat to our free speech.

Google and Jon Venverloh Pose a Threat to Democracy

Socialist Media TRUMPED by Big Daddy


Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies and Douglas Gabriel of AIM walk patriots through the process of how easy it is to get control of the rogue and weaponized social media platforms. Please share this video wide and far and load it on to your own YT channel for maximum redpilling. Then contact the White House with what’s on your mind:

If you live outside of the U.S., contact your trusted elected officials with this information. You, too, are harmed by the rogue faction of tech lords running America.

Surround New York Times Building with Ultra Powered 5G Installations

By AIM Patriot Chris Neglia

The New York Times published a 5G promotional organic advertisement editorial for the telecommunications industry that doubled as a hit piece smear on those questioning the health impacts of 5G–effectively shaming them as conspiracy theorists. In so doing, the NYT effectively denies the proven health and biological injury ramifications of 5G microwave or milliwave emf technology published by science journals. This is propaganda that intends to cause harm to their readers and is wildly irresponsible and criminally negligent.

New York Times Denies Health Impacts of 5G Cellphone Technology

So I propose that they offer themselves and their own employees in a field trial to prove once and for all whether or not the brain cancer clusters are being caused by 5G by installing ultrapowered 5G towers surrounding their building and having the EMF radiation saturate their workspace 24 x 7 for a period of 2 years and then measure the delta of health issues reported by their employees before, one year in and 2 yrs in.

If the New York Times really believes 5G is safe enough to roll out, and that the health concerns are truly “Russian Propaganda” then they should be willing to put their health where their publishing is, and run the test.

This petition will be to petition consent of the NYT to give this project a greenlight, and then another petition will be for the city NYT is located to give a utility easement for the installation and then finally we will crowdsource to install commercial 5G antennas, and our preference would be Ubiquiti to start, though any would be qualified and the lowest bidder meeting requirements would be chosen.


Disclaimer: This is a real petition, not satire. The opinions above are, for the purposes of legal protection, satire and for entertainment purposes only. It is not meant to bully or harass any person, group, business, or government. It is not meant to incite violence or lawbreaking of any kind. The opinions expressed in this petition do not represent those of, its affiliates, sponsors, advertisers or partners.

Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies Offer to Pay for the Wall

Boom done wall funding
The federal government owes Leader  literally trillions of dollars 

Dec. 20, 2018—The political folderol surrounding the $5 billion funding of the Wall should now be silenced by this offer.

Let’s see what Congress, the 10,000 Senior Executive Service (SES) stay-behinds and the MSM do now to try and stop the will of We The People. Will MSM cover this news? McKibben has proposed also funding a Conservative Free Press Initiative to resurrect Thomas Jefferson’s priority: “The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed” that has been lost in the current wave of authoritarian censorship sweeping the world.

We are reminded of the closing words of America’s Founders in the Declaration of Independence:

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Spread the word about Leader Technologies’ offer to President Trump.

Read the Full Open Letter to President Trump here.$5-billion-for-the-Wall-Mr-Trump-by-Michael-McKibben-and-other-shareholders-of-Leader-Technologies-Dec-20-2018.pdf


Patriots, you know what to do:


take back america


Robotic Cabbies Ready to Take Clueless Sheeple Over the Digital Tyranny Cliff

We saw a Waymo in our neighborhood today and were shocked to see how far the globalists have come in rolling out the next phase of their digital tyranny plan. W O K E patriots will avoid this driverless trap that could wind up locking you in and driving you straight to the FEMA re-education camp if your DRAGONFLY social credit score isn’t high enough for the controllers.

Just ask the Uyghur people in China where social credit scoring and transportation restrictions are a perfect combination for genocide.

Uyghur Muslims: Victims of the World’s Largest Ethnic Cleansing

Waymo One, the groundbreaking self-driving taxi service, explained

Now listen to Betsy and Thomas (the first 10 minutes of this audio) explain what Waymo is really about….

‘Way mo’ control over your freedom of movement

Federal Bridge Certification Program Details

All hands on deck for research into the Federal Bridge Certification program. We need all White Hats to pay attention to these notes.

Yes, they needed this to handle all the interconnections among the Richard C. Walker components in the Internet of Things.

Microsoft appears to have taken this over.


removing federal bridge.png

Federal Bridge Certification Authority




The Federal Bridge Certification Authority consists of a collection of Public Key Infrastructure components (Certificate Authorities, Directories, Certificate Policies and Certificate Practice Statements) that are used to provide peer to peer interoperability among Agency Principal Certification Authorities.
Source(s): NIST SP 800-32

Federal Bridge Certification Authority Membrane




The Federal Bridge Certification Authority Membrane consists of a collection of Public Key Infrastructure components including a variety of Certification Authority PKI products, Databases, CA specific Directories, Border Directory, Firewalls, Routers, Randomizers, etc.
Source(s): NIST SP 800-32

bridges 2


e-government bridges

federal public key structure.png


Freeing Humanity From Big Oil Is Doable RIGHT NOW

By James M. Miller

I found in one of the Thorium videos, that Peter Thiel has invested $10M in a MSR company. Yet, he was also part of the key report that the nuclear regulatory agency uses to thwart molten salt reactors (MSR).

Isn’t it rich that he is investing in this new technology and at the same time holding back in America?

Is it not even more compelling that the Chinese have taken the lead in developing the first mover costs which include the chemical processing and heat transfer process development. I can only surmise that American tech is developing it and handing it directly to the Chinese where the real financial development is happening. American tech transferred to a foreign company that is controlled by our “WAFFEN SES” cadre who are making investments so that the tech can be ‘sold’ to foreign countries.

Making Safe Nuclear Power from Thorium


Hypothesis: A link exists between Uranium One processing and repression of MSR technology

Now that the ‘WAFFEN SES’ has been uncovered, and specific names are being linked to actions, hypothesis can be posited with clarity. Peter Thiel’s investment club into offshore Thorium technology is one such hypothesis. With so many inflated dollars invested in the enrichment uranium cycle, uranium being in short supply, and large profits assured, it is natural to exert whatever influence necessary to repress any threat to this corrupt profit model by the controllers.

It is a given, that solid fuel high pressure reactors only consume about 1% of the potential energy in a zirconium fuel pellet. The rest is stored as waste. Yes, 99% of the solid fuel cycle is wasted. Also, any solid fuel high pressure reactor (SFHPR) has to be shut-down for 30-days to reconfigure the core to maintain consistent heat output. In addition, Dr. Weinberg, the original patent holder of the Richover SFHPR design, admitted that this design was inherently unsafe, from a failure modes analysis, if built with over a 60 MWT capacity; basically, a nuclear submarine engine. Dr. Weinberg was invited by the ‘controllers’ at the time to not speak any more about ‘safety’ or he would be ‘retired’ from the industry he invented.

So, we have today, the ‘worst of all worlds’ providing critical energy production in the United States, that are ‘inherently unsafe by design’, extremely expensive to license and operate, and a limited fuel supply controlled by a totally corrupt cadre of politicians and bureaucrats, who are ‘sharing the wealth’ at the expense of the American taxpayer and consumers.

America is literally being held hostage by this cadre of ‘WAFFEN SES’ regarding the cost of energy and development.

However, the US Air Force provided Dr. Weinberg funding to build a nuclear-powered bomber to counter the Soviet threat in the early 1960’s. None of the scientists at the time believed that the plane would be built, but the funding was made available to Dr. Weinberg to develop the molten salt reactor (MSR), as an alternative to the inherently unsafe SFHPR. The rest is history.

The safe nuclear reactor (MSR) was developed, and then immediately scrapped by the government, and repressed for 45 years. With its emergence and exposure by Kurt Sorensen, among others, the ‘cadre’ have recognized that the ‘genie’ has escaped repression. The ‘cadre’ is now pouring money into the Thorium development in every country accept the United States.

The nuclear regulatory agency is still controlled by the original false narrative put forth by the ‘cadre’, which states that thorium is inefficient as a direct replacement for enriched uranium as a solid fuel. This duplicitous position is a straw man distraction, because Dr. Weinberg explicitly states in his successful observations from the Oak Ridge experiments, that only with a MSR reactor, with liquid high temperature molten salt, are the enrichment cycle and costs circumvented, with an inherently safe design, that avoids the dangerous failure modes inherent with large high-pressure water reactors.

One can only assume that the ‘cadre’ is in total control of the entire nuclear energy process, seeking to repress the development of American tech, in America, through a false narrative for two reasons.

The first reason is to maintain the SFHPR process as long as possible until it becomes politically unviable by the exposure of Uranium One, to avoid the technical and profit disruption of the ‘entire’ inefficient enriched uranium process.

The second reason, is a position inherent in the political goals of the globalist cabal bankers—destroy the American Republic.

The globalist cabal, is in total control of all aspects of patent development, intellectual property research, bureaucratic control using the WAFFEN SES, and investment capitalization. It is no wonder that a total transfer of this critical technology (MSR) to China is occurring, and no FERC licensing is allowed within the borders of the United States by design.

If this is not ‘treason’, or at a minimum totally criminal, against the American Republic, then the idea of making America great again, is only a nightmare, and not a true dream.


In addition to this sad tale of corruption, is the capital black hole, known to be entropic by design, non-sustainable without massive subsidies of solar and wind farms. Few people know of the total destructive nature of coupling non-harmonic electricity production to harmonic production from hydro, nuclear, or fossil fuel generators. The electricity generated by solar or wind, is not ‘demand based’, and cannot be stored to meet demand cycles.

It also produces destructive ‘wave harmonics’ within the normal sine wave that prematurely depreciates transformers, motors, transmission lines, all electronics, and appliances that receive this energy as it is introduced to the grid. No one discusses the extremely toxic production of silicon tetrachlorides as a toxic soup more destructive than nuclear waste, as part of the Dupont solar film process. If one adds up the total cost of ‘wind and solar’ investments and subsidies, premature grid depreciation, the sum far exceeds the ‘first mover costs’ to create a licensed research thorium reactor within the borders of the United States.

Senior Executive Service, Corrupt Government, and Bankers Keep People Around the World Enslaved to Oil

I am frustrated about so many things happening in our irrational republic. Now that the Senior Executive Service has been uncovered as the ‘machine’ that controls the very fabric of our republic, it is no wonder that there is little progress in any rational direction to MAGA. Built into all of the is wasted time, money, and intellectual capital, is the geo-political gamesmanship regarding fossil fuels.

Most of the ‘intrigue’ of the world would melt-away like a Spring frost in the sun if Thorium reactors were built to replace the high pressure water reactors, and the bulk of fossil fuels globally.  This should be one of the highest priorities of our nation, yet ‘zero’ mention of this in any media accept YouTube. The geo-political consequences are enormous. No need to fight over oil. Oil’s price falls so that all economies totally dependent on it as a resource collapse.

This would nearly destroy OPEC and its influence. It would make America the single greatest power on the planet in a decade, if we perfected this energy resource. It has the power to be a totally disruptive technology, and this is why it is not being developed. Many, in the deep state, prefer to have a thermos-nuclear war rather than allow human singularities to affect global systems that reduce total entropy for the benefit of humanity.

Thorium as the fissile fuel for Liquid Salt Reactors is a singularity that has already happened in the ‘60’s’ as Oak Ridge, paid for by American tax dollars. It needs to come out in the open, taken to Trump, and promoted for what it is….the tool to MAGA.