Our babies are being harvested

Douglas Gabriel and Christopher Strunk – HARVESTED

For those of you that want to take this to the next level, read Strunk’s legal filings here:

CES Declaration in opposition to Fed MTD w EXHIBITS 51-88 filed 5-28-19

CES MOL in response to FED MTD NDNY 19-cv-202

Here are two other relevant audios that Chris did earlier on teh subject of human harvesting.

Baby Harvesting must be stopped

Nazi Human Medical Experiments in America

5 thoughts on “Our babies are being harvested”

  1. if I understand this right, men and women as parents are nothing more than a baby production facility for banking assetts and canon fodder for banksters war and war debt payers.

  2. This is war on consciousness by those ancient egos (lost souls) the darkside in feeding frenzy as this world transitions to the higher levels of consciousness.

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