Patriots Have a Plan to Keep America Great

Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies and Douglas Gabriel of AIM hand President Trump the key code to take over all socialist media. Be a patriot  ‘information warrior’ and educate your circle of influence.

Trumping socialist media with special key code


Read our notice to the government:



We went on our Conclave retreat earlier this week in order to develop a common-sense plan to Keep America Great. First, read our points. Then, read what we are offering to the President to make it happen.

If you think this is a good plan, do what you can to get the word out into your circle of influence. This is our citizen platform offered to President Trump.

  • WIN 2020 ELECTION MAJORITIES in the White House, House of Representative, and Senate.
  • TURN THE TABLES WITH A STUNNING COUNTER ATTACK ON the current social media propaganda and attacks on conservatives being made through Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Gmail, Instagram, etc. – that will overpower them.
  • GAIN CONTROL for the American People of the source code (750,000 lines of IP and 145,000 man-hours) that is at the foundation of all scalable digital platforms – invented by Leader Technologies.
  • STOP THE WEAPONIZATION of the Internet by corporate monopolies who are silencing free speech in America – as they have already done in Europe.
  • CONTROL SOCIAL MEDIA LICENSING of the corporate monopolies that arose from the IBM Eclipse Foundation’s theft of Leader Technologies’ inventions (IP).
  • DIS-EMPOWER the Anti-American, Silicon Valley cyber-warlords who often pay no taxes and are subsidized by no-bid government contracts.
  • REDIRECT TO LEGITIMATE ENTREPRENEURS the hundreds of billions of dollars in annual revenue due them through licensing agreements and certificates generated by the Presidential control of Leader Technologies’ original inventions (IP).
  • ENABLE U.S. GOVT to collect billions of dollars in new monthly social networking surcharges for properly licensed ongoing use of the services (IP).
  • CONTROL the Internet’s crypto-keys (PKI – Public Key Infrastructure) that charges every user monthly fees. Currently these billions go to Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, and Michael Chertoff through dummy corporations – Entrust, Cloudflare, etc.
  • CONTROL THE DISABLING of all illegal surveillance of Americans – put “spying” back in the hands of the NSA (without any crony corporate entanglement).
  • SIDESTEP the need for expensive and time-consuming monopoly, antitrust, and racketeering legal battles with Silicon Valley cyber-lords by controlling the trade secrets (IP) that Leader Technologies legally owns and controls, whose control will be vested in the President.
  • DISMANTLE “Chinese controlled” hardware and software (i.e., IBM, Lenovo, etc.) who helped steal Leader Technologies’ inventions and gave them out “freely” through supposed “open source code” distributed by the IBM Eclipse Foundation to FB, Google, Twitter, etc.
  • REIGN IN global corporate intelligence (Highlands Forum, DARPA, In-Q-Tel) and the high-tech weapons dealers who control the virtual battlefield of the Internet (i.e., SERCO, Crown Agents, SES, Lockheed, Raytheon, OPIC, USAID, etc.)
  • LEGITIMIZE THE STOCK MARKET by controlling FAANG stocks via non-abusive User Agreements, issued by the government, which include no surveillance, no spying, no censoring of American free speech, or any other violations of the Bill of Rights.


gold key


Dear Mr. President, please accept this key to take control of socialist media:

Control of the original intellectual property (IP, i.e., inventions reduced to practice in source code, trade secrets, patents and copyrights) that made possible social media through scalable Internet interactions. This is essentially any collaboration on the Internet today. This technological breakthrough was invented by Leader Technologies. It was then stolen by agents of the U. S. government under Bill Clinton.

The rights to this core Internet technology are being offered by Leader Technologies to the Executive Branch as the ultimate tool to win many battles in the war to maintain American constitutional rights without surveillance and targeted manipulation of Internet users.

Contact the White House


URGENT Message to the President



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