….and right on queue, it’s FALSE FLAG time.

mass shooting drudge.JPG
That’s why they call it Drudge Propaganda Report.

Knowing that this video will probably be censored by YouTube, we grabbed it for placement here. Looking at the comments, folks see right through this false false.

This video doesn’t exist


crossthread42 posts:

Before its gone,, the “shooting”
I’ve seen hundreds of GSWs in body cam, surveillance and phone footage. I’ve also seen and experienced enough bodily trauma to know that isn’t how blood presents. Its much darker, thicker, stickier, heavier and will pool from open wounds. Also, that ain’t no tourniquet on his arm and wouldn’t stop bleeding from a GSW. I call horseshit. Book it.

CM-TX posts:

Wow, they don’t seem to be in any hurry to get that guy to a hospital. Not even calling for Medical assistance or ambulance– nearby too. Truck never moves t/o. Blood looked very much like it does on Halloween props. Strange scene.

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