Highlands Group vs Trump the Scot

In the audio below Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel vet an article written by a Brit reporter – Nafeez Ahmed and posted at Medium. You will learn how the article is a sophisticated form of propaganda. Hopefully, our “lesson” will help you be able to discern future articles like this that omit information and lead to false conclusions

Highlands Group vs Trump the Scot.


P A R T  2

Why Google made the NSA

Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet—

How the CIA made Google (Part 1)


5 thoughts on “Highlands Group vs Trump the Scot”

  1. I LOVE IT !
    This is meant to be !
    I knew I followed the right people, oh glorious day !
    BTW, I’m Scots/Irish !
    Go Super Pats ! I always defer to you when fact checking anything !

    1. I am not Irish but am an AMERICAN who is so happy to follow Betsy & Thomas and all their Patriots of like minded to save ALL humanity from the Oligarchy Slavery.. Violating all individual of their pursuit of happiness and freedom. Thank you for all your information.

  2. I read the 2 part series articles. I really cant believe how America has been taken over by very bad group of people. Ha, me & my husband’s business almost bought by Enron but they wanted to give us “STOCK” and Thank GOD we turned them down. Andrew Marshall is Evil. Google is Evil, Facebook is Evil & they are doomed.
    President Trump can Trump All he wants now…..2020 MAGA & Betsy & Douglas & Michael McKibbon YOU ALL ROCK!!!!! Thank you for all your hard work.WOW

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