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Queen Lizzie Loyalist Lord Richard B. Allan is no Friend of America

When we saw who was coming to save the day for Facebook in this Breitbart article below (click on headline link), we needed to give our AIM Patriots a red alert on who Richard B. Allan is.

Global lawmakers grill Facebook exec in UK parliament


Lord Richard B. Allan’s pledge of allegiance… to the Queen, not US

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Parliament documentLord Allan of Hallam

general principles

The Jesuit Take-Over of the World Can be Stopped by Vigilant Patriots Around the World

pope-on-throne-of-bonesVatican Secret Societies and the New World Order Full Documentary

This is an excellent documentary about the Jesuits. As with any documentary of this vast scope, there may be areas where your expertise might lead you to different conclusions; however, the overall explanation of the Jesuit control of the world is comprehensive.

The entire documentary is worth watching so gather the family and continue your citizen education with the links below.

Remember…..Franny is a Jesuit.

You may recall that Douglas had a conversation with Eric Jon Phelps in a this audio. Catholic Cardinals are Enemies of America


Below is a great collection of citizen intelligence reports prepared by the American Intelligence Media. Each of these reports will give you a better understanding of how the Vatican controls the world for its evil purposes. Teach yourself…then go out and educate and enlighten others.