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General Electric is a Rothschild-controlled company

General Electric (GE) is a Rothschild-led and -controlled (J.P. Morgan) company, from inception. Therefore, RCA/NBC offspring were and still are Lords Rothschild controlled.

GE’s Coffin and Griffin were founding members of the British Pilgrims Society in 1902.

Editors. (Sep. 01, 1977). The Steinmetz Era, 1892-1923, The General Electric Story, Vol. 2, A Photo History. Elfun Hall of History.

J.P. Morgan had just inherited his Rothschild-funded bank from his dead father Junius in 1890, just two years earlier.


Re: Charles A. Coffin, GE President formed RCA as a part of GE in 1919 and was its first president and chairman until 1929.

Marconi Wireless operator David Sarnoff, founder of NBC (1925), succeeded Owen as president of RCA (1929) when Owen Young retired.

Gerald Swope GE President (1922-40)

J.P. Morgan in 1892 was a notorious agent for Lord Lionel Rothschild. Just two years earlier, Morgan inherited Junius Morgan & Sons Bank who was the successor of George Peabody banks bankrolled by N.M. Rothschild.

Choice find from a state library archivist – this New York Times article appeared just nine months after the Pilgrims Society organized the day after the enthronement of Edward VII on Aug. 09, 1902.

Notice that General Electric joined immediately. (to our knowledge this is the first evidence about GE’s foundational involvement in the UK)

Editor. (May 17, 1903). THE PIGRIMS’ SOCIETY GROWS, More Notable American and Englishmen Join Organization. The New York Times. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. Source:

Also published in Indiana:

Indianapolis Journal, Volume 53, Number 137, Indianapolis, Marion County, 17 May 1903——-en-20–1–txt-txIN——-

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Family Values of Klaus Schwab

New! Feb. 19, 2022—We just discovered an updated version of “The family values of Klaus Schwab” by Johnny Vedmore (Mar. 28, 2021) upon whose previous version we relied for critical facts in this post. We are gratified to see that he incorporated key elements of our research, notably the dark details of Eugen & Klaus Schwab’s Escher-Wyss/Sulzer collaboration with the demonic Nazi, British (Pilgrims Society), American, Swiss, Red Cross (Martin Bodmer, ref. Pfizer CEO Alfred Bourla a.k.a. Israel Abraham Burla), Chamber of Commerce (Sir Winthrop [Rockefeller] Aldrich), Marc Rich (Glencore shipping), South African and World Economic Forum nuclear conspiracy against humanity, into his update that we gladly provide here:

Johnny Vedmore. (Mar. 28, 2021). The family valued of Klaus Schwab. Nomonoma.ed.

Johnny Vedmore. (Mar. 28, 2021). The family valued of Klaus Schwab. Nomonoma.ed.

Note the cat eyes!

Khazarians, Jews and Rothschilds

The link below goes to the video on Brighteon:

TRUTH BOMB: Khazarians, Jews, and Rothschild Revelations

The link below takes you to the research that supports this video discussion:

Demand REPARATIONS from the Rothschild dynasty for Crimes against Humanity

In the next video, also linked to Brighteon, Tyla and Douglas discuss some internet rumblings about the baby daddy of Prince William.

Is Prince William the son of a PRINCE or a KING?

Rothschilds Hide History Unfavorable to Them

London Stock Exchange history in 1878 was dominated by the Rothschild presence – and it was white washed to prevent searching

Walter Thornbury. (1878). The Stock Exchange in Old and New London, Volume 1, pp. 473-494, re. Rothschild names altered, legend whitewashed. British History Online.

See this 1878 history of the London Stock Exchange, founded in 1802.

The Rothschilds are a larger than life presence in their history.

Of the 30 pages of this history, there are references to “Rothschild” on 27 pages.

Curiously, Nathan Mayer (“N.M.”) Rothschild’s father Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s name is INCORRECT and substituted with a child that died at one year old.

A “Mayer Anselm Léon von Rothschild (1827-1828)” did exist, but he died a 1 year old.

Also, Moses Montefiore’s name is INCORRECT or UNIDENTIFIED, multiple times.

These entries were evidently intended to prevent or obscure searching on their names.

Walter Thornbury. (1878). The Stock Exchange in Old and New London, Volume 1, pp. 473-494, re. Rothschild names altered, legend whitewashed. British History Online.

Note that there were two Anselems.

The other one was of little note and lived in France.

The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry

The Aschkanazi Jews of Northern Europe migrated from the Empire of Khazaria into Eastern and Central Europe

Eran Elaik. (Dec. 12, 2012). The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, Genome Biology and Evolution, Vol. 5, Issue 1, Jan. 2013, pp. 61–74, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Genome Biology and Evolution.

Sir Walter Rostow, the Russian Khazars, and the British Pilgrims Society

See 1967 C.I.A. document referencing “Russian Khazars” in relation to the secret British Pilgrims Society infiltration of American government–communists masquerading as anti-communists.

A “Russian Khazar” mentioned in the article is Walt W. Rostow. He is a contemporary with other British Pilgrims, including Henry Stimson, Robert Patterson, William J. Donovan, Edward Landsdale and Henry Kissinger (Rockefeller’s man) — all organizers of the Marshall Plan fascization of world commerce as the planned outcome of the British Pilgrims false flag called WWII

“ Rostow” is Sir Walter Rostow, a “staunch anti-communist”; curiously, parents were socialists. It appears that he pushed communism on the U.S. State Department, South East Asia and China for British MI6 while the his propaganda said the opposite.

Rostow’s career was smothered in British Pilgrims Society control.

(b. Oct. 7, 1916; d. Feb. 13, 2003)

Map: Odessa region of the Ukraine

NY-born son of Russian Jewish immigrants (from Orekhov near Odessa, Ukraine in 1886).

Rostow was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford (British Pilgrims Society recruiting school).

Colleague of British socialist propagandist Alistair Cooke, who reported on the events for the NBC radio network (run by Pilgrims David Sarnoff, another Odessa Jew)

He worked for the OSS—Pilgrim William J. Donavan, then he worked as National Security Adviser to president Lyndon B. Johnson, also a British Pilgrim. Rostow was succeeded by another British Pilgrim, Sir Henry Kissinger. See graphic showing proof that Johnson was a British Pilgrim.

Mark Malloch-Brown and Control of Global Banking with Temenos

British Pilgrims Society principal, Baron Mark Malloch-Brown, is the poster child for the global corporate shell game.

Malloch-Brown has consolidated over 500 (est.) UK-controlling subsidiary holdings under his Investec PLC umbrella. On Feb. 23, 2018 Malloch-Brown resigned as a longtime director at the same time that his Investec turned on a dime and implement Temenos as its sole banking service provider worldwide. Magically, they did it in 4 months (impossible unless it was already implemented). Such conversions normally take years to accomplish, not a few months!

Temenos has operations across China, thus opening the Investec (already)-interlocking relationships to the Chinese globally. Prior to that Investec, through subsidiaries, was already supplying Chinese banks with their enterprise software.

Investec PLC


Credit Suisse

Bank of Shanghai

Bank of Ireland

After twenty years of licensing its own banking software developed in the UK, Investec suddenly shifted its entire customer software offering to TEMENOS AG software that is notoriously known to use IBM infrastructure and AWS “cloud” servers. AWS also handles all financial reporting for UK Companies House. (Note: IBM notoriously stole the software for the invention of social networking from Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies, Inc.). Therefore, this entire Temenos ecosystem is a FRAUD.

Rothschild is Temenos’ exclusive financial advisor.

Temenos Software Shanghai Co. Limited

Credit Suisse picks Temenos

UBS picks Temenos

Bank of Shanghai picks Temenos

Barclays picks Temenos

Through the partnership, Temenos will make its cloud-native core banking solution available on the Huawei Public Cloud.