Is Jeff Sessions Working for the Pirates of Vanguard?

If the question in the headline doesn’t make sense to you, then first read the citizens intelligence report we gave you about Vanguard. We also did an audio for you as well. Then read some of the recent articles connecting Sessions with Vanguard’s private prisons. You decide who Sessions really works for – Vanguard and the criminal cabal or We the People.




Beware of Pirates VanguardBeware the Pirates of Vanguard

Vanguard and companies are modern day PIRATES. Whether you are invested in Vanguard funds, or not, you would be a whole lot smarter if you listened to Betsy and Thomas describe how the banksters, main stream media, patent office, corruptocrats, and hedge funds all work together to screw you – the average hardworking citizen.  Totally based.


Now that you know about Vanguard and Bill McNabb, then a headline and excerpt like the one below might help you see just who Jeff Sessions might be beholden to….and it doesn’t look like We the People.

Jeff Sessions Getting Rich Filling Private Prisons for Vanguard?

“As Attorney General Sessions fills these private prisons, he is making money. According to his latest financial disclosures required by congress, dated December 23, 2016, he divested of other investments that were found to be in conflict. In these disclosures, he also lists numerous Vanguard funds. Vanguard owns more private prison stock than any other investment management company. None of the Vanguard funds listed below were included in the divestiture.”

“The latest data of Vanguard funds’ portfolio information is dated February 28, 2017. The following are a list of funds owned by Jeff Sessions that was from Vanguard’s website:

  1. Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Admiral Shares – consists of both GEO Group and CoreCivic, Inc. stocks worth over $164,000,000. Sessions investment value is from $15,001 – $50,000.
  2. Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Admiral Shares – same fund as above, but Sessions lists investment value between $1,001 – $15,000.
  3. Vanguard Small-Cap Index Fund Admiral Shares – consisits of stocks from The GEO Group and CoreCivic, Inc. valued at over $173,500,000. Sessions shows investments valued from $15,000 – $50,000.
  4. Vanguard Total International Stock Index Admiral Shares – contains GEO Holdings Corporation stock valued at over $4,400,000. Sessions owns $1,001 – $15,000 of this fund.

If he still owns these funds, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is making policy that he will financially profit from. This blatant lack of morals and ethics shows once again how Sessions is not fit to be the U.S. Attorney General.”


Jeff Sessions Rescinds Legal Doc That Ended Debtors’ Prisons Giving Vanguard Private Prisons More Profit

“Ultimately, the only ones who benefit from debtors’ prisons are the prisons themselves, and the people who suffer are the ones who find themselves facing jail time on top of the inflated fees and fines they already cannot afford to pay.”


Snopes, the so-called fact checking website, says the popular meme below is totally bogus.  Does Jeff Sessions Have Investments in the Private Prison Industry? Knowing what we do about Snopes and what we have learned about Vanguard, we have to wonder why Snopes is giving Sessions cover like this?

We will let Session’s actions (or non-actions) speak for who he is. Just How Does Jeff Sessions Benefit From Private Prisons?

We will happily eat crow if it turns out that he is a White Hat getting ready, along with his IG Michael Horowitz, to bust the D.C. criminal network wide open with their million page plus report. But until then, looks like Jeff is one of their own, protecting the D.C. criminals and helping Vanguard get rich off of private prisons.


Jeff Sessions prison meme


Sessions Swamp finalJeff Sessions is Knee Deep in Alligators

Look who is knee deep in alligators! JEFF SESSIONS. His entanglement with Vanguard exposes his hidden agenda and Betsy and Thomas say he must go if we are to clean the swamp and bring in the American Renaissance.

3 thoughts on “Is Jeff Sessions Working for the Pirates of Vanguard?”

  1. Something has to be done about all of the government employees that work for several different companies and or firms while holding public office. The way companies and corporations are all owned by one another anyone holding public office has a direct route or indirect route to be able to influence either the government or employers to the benefit of themselves or the stock in which they are invested. And those who lobby the government for political and financial reasons are just as guilty as those in office. WAY BACK in the history of America this nation was of by and for the people, and getting back to that is the only thing that will save this once great nation. Until then this corruption in both the government and industry will continue unchecked. And by the way we’ve got no other option, but to leave the united nations and get the united nations headquarters out of America completely off of American soil. The League of Nations was a failure and so to will be the united nations. The 13 bloodlines have been trying to create a one world government since the beginning of humanity their tentacles are entangled into the very fabric of society. IT’S TIME TO CUT THE HEAD FROM THE SERPENT.

  2. I’ll start by stating that I’m very much in favor of medical marijuana laws at the state level and that some states have passed better laws for consumers than other states. So, there needs to be more states getting on the bandwagon of helping tens of millions of Americans.
    So, too, does the Federal gov’t need to re-assess, overhaul and re-write its policy for Schedule 1 drug list and Schedule 2, etc. Especially in regards to plant medicines such as marijuana and kratom, regardless of what Big Pharma wishes or how much that industry has donated to Congressional re-election warchests. We The People can force a re-evaluation.

    That said, I don’t understand the extreme re-action of Trump supporters in regard to AG Sessions actions, or the reaction of liberals at the rollback of Net Neutrality. Both were simply Obama-era policies, not LAWS that were stopped. People would be advised to contact their representative lawmakers, Federal and State (instead of having meltdowns or twitter wars) to get new laws for Matijuana and for the Internet. New laws are needed and the People may have to pressure the Carpetbaggers in DC to get them. A much better use of our energy!

    As a Trump supporter and a patriot I have a theory. I see several dark and despicable “global police state” laws as useful and temporary, but necessary evils.
    1. Suppose we use the Sessions Asset Forfeiture law against the globalist crime families in America who have stolen our national treasures.
    2. Suppose we support our President’s use of the despised and recently renewed NDAA. It’s many and convoluted clauses include – warrentless surveillance of Americans by certain parts of gov’t and roundup and detaining of Americans during War Time, under Marshal Law and in a National Security emergency. Albeit unconstitutional, this law could be useful now.
    3. Suppose AG Sessions’ actions in ordering Federal agents to enforce the drug laws on the books, gives us more enttry into prosecution of MS-13, cartels and terrorist cells trafficking in drugs and arms? There might be more Executive Orders to come regarding this issue.

    Some despicable laws were devised and forced on us by the enemies of liberty & freedom. I say, as long as we have them, let’s turn them on our enemies. Remember, Trump wasn’t supposed to win and as we take the enemies down we have to do it lawfully.

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