Obama Corruptocrat Foot Soldiers Hiding in Senior Executive Service



Above is a link to the men and women of the Senior Executive Services and the people, name by name, in each department across our government who are obstructing the will of the people to Make America Great Again, which includes indicting a whole bunch of criminals and traitors. Here is same document in PDF form: GPO-PLUMBOOK-2016

Thanks to the Anonymous Patriot who pointed us in the right direction and also told us:

“SES positions are non-bargaining and can be eliminated at any time. Meaning, Trump could fire 8,000+ people today if he wanted to. Once you leave ‘career’ positions for SES, you cannot return to your previous series.”

If you didn’t catch our citizen intelligence report at the American Intelligence Media, here it is:



Senior Executive Service (SES) “Plum Book” Policy and Supporting Positions published by various House and Senate Committees Updated Mar. 30,2018
President Reporting Year SES Plum Book

Be Patient on downloads, these are large files

Positions Depts. & Agencies Inspectors General

(Deep State shadow gov’t buffers)

Agency/Dept. Summary Spreadsheet
Search Note: The versions of these documents at the Federal Register and GoogleDocs/GoogleDrive contain search blocks that prevent all the names in these documents from appearing on searches and being indexed by web search crawlers. We are unpacking these files and removing those booby traps. So, just because a name does not appear the first time you search, do not assume it is not there. It may have been intentionally rendered unsearchable. We are receiving many reports from whistleblowers that these official SES lists are not comprehensive and are only the “tip of the iceberg” of total SES federal employees. Reading between the lines of their disclosure rules, SES has dozens of ways of making people’s names and salaries secret, and as they say in every document, they cannot be hired or fired by the President (that statement is usually the last paragraph of APPENDIX NO. 2).

Bookmark: #ses-obfuscation-blizzard | https://tinyurl.com/yanznx2n

NEW! ANALYSIS (100 hrs. unpacking the Plum Books): Anonymous Patriots. (Apr. 04, 2018). Plum Books hide SES employees in a blizzard of bad math and contradictory, nonsensical categories. American Intelligence Media.

EXPERT CONCLUSION: Everyone in the Plum Book is SES, whether directly designated or secretly associated by convoluted policies.

Jimmy Carter 1980 PDF 8,600 18
Ronald Reagan 1984 PDF 8,000 20
1988 PDF 8,000 14
George H.W. Bush 1992 PDF 8,600 12
Bill Clinton 1996 PDF 7,303 104 30 XLSX
2000 PDF DOCX 7,323 115 ? XLSX
George W. Bush 2004 PDF DOCX 9,357 119 ? XLSX
2008 PDF DOCX 8,221 115 ? XLSX
Barack Obama 2012 PDF DOCX 11,392 164 25 XLSX
2016 PDF DOCX 9,033 166 25 XLSX
Standing SES (DOJ) Performance Review Boards*
Fed. Reg. PDF* Declawed


500 Office of Attorney General DOJ SeS 500 – DOJ Paymasters




Various 1979- SITE NSA, CIA, DTIC, DOD
Various Various ZIP SERCO British/Int’l arm of SES (has controlled the U.S. Patent Office since 2006)
Table 1: Senior Executive Service (SES) Plum Book disclosing the U.S. shadow government. Click on any file. To search inside a file, click Ctrl + F (find) then type a search word or phrase. Or, select Edit | Advanced Search.

* This Federal Register file is severely tampered with to prevent search crawlers from indexing it, and even from normal cut and paste and file conversion actions. Essentially, it had to be retyped in order to strip out the embedded malware in the fonts themselves. This tampering hints at possible collusion with Microsoft and possibly Adobe to recognize hidden HEX characters inside certain fonts that automatically junks up the text record, thus preventing normal portability of the data to other programs. This one file took approx. 14 experienced man-hours to render it to full searchability. The effort to “hide this file in plain site” was evident to the engineers.


Vol. 81 No. 191. (Oct. 03, 2016). Membership of the Senior Executive Service Standing Performance Review Boards. Federal Register.


24 thoughts on “Obama Corruptocrat Foot Soldiers Hiding in Senior Executive Service”

  1. Trojans.Always the way .Inside jobs,and they fill private corporations with the same team members too Both sides do it,and ultimately ,apart from their spin city or spiel burgs about left versus right ,or good versus evil ,they all come under the same Crown philosophy of divide to conquer.

  2. Drain the swamp, pelosi,schumer,waters, kerry, lynch,and the rest of the leeches in Congress oh i was gonna add Cummings but he took care of himself as usual lol

  3. What’s the plan to fix this? I’d really like our America back and this would be worth fighting for!

      1. Or hole bunch of Dumbacrats that are clogging up the drain that have been there for too long they shouldn’t have more than eight years in office just like my President of my Country

  4. It only takes the Presidential Pen to undo C I A R The SAME as it was put in. PRAY FOR THE NATION AND ALL HER PEOPLE IJN Thank You And GOD BLESS You patriots4truth IJN Amen

  5. Two years almost since this was written! It may take awhile however truth does win in the long run.
    Someone also told me, these Senior Executive Service members have the best parking spots in The District of Criminals! True story!

    1. And guess what we found out…when the government shuts down, SES gets to keep their cushy jobs and salaries while our legit civil servants go without pay.

  6. These peeps pushing the Socialist/Communist agenda seem to not realize that once installed it will kill most of them: they will not get the masses of wealth they were promised, so will be un-happy campers better dealt with through death. Every fascist regime kills those who bring it to power…

  7. Right now I’m in a state of shock and awe,
    quite frankly. I just want to see long jail sentences for the guilty. Leave no stone unturned. This country has been through hell. Obama was chosen for this coo, But, by whom. That’s what l want to find out. And there’s no doubt Soros is in on this. As a citizen of this country l want justice for all – no country club jails, permitted. I feel like I’ve been through hell and back.,. And there’s still lots of money to be found. God bless America.


  9. So, the snake extends it’s entrails out beyond Congress, into corporations, and certainly into the media and entertainment industries.. What is it that is said about the heads of snakes?

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