President Trump’s executive order abolishes labor-management councils across government

Earlier this month, we posted an article entitled:


We call this group of entrenched government bureaucrats Obama’s Army and have serious concerns whether the 8,000+ employees in the Senior Executive Service are onboard with the Make America Great Again agenda, or if their purpose is nefarious – to thwart Trump and his administration by clogging up the system with their misdirects, bottlenecks, obfuscations, and outright bureaucratic impediments from getting anything done.

We have heard from several readers who work in government agencies that that is what they experience with these Obama-appointed employees. Indeed, our Commander-in-Chief seems to be on top of the situation as we learn that Trump rescinded Executive Order 13522, issued in December 2009, which established a National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations and set up a mechanism for implementing department- and agency-level labor-management forums across government.

Here is the Trump Executive Order that rescinds the 2009 Obama order:

Presidential Executive Order on the Revocation of Executive Order Creating Labor-Management Forums


Bottom line, as noted by our government insiders: 

  • Trump can pull out of union agreements
  • Could be step 1 move to abolish federal unions
  • By getting rid of union councils, which negotiate (collective bargaining), we can now reduce/eliminate usefulness of the unions.


The internal Government Executive newsletters indicate that this is the first step towards reducing influence of federal unions. The organization has posted the following articles on the matter and seem to understand the gravity of the situation as Trump closes in on their Obama loyalists.

Trump Disbands Labor-Management Forums at Federal Agencies


Employee Groups Decry Trump’s Decision to Abolish Labor-Management Council


OPM Tells Agencies to Stop Working Collaboratively with Unions







2 thoughts on “President Trump’s executive order abolishes labor-management councils across government”

  1. dear Tom nd Betsy,
    For all you do in exposing depraved evil of clintons and globalists buhes,islamic terrorist obama, the Amer populace need hear, read, share ur insight.
    Abysmal Depths of evil and degredation seem bottomless;
    Keep shining light into darkness and thankyou!
    conquer we must
    cause it is just
    our motto
    “In God is our trust”,
    and say doth that flag yet wave…

    1. We most definitely will. Stay tuned because we have more bottom feeders to expose to the light. We count on our amazing audience to spread the word into the web, all over the world.

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