The Global Elites Used Us, Abused Us, and Dumped Us

By Anonymous Patriot Condor

Time to boil down an executive summary of some of the historical highlights concerning the Global Elite’s modus operandi of suppression, sabotage and theft of humanity’s great accomplishes over many millennia. It appears their goal is to keep humanity enslaved and subservient to them as a feeding host.

spider feedingAs horrific as it might sound, I have concluded the Global Elite sees its present host, the United States, like the poor spider in the side picture. The wasp will live on through its larvae, by digesting its host country and then moving on to the next meal (target).  It typically takes one or two centuries to complete the process and destroy the host.

Before the United States, they feasted on Europe. Prior to Europe they feasted on the Mediterranean region. Prior to that we had the Middle East…and India prior to that. Who knows how far back in history humanity has been feasted on.

The “Globalist wasps” are just about done with the U.S. host. It has been preparing for its next host country, China, for the last half century. Seventy thousand American manufacturing companies have been transplanted over there. While dumbing down American education and making its citizens lethargic and dependent on government handouts, the Global Elites’ central banks have successfully suppressed gold and silver prices since the 1970s.

It has been shown, on the street, close to 90% of the American population under 50, would select a candy bar over an ounce of silver.

I fear the Wasp has fully utilized suppressed precious metal prices and emptied American vaults with gold rental loans to other countries. This may have helped suppress gold prices globally.  When the wasp larvae hatch and fly off to China, the Global Elites only want to leave an empty husk behind. The once mighty Constitutional Republic will be a ghost of itself with millions dying from a financial implosion and empty food stores due to just-in-time delivery interruptions.

Thanks to the work of patriots in the alternative media, maybe we can still save our host nation.  We need to extract and dispose of the wasp larvae before they totally eat away the underpinning of our Constitution and American values.

Stolen Patents Suppress Amazing New Technologies

galt douglas alvinAs I watched the excellent interview with Leader Technology last December, I couldn’t help but notice a ghost (tongue in cheek) of another great America icon next, sitting right next to Douglas, on the couch. It was Dr. Alvin Weinberg, inventor of GALT technology.


I found published documentation of how Dr. Weinberg continually warned, from the late 1950s to the early 1970s, that the Deep State selection of inferior pressurized light water reactors, fueled with uranium, was setting America up for potentially hundreds of China Syndromes throughout the nation by the 21st century.

Weinberg’s voice was eventually silenced by the Deep State invoking the National Security Act. This action not only cost America, GALT technology, it directly resulted in the loss of our multi-trillion dollar “Rare Earths” metals industrial market.

thorium in palmThe Deep State had essentially killed two birds with one stone. This was possible because a corrupt and uninformed Congress labeled the benign element, Thorium, as highly radioactive and dangerous. They convinced the public Thorium was an extremely dangerous isotope.

Thorium is one of the least radioactive elements on the Periodic Chart. .

Kirk Sorenson has stated “Thorium gives off less radioactivity than your spouse sleeping next to you at night”.  The marble of Thorium seen to the right, in the palm of America’s hand, contains over two million kilowatt-hours of clean, compact and inexpensive energy.

The suppression of GALT was an incredible crime against humanity.,

Once the Deep State successfully silenced Dr. Weinberg with the threat of imprisonment for attempting to leak information about GALT to the media, he was soon after fired him from Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1972.  The Deep State then ordered their Congressional puppets to generate legislation banning any future mining, processing or manufacturing involving the element, Thorium (as of December 31, 1974) within the United States.

Since Thorium is found throughout the “Rare Earth” metals mining process, EPA was ordered to enforce the banning of “Rare Earths” technologies from being processed throughout the United States.

Along with the 70,000 other manufacturing businesses transferred out of America, to the Far East, the Global Elites had successfully positioned China to essentially pilfer all “Rare Earth” metals patents and manufacturing processes, at bargain basement prices from private American companies.  There were huge outcries, by American patriots, in the 1980s and 1990s against the expulsion of Rare Earth technologies.  It was to no avail.

The Deep State was so encouraged by America’s stupidity of accepting Thorium as a dangerous radioactive element, they were encouraged to also foist the next major fraud on the world.  The Deep State ignored the truth about climate cycles and began warning the world that humanity would be destroyed by global warming if it did not condemn carbon dioxide as both a pollutant and the main cause of greenhouse warming!

The main cause of a pollution and funds to support chaos around the world was the suppression of GALT chemical reactors (plus the theft of thousands of other advanced inventions) by the Global Elites and the continuation of their fossil fuel monopolies!  They raised their oil profits an additional trillion dollars a year, since the 1970s, to fund their bribes and terrorism around the world.

What these patriots did not understand was this treachery was not the result of stupidity or incompetence.  It was far more sinister.  The Deep State has its ongoing plan of destroying America from within.  As you have been documenting in the AIM4Truth articles, the Deep State has been bribing, blackmailing government regulators to not listen to the cries and alarm of the American public.

This excellent citizen intelligence report below describes the suppression of free energy and should be read by all informed citizens.


The election of President Trump, and the exposure of the Deep State by the non-corporate news media, is possibly America’s last chance to save this great Republic.

There is so much happening in the present, as documented by your continuous American Intelligence Media revelations, along with other free, truth news websites.  If we can expose and destroy this parasite feasting on humanity, in the aftermath we can tell the world…the rest of the story.  Until such a time, I will continue my investigation of how did these Global Elites arise in the first place and why they have been a plague on humanity since their appearance.


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  1. People are lapping up the Elon Musk bird droppings. Twitter will pretend to exorcise the spooks, but Elon Musk is a spook creation. Twitter will always be a data-mined control operation. This is a gullibility test:

    This is not huge, big tech has always been big spook:

    You will not find anything that is true in a Twitter dump. The biggest question is what is not in the Twitter files. Will anything under Chatham House Rules be disclosed? Will any redacted blanks be filled in? Of course not.

  2. I hope you are not too disappointed, but I have to break the news that nobody on the AIM4Truth team won a World Economic Forum 2023 Crystal Award; so you will have no Membrini Crystal and like it.

    * it is significant that comments are turned off whenever lies are being told. Or on Twitter: Who can reply?
    People @BillGates follows or mentioned can reply

    Does Douglas have any Swiss crystals in his collection?

    Actually, crystallize is a good word for conceptions of the world at this particular juncture.

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