The Biggest Red Pill Ever

We have been doing a deep dive into the corruption of the U.S. Patent system and it is absolutely horrific what we are finding. We have documentation that will put you into apoplexy. These Deep State – Globalist – Transnational Sociopaths/Psychopaths have patents on anything and everything that can control us digitally and enslave us in a world wide tyranny of absolute control.

Listen up, folks. We must get these sociopaths/psychopaths removed from control of the planet. It’s not the nuclear button that we need to worry about, it is the digital web that is getting ready to snag us like school of flounder.

This diagram below is actually from a patent drawing that we uncovered that gives you the big picture idea of what these CRAZY people have in mind for us.

We must get behind our elected officials and the President to take down these criminally insane people. Not everyone is going to understand why this happening, which is more the reason why you need to buckle down and support Donald Trump at this time in history. The globalists are in a panic to take him down. We must be resolved in our commitment to the Republic and those that stand with us in this fight.

At this point, it is not the system that will enslave us in this digital web, it is the crazy people operating the system. We have to take them down. Now.

Then we can get control of the network and manage it in a conscious, decentralized system that will allow humanity to flourish and prosper.

If not, below is the path that we are choosing:

BORG Gf Pages from 2003-11-27-US-Pat-App
This is an updated schematic of the digital prison planet that they have planned for us, folks. It was originally submitted before September 11, 2001 (no coincidence as our report, once completed, will show you). In the image below you see the date stamp by the Patent and Trademark Office in July 2003. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is the appalling truth right in your face.


There is a way out of this madness as explained in Human Spirit and Machines


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  1. Field testing is over – Electromagnetic grid in place.
    By Deborah Tavares
    The emergence of a planet-wide electronic communications grid is now connecting the thoughts and feelings of billions of people, and linking them to rapidly expanding volumes of data, to a fast-growing web of sensors being embedded ubiquitously throughout the world, and to increasingly intelligence devices, robots, thinking machines, the smartest of which already exceed the capabilities of humans in performing a growing list of discrete mental tasks, and may soon surpass humans in manifestations of intelligence.

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