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The Dark Journalist video below was sent to us from a Conclave member who wanted to show us how effective the DEEP TRUTH media is doing in getting our messages out into the new media landscape. Yet, the Deep State players cannot detect the origination sources of these waves of truth. They know the messaging is coming from someplace, and they suggest that it is deeper than Qanon. But they can’t get a handle on it.

Keep in mind that the Dark Journalist site, which we have followed for quite some time, seems to be a disinformation site; it may be an information gatekeeper of sorts. If you like listening to the Dark Journalist, this time listen to the video carefully for his nudges, suggesting that you distrust some alternative media sources.

The two speakers are very concerned about ‘hope porn’ and call it very, very dangerous. They say we should be concerned about this new energy of hope and love.

Indeed, as we know to be true: When people are fully informed with truth, plus their vibration is lifted towards the path of the divine, then fear mongers can’t keep them in their reptilian, lower vibration. Beings and entities of dark forces thrive on you being locked into your lower chakras and your reptilian brain.

As you listen to the video, think of the phrases that they use to describe what Qanon is doing and compare to what all of us, including YOU, are doing at the American Intelligence Media:

  • It is a team of individuals (Conclave, the Team, and alt media collaborative, decentralized network))
  • Well researched (think of our mountain of citizens intelligence reports),
  • Offers religion, hope, spirituality, and truth (all the time),
  • One stop wish fulfillment center (leading headlines presented in an intelligent manner, spiced with images, memes, and interesting videos)
  • Faith in Trump,
  • Fantasy and puzzles (Glass Bead Game)
  • An operation designed to regain a measured influence over the alternative media
  • Encourages people to connect the dots. (flashbacks and history show the relevance of current events)
  • Makes predictions that come true
  • Change of marketing strategy/clever marketing scheme – tries to influence audience within it, rather than sell  something. (Our Google Page One strategy. BTW–his charts are totally off the mark in how our web truth tapestry works in this space.)

Think beyond Q and you will discover a fountainhead.

Activate Q ForceActivate Q Force

Betsy and Thomas look into Qanon recent controversies that point to a growing truth movement deep in the internet that the Deep State-Cabal cannot finds its source. Basically – now the Deep State is going down its own rabbit holes. The article that Thomas refers to is The Trump Effect.


How Can You Join the Q Force?

We can all be a part of the truth movement by waking up our fellow citizens in ways that resonate with them at the level of truths they can handle. Some may not be ready for the full blown disclosure of 911, but perhaps they are ready to know how their smartphone is tracking them or how the sky is filled with chemtrails today. You don’t have to tell them everything you know. They may not be ready to hear it. But you can help them with information that they may be ready to hear.

We are all connected through the internet now….so make your ‘web of information’ to your audience be full of truth, wisdom, and hope. Link to our suggested articles and audios. Post our daily TRUTH NEWS HEADLINES or grab a video or meme off of the day’s headline news and share it with your friends.

If you are a first tier alt media creator, please use any of our reports, articles, and headlines and create messages that would be meaningful to your audience.

If you are new to the alt media news platform, then JUMP IN WITH US. Try doing your own creations – a video, article, meme, repost, newsletter, tweet. Be outrageous. Be creative. Be truthful. Build off the audience you have and have fun watching it grow and become a part of our truth tapestry in the digital web of global connectedness.

There is one thing we ask each member in our community. Please find a way to repost citizens intelligence reports from the main site American Intelligence Media. Of course, you can do this over time and when it is relevant to your audience.

By posting these citizen intelligence reports in a hundred different locations – on your blogs, websites, threads, we plant truth bombs that are like landmines in digital space. The Deep State – Shadow Government – Cabal has been busy scrubbing their history of crimes on the internet. They think they have erased the internet of their indictable actions. But all they did was clear the field for our digital information bombs.

When a person is ready to awaken to a truth, he/she will type some unique combinations like, like ‘Romney Riggs Bank’, ‘Mark Zuckerberg Leader Technologies’, or maybe ‘Chelsea Clinton Barry Diller’. That’s when all of our articles will appear.


Google Page One.

We win the information battle because we own page one with the same article and truth in hundreds of locations. The enemy will never recover from the strike.

But each of you has to get off your butts and put the plan in place in your social network. Don’t have a blog? Then get a free, basic one on WordPress and start drawing an audience. People are hungering for truth. Use our headline suggestions, repost our audios, articles, and highly researched citizens intelligence reports that is on our site.

Since we are all now addicted to the computer screen, smart phones and tablets, we might as well use it to fight for our freedom and liberty, instead of succumbing to our digital enslavement.

Trust us. An audience will come. You came to us…now didn’t you?

American Intelligence Media

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  1. Yes ,since the Church of Satan has infiltrated all religions at the highest levels using its wealthy elite forces to penetrate and fornicate their way into total control over the entire global religious landscape ,people need to find their own way back to the Truth Turn away from sin and repent of their errant ways and reconnect with the divinity of Gods creation Reconnect with Truth Beuty and everything from Gods natural universe oif creation.Reject the artificial ,the unnatural ,the perversions and perverted in natural lifestyle choices so promoted and fostered under the Satanic Church’s covenant with the Prince of Darkness to embrace everything the opposite oif Gods Word and call all those abominations Love .

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