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Theodore D. Chuang
Fig. 1: Maryland Federal District Court Judge Theodore D. Chuang assigned to the first Uranium One criminal action. U.S. v. Lambert, 18-cr-00012 (D. Md. Jan. 18, 2018). Photo: CJNotebook.

Judge Theodore D. Chuang is a federal judge that seems to be more interested in thwarting the intent of the president than dealing with the rampant abuse of power and destruction of the rule of law by his corrupt chums in Washington.

If his name is somewhat familiar to you, this is the federal judge in Hawaii who attempted to block Trump’s travel ban in summer 2017. In his ruling, Chuang wrote that President Trump’s own tweets helped convince him that the latest policy is an “inextricable re-animation of the twice-enjoined Muslim ban” that Trump called for on during the campaign trail and would likely be found unconstitutional.

Although Chuang is in Hawaii, his office is part of Maryland District Court system. His ruling on the travel ban case was taken to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia where it was upheld. The Trump administration then went to the Supreme Court for a ruling where Chuang’s ruling, as well as other similar cases, were rejected.

Theodore Chuang is back in the news. This time he has been appointed as the judge over the first Uranium One criminal action.  U.S. v. Lambert, 18-cr-00012 (D. Md. Jan. 18, 2018).

Former President of Maryland-Based Transportation Company Indicted on 11 Counts Related to Foreign Bribery, Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme

We call for Chuang’s immediate recusal or dismissal of this case. Not only has he shown his extreme political bias in the Trump travel ban ruling, but he has no business being involved with the Uranium One case. He cannot possible comply with the Code of Conduct Canon 2 which dictates that he avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

Theodore D. Chuang’s Hopeless Conflicts of Interest

Let’s deep dive into Chuang’s biography and connect the dots of his questionable history as it relates to being able to rule on the Uranium One case in an impartial way.

On May 2, 2014, Theodore D. Chuang was appointed by President Barack Obama as a judge in the US District Court of Maryland.

On Jan. 10, 2018, Chuang was assigned as presiding judge presiding over the first Uranium One indictment.

Chuang attended Harvard Law School and edited the Harvard Law Review contemporaneously with Barack Obama. Given Harvard’s notoriously-known meddling in Russia and the biography that we now know of former economics professor Larry H. Summers, these associations with Obama administration principles taint his objectivity in ruling on a case that will involve so many Deep State players.

As we connected the dots with Chuang and the people, mentors, teachers, and contacts in his biography, the picture emerged looking like this: 

Fig. 2: Theodore D. Chuang  Conflicts of Interest Relationships Map compiled Jan. 18, 2018 among Theodore D. Chuang; Robert S. Mueller, III; James P. Chandler, III; Bill & Hillary Clinton, Microsoft, Uranium One, Patrick L. Deval, Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Ben T. Clements, Hill & Barlow LLP (Boston), Economic Espionage Act of 1996. Compiled from public sources by Americans for Innovation, American Intelligence Media.

Many of the mutual funds in which Judge Chuang is invested hold substantial amounts of financial interests in Microsoft and Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs was a Uranium One deal underwriter. See Fig. 3 below. On Mar. 14, 2001, James P. Chandler, III and his judicial cronies manipulated the reporting rules at a meeting of the Judicial Conference regarding mutual funds so that judges could hide financial holdings in deep-pocket companies who come before their court. See How Judges & Bankers Grow Rich on the Backs of American Inventors (The Great Mutual Fund Scam)


Uranium 1 meme
Graphic: Unknown.

Chuang cannot possibly avoid Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges Canon 2 in the Uranium One case due to his obvious conflicts of interest.


From Mueller to the Clintons, Holder to Lynch, they are all wrapped up in the U1 crime, and Chuang, who has been mentored and supported by these swamp players throughout his career, will most likely become their judicial protector.

The Uranium One case includes the suspected involvement of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, the U. S. State Department, Robert S. Mueller, III, James B. Comey, Rod J. Rosenstein, James P. Chandler, III, Loretta Lynch and Eric H. Holder, Jr.

Chuang’s Questionable Background Should Be An Immediate Dismissal From This High Profile Case

Chuang’s confirmation statement highlighted this case: US v. Simons et al, 97-CR-10334-GAO (D. Ma. Dec. 16, 1997).

Chuang collaborated with Microsoft to get an almost $1 million conviction of defendants accused of counterfeiting Microsoft Office software. This was one of the first cases managed by law professor James P. Chandler, III who had coached the White House and Congress on passage of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996, Federal Trade Secrets Act and False Statements Accountability Act (legalizing lying to Congress and Courts) on Oct. 11, 1996.

Chandler was tasked with advising all U.S. Attorneys, including Theodore C. Chuang, before bringing forward intellectual property criminal cases.


Chuang 2

DOCKET: p. 2

Chuang 3

Chuang holds stock in Microsoft and Cisco. SENATE TESTIMONY: p. 6:

Chuang 4
Fig. 3: Theodore D. Chuang 2013 Financial Disclosure. Confirmation Statement as Judge for the U.S. District of Maryland, Dec. 19, 2013. U,S, Senate.

Chuang’s US Attorney co-counsel in US v. Simons was Ben T. Clements.


DOCKET: p. 23

Chuang 14

This case shows that Chuang was taking instructions from Deep State shadow government lawyer James P. Chandler, III who was also advising Robert Mueller, Bill and Hillary Clinton, James B. Comey, Rod J. Rosenstein, James A. Baker. These individuals were deeply embedded in the FBI, NSA, CIA counterespionage operations.

Between 1990 and 1994, Ben T. Clements was a partner at Hill & Barlow LLP, Boston, according to his public biographies.

Chuang 5

Between 2005-2010, Ben T. Clements was chief legal advisor to Gov. Patrick L. Duval.

Note that Duval is deeply connected to the D.C. criminal cabal as we outlined in our article entitled: Mueller’s Pathetic Attempt to Overthrow Trump and Prepare His 2020 Successor Fails Miserably

Chuang 6

Between 1986-1994, Patrick L. Duval was a partner at Hill & Barlow LLP, according to his public biographies.

Between 1988-1989, Robert S. Mueller, III was a partner at Hill & Barlow LLP, according to his Senate testimony.

Hill & Barlow LLP was a boutique law firm. Therefore, the insider relationships among Clements, Duval, Chandler & Mueller are unmistakable.

Chuang’s collaboration with Clements re. an intellectual property case advised by Chandler, in turn associates him with Clements, Duval & Mueller.

Between 2004-2007, Chuang was counsel at Wilmer Hale LLP in Washington, D.C. Robert S. Mueller, III was a partner at Wilmer & Hale LLP


Chuang 7


Chuang 8

Between 1993-1995, Robert S. Mueller, III was a “Senior Partner” at Wilmer Hale & Dorr LLP.

What are the odds that Mueller and Chuang would both be partners at the same law firm twice (Hill & Barlow LLP, Wilmer Hale LLP) during their careers, before working at the U.S. Justice Department? Chuang’s impropriety is palpable.

Chuang 9

On Apr. 27, 2009, newly appointed (Jan. 21, 2009) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered FBI Director Robert Mueller to deliver uranium samples to the Russians, thus implicating him directly in the Uranium One scandal.

Chuang 11
Fig. 4: Hillary Clinton. (Apr. 20, 2009). Secretary of State Cable to Tiblisi, Georgia, Moscow, Russia, SECRET STATE 038943, ALERTING GOR OF DELIVERY OF SEIZED HEU DURING APRIL 27 [2009] FBI DIRECTOR’S [Robert S. Mueller, III] TRIP TO MOSCOW, U.S. State Department. WikiLeaks.
Given Chuang’s intimate associations with Hill & Barlow LLP partners Mueller, Deval and Clements, and each of their intimate associations with James P. Chandler, III, shows these men to be a tight cabal within the Justice Department, State Department, FBI and with the Clintons.

How Did Chuang Become a Multi-Millionaire As a Government Employee?

As with all biographical timelines that we review, we pay particular attention to the individual’s net worth in relationship to the jobs they have held. In Chuang’s case, we found that he had amassed total assets of $3.6 million by 2013.

His financial statement is in his Senate Hearing Confirmation Documents:

S. Hrg. 113-515, Pt. 6. (Dec. 19, 2013). Confirmation Hearing for Theodore D. Chuang. Senate Judiciary Committee. 113th Congress, First Session. Ser. No. J-113-1. U.S. Senate.

Specifically, see Theodore D. Chuang NET WORTH, p. 72


Chuang is as Radioactive as Uranium One Treason

Chuang is clearly a Chandler/Mueller cartel pawn. He was mentored by Chandler, who was coaching the DOJ Criminal Division on prosecution of the new Economic Espionage Act of 1996 et al. He worked at the DOJ in the Criminal Division with Comey, Rosenstein, etc. Chuang worked at Mueller’s Wilmer & Hale LLP twice.

He clerked at the corrupt 9th Circuit in San Francisco.

Notably, he was at Wilmer Hale when they were handling the Richard C. Walker patents. Then he became counsel at DHS where Walker’s patent and Kappos/Chandler’s Eclipse Foundation and NIAC were being implemented to build the surveillance state.

If you have never heard the name Richard C. Walker, then read our expose on the man that holds monstrous patents that threatens human civilization: How They Plan to Control Everything in Your Life

We Demand His Recusal

In the Senate Hearing document listed above, Chuang specifically told the Senate Judicial Committee at his confirmation hearing that he will recuse himself from matters related to Homeland Security.

CONFIRMATION STATEMENT, P. 661: “I would recuse in any litigation in which I had played a role. In particular, a case involving the United States Department of Homeland a party might present a conflict of interest.”

He worked at Homeland Security from 2009-2011, hence the statement of recusing himself from litigation regarding DHS.

Yet, here he is presiding over the most explosive homeland security in our nation’s history. Is not the illegal handling of uranium a Homeland Security related matter?

On top of that, if you overlay the biographies of Mueller, Rosenstein, Clinton, and Chuang during this 2009-2011 time frame, one can’t but wonder if Chuang wasn’t complicit in the very crime itself. After all, he was General and Associate General Counsel of Homeland Security during the time that the Uranium One deals were being played out.

Chuang 13
Fig. 5: Theodore D. Chuang. (Feb. 15, 2005). Biography. Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering, Hale and Dorr LLP. (Spreadsheet *.xls of Theodore D. Chuang biography.)

Here is Chuang, under ethics oath, making his commitment to avoid Potential Conflicts of Interest, SENATE TESTIMONY p. 60

THEODORE D. CHUANG, Dec. 19, 2013), p. 661: “I would recuse in any litigation in which I had played a role. In particular, a case involving the United States Department of Homeland a party might present a conflict of interest.”

chuang 15
Fig. 6: Theodore D. Chuang’s Statement to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Potential Conflicts of Interest. S. Hrg. 113-515, Pt. 6. (Dec. 19, 2013). Confirmation Hearing for Theodore D. Chuang. Senate Judiciary Committee. 113th Congress, First Session. Ser. No. J-113-1. U.S. Senate, p. 661.

Chuang is as corrupt as the masters he serves. 

Chuang cannot possibly comply with the Code of Conduct, Canon 2 which dictates that he avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

Chuang’s work with Mueller, Chandler, Wilmer Hale LLP and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security totally disqualifies him.


Chuang must be removed from the Uranium One case.


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