The Rufus Paul Harris Story

The following note is from one of our American Intelligence Media readers. We wanted to post it and give it a URL so that folks could push it out on their social media platforms.  Kevin from California writes:


Sally YatesI just watched an interview you did with a gentleman from Ohio who sued Facebook for stealing his company’s social networking platform. I enjoyed it immensely and was hoping you would like to hear another story which took place under Sally Q. Yates jurisdiction.

An honest patriot of this country, Rufus Paul Harris, who served in the Air Force honorable is now in prison for 18 more years out of a 23 year sentence for trying to expose naked short selling in his company. He has 40k pages of evidence. The judge did not allow it.

During a break in the trial he was approached by two men in suits with guns who told him if you continue your family will be killed. He absconded that night later to be found by Marshall’s a week later all the meanwhile his trial went on and he was found guilty absentia.

He was representing himself with court appointed attorney Howard Manschel only there to advise. The Supreme Court did not grant his Writ of Certiarori. I was hoping you may find his story of interest and worthy of taking the time to become familiar.

We have a website here where Rufus tells his story in his words.

The Rufus Paul Harris Story

Also at “Free Rufus Paul Harris” on Facebook (ironically). Thank you for your time. Kevin G. Orange, CA.

2 thoughts on “The Rufus Paul Harris Story”

  1. How many lives have been ruined by these Corrupt Criminal Controllers?
    I read what I could but for some reason the site would not go any further than the Supreme Court rejection. Very odd I tried several times without success.
    No doubt we have a hard road ahead. Really how can we, knowing the corruption and deviant behavior not re-evaluate every Federal Case, from the Bundy to D.C. rot fills these courts. The suffering is surely immeasurable, but so many deaths from wars of unbridled aggression to depriving citizens of the freedoms and hard earned monies. Sickening

    1. Thank you Ron for your thoughts. That was the last post Rufus made publicly on the site. I think the appeal to the Supreme Court was his last Hail Mary and it did not get heard.

      While he may have conceded to this corrupt system and his remaining sentence I hope and pray that knowing has this posted on their site will give him hope. An honest lawyer in a unbiased courtroom is all he needs. We’ve written the Whitehouse begging for a pardon but no luck so far.

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