Bill Priestap’s spouse tied to Deep State takeover of university curricula globally

Sabina Menschel’s father Richard L. Menschel funded HarvardX

Priestap and Comey

From Americans for Innovation

Feb. 12, 2018On Dec. 21, 2015, then FBI Director James B. Comey appointed William E. “Bill” Priestap as Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division at the FBI.

Priestap is embroiled in the current cover-up of the FBI’s lies and disinformation to Senate and House Judiciary, Intelligence and Homeland Security Committees.

Investigations into Priestap’s background reveal some new clues about his Deep State mission at the FBI.

Priestap’s biographies are uniformly missing the name(s) of the universities where he claims to have received education and business degrees. Clearly, the identities of those schools are being intentionally withheld. What are Mr. Priestap and the FBI hiding?

Savina Menschel PriestapSecond, Priestap’s spouse, Sabina Menschel, has a suspiciously successful intelligence resume for a 1999 Harvard College graduate, then 2005 Harvard MBA grad. Menschel IMMEDIATELY became a Special Advisor at the FBI (Jul. 2005)—a truly magical rise.

Larry SummersNote that Sabina attended Harvard Business School during the tenure of Lawrence “Larry” Summers as President where his chief of staff was Marne L. Levine (Deutch).

Levine (Deutch) is related to Bill Clinton’s disgraced and pardoned (with fraudster Marc Rich) C.I.A. Director Philip J. Deutch. She later was senior advisor to Hillary Clinton (2009), then became vice president at Facebook. She is now chief operating officer at Instagram (owned by Facebook)—another truly magical rise.

Note that Facebook Boy King cardboard cutout Mark Zuckerberg started attending Harvard in 2001, contemporaneously with Sabina—another truly magical coincidence.

Richard MenschelSabina’s father, Richard L. Menschel, funded HarvardX in 2013—one of the primary M.O.O.C. platforms for the takeover of higher education by the Deep State shadow government. M.O.O.C. means “Massive Open Online Course.” It is essentially Common Core for higher education.

Given the Deep State’s intensive anti-Trump virtue signaling, the control of Priestap and his family over M.O.O.C. renders him hopelessly compromised.

These relationships alone prove that Bill Priestep cannot be impartial in the Trump-Russia investigation.


Ohio State University is a global Deep State shadow government network hub for M.O.O.C. – Massive Open Online Course


The abuse of The Ohio State Marching Band Director Jon Waters over his advertising successes with Apple iPads in 2014 (which generated $30 million for the university, and unwanted political focus on Apple) exposed multiple Ohio State’s Trustees as IBM / C.I.A. agents working through Battelle Memorial Institute whose CEO Jeffrey Wadsworth is president of the Ohio State Trustees.

Ohio State’s then provost Joseph E. Steinmetz was busy promoting M.O.O.C. at Ohio State. At the same time, Ohio governor John Kasich gave IBM a $267 million exclusive contract (2013) to move Ohio State’s data center off campus to become a global network control hub for M.O.O.C.

Former OSU data center engineers we interviewed say the move was wholly unnecessary on technical grounds. See IBM Opens Advanced Analytics Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Governor Kasich’s alignment with anti-Trump RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), and with anti-Trump Deep State Wall Street interests, reveals highly suspicious ties among Priestap, James B. Comey Robert S. Mueller and Governor John Kasich. This Gordian knot of relationships disqualifies Priestap from the Russia-Trump investigation.

Preistap’s Anti-Trump, Deep State Shadow Government Evident Bias

Trump Russia bias

Mueller Comey


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  1. How does MOOC have any role?
    Are schools requiring specific MOOC courses, and so getting indoctrinated?
    This is a pretty weak way to indoctrinate, and pretty late in the game – by decades.

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