The Theft of Geothermal Atmospheric Liquified Thorium Technology

By American Intelligence Media Anonymous Patriot Condor

At the 1:09:30 mark of the video below Lionel asks his guest Douglas Gabriel “how do we shock the conscious and consciousness of the (American) people?”

You Will Be Completely Controlled — You Are Wetware — Implanted Devices and Mind Control Hijack You

I believe I have something which could possibly ignite the conscious and consciousness of at least 25 to 50 million Americans…that is, if you are able to confirm my third revelation to your own satisfaction. I stumbled across it during my eight year investigation. It was a real energy bolt through me when I even began to explore the possibility of this 3rd revelation. It would answer a seventy-year old question…no one ever believed had an answer.


As you are aware, in 2011, in behalf of the Thorium Foundation, I was asked if I could discover anything about the disappearance of a remarkable energy technology, which reappeared in 2000.

In the 1940s, the technology, if described by a layman, might best be explained as a Geothermal Atmospheric Liquified Thorium chemical reactor. Eventually, I learned the terrible secret of patent sabotage, suppression and thief by the Deep State and Shadow Government which serves an ancient global criminal cabal.

This led me to the next question. Who wielded such power, between the 1940s-1970s, to not only control the purse strings of Washington D.C., key politicians, including numerous U.S. Presidents, but the individual was also capable of controlling the main stream media. This led discovering puppet-master, Edwin Pauley.

Back to the 3rd Revelation: 

For several months I had been thinking about mentioning the third revelation I stumbled across to both of you. While it is deserving of a book someday…I don’t think the world can wait another couple of years for me to bang it out.

The world of today has to defeat the criminal cabal or we will all be in the same position as a certain screenwriter was back in 1946.

This screenwriter, right after WWII, was conducting private interviews with Robert Oppenheimer a week apart in January of 1946. This was approximately eight months after Oppenheimer pass on orders by FDR for Alvin Weinberg to begin his research on the new Thorium technology at a secret U.S. government national laboratory on the East Coast.

Oppenheimer, was a brilliant man who lived in two secret worlds…the Manhattan Project world and due to his family roots, he had been educated in the ways of the Old World criminal cabal.

Oppenheimer wanted Thorium solutions for the world which could exclude nuclear weapons. He knew the criminal cabal would accept nothing less than weaponized weapons and chaos for the world. If the thorium technology proved successful, it would never see the light of day…that is…until it benefited the criminal cabal.

Once Oppenheimer decided he could possibly trust the screenwriter, he risked both their lives by divulging everything he knew in his second and last session with the screenwriter.

Oppenheimer was haunted by the second session the rest of his life as I learned in his biography. It also had a profound effect on the screenwriter as I can discuss in a future conversation.

Your interview with Leader Technology confirmed my worse suspicions of what revelations Oppenheimer likely passed on to the screenwriter, he took in confidence.

He explained to the screenwriter the U.S. government had been completely captured by the criminal cabal by April 12, 1945. With the death of FDR, Edwin Pauley’s puppet, Truman, now controlled the White House.

In 1946, with America still all a buzz about the Atomic Bomb, its citizens would never realize their country had been stealthily captured by a global criminal cabal.

ChesterEHolifieldThe Global Cabal now controlled Congressional purse strings through Congressman Chester Holifield, another empty suited puppet of Pauley’s. Holifield would follow orders and use some of those funds to start up the CIA. He would also provide funds to begin developing Middle East oil. The criminal global cabal had purchased control of critical corporate main stream media since the time of President Lincoln. No credible publishing firm would ever inform the American people of their enslavement to the criminal cartel.

Oppenheimer explained to the screenwriter, in their second afternoon session, the nuking of Japan was merely a distraction so that Truman and Ike could aid Stalin in murdering tens of millions of Germans and other anti-communists around Europe. War is very profitable. This was to ensure the USSR could remain a bogie man to the rest of the globe for the balance of the 20th century.

Who was the screenwriter? What did the screenwriter do with this frightening knowledge?

If you haven’t guessed who the screenwriter is yet…and it is of interest…call me and I will, as Paul Harvey would say,

tell you the rest of the story.”


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  1. These Cabalians are so adept at theft and self enriching schemes. A capitalistic consolidated and exclusive playground for a consciousless few that convince the masses that debt, death, theft, destruction are normal then molding, conniving, and programming the society to slave for them! The power of Ahriman in the hands of ignorance, greed, and service to self indulgent individuals teaches us a great lesson and one not easily corrected.

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