Shareblue Troll Farm Has Ties to Foreign Governments

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The Russia collusion theory is a bust.

However, the same laws under which Mueller indicted 13 Russians for interfering in “U.S. political and electoral processes … through fraud and deceit” apply with equal force to David Brock’s corrupt Shareblue troll farm — which has ties to foreign governments and pays non-US political activists to post derogatory information, disparage candidates, and generally sow discord in the US political system.

1. In February 2017, Zerohedge published an article that identified Shareblue as a “front group being used by a number of Chinese, Middle Eastern, British, Israeli, Mexican and American special interests to spread anti-Trump and anti-democratic rhetoric both during the presidential election as well as in its aftermath.” The article notes that

An investigation into the corporate paper trail behind Shareblue reveals [that] Shareblue appears to be supported by a raft of foreign interests in China, Britain, Israel and various Middle Eastern entities to interfere in American politics.

See: “Democrat Propaganda Group Shareblue Has Ties To Chinese Government, Host Of Foreign Special Interests

2. As is the case with the Russians in the Mueller indictment, Shareblue pays foreigners (including Russians, Germans, Canadians and others) to “interfere with U.S. political and electoral processes.” This is particularly clear on 4chan’s /pol/ board, where posters are ordinarily identified by a flag indicating the country of origin of the post.

Shareblue memeTo summarize, Shareblue is an outlet for foreign political parties, interests and individuals to subvert and sow discord in the US election process. Shareblue’s activities are thus in violation of US law, including the laws cited by SC Mueller in his indictment.

In addition,

3. Shareblue (formerly known as CTR) relies on an alleged “loophole” in federal election law to pay both US and foreign political activists to post on social media. This alleged loophole does not withstand scrutiny. Shareblue’s activities are plainly in violation of Federal Election Commission regulations. Shareblue has been given tens of millions of dollars by George Soros, among others, to corruptly influence US elections. As a result of this funding, Shareblue’s influence is vast — it is certainly much more widespread, and thus insidious, than the influence of Russian troll farms on the 2016 election.

As noted by Zerohedge,

Shareblue exists as an outlet for political interests to subvert democratic institutions in America and hijack liberalism to promote the interests those who wish to take advantage of American citizens.

As such, Shareblue needs to be investigated and shut down just as Mueller investigated and is trying to shut down Russian troll farms and individuals. Importantly, because of its massive funding, the scope of Shareblue’s illegal influence is ***much* broader than the Russian troll farms**. However, because Shareblue is a US company, US prosecutors will have a much easier time prosecuting Shareblue and its players than it will in the case of the Russia-based defendants indicted by Mueller.

Democrat Propaganda Group Shareblue Has Ties To Chinese Government, Host Of Foreign Special Interests

  • Shareblue’s Parent Company Is Partially Owned By Group With Ties To Chinese Tycoon Ke Xiping And The Chinese Government
  • Shareblue COO And Website Registrant Has Ties To Organization Used By British, Arab, Israeli Special Interests As Well As The Clinton Foundation

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