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These nuggets below are from mining activities since our last post. Miners research the documents we have provided in the link below, as well as other relevant information they might find, and then send to us for posting so that smithies can drop in and pick up what they need to develop new, cutting-edge articles, stories, videos, etc.

We have not vetted any of these items for relevancy or truth. This is the job of other miners and smithies to help us determine if any of these stories, links, and leads are valid.

Research Tools for Digital Truth Sleuths

Stay focused. The goal right now is to dismantle the shadow government in D.C.


From Aim4Truther Rogers:

You all might look into EDA “economic development administration”
I can tell you there must have been a “precursor” type of overlay before SES, an indoctrination I have seen firsthand a mentality everyone but the bureaucracy is an absolute fool, for instance.

EDA was in Huntsville ALA simultaneous to NASA, and I was there. My elementary school was destroyed by a swarm of tornadoes in 1974 coinciding with the Church Committee hearings. These swarms of tornadoes may have been the first application of the HAARP technology April 3-4 1974

Next. Look for an AGA or an association of “governors assistants” which might be the WRONG name for it but a state organization similar to SES to control governors info and dirty tricks.



Miner Anon:

I’ve laid out all of Bolton’s ties to Israeli/ME Hawk foundations.








Also please see attached images. I’m particularly worried about Wemark.

Look at their directors.



Miner David leaves this find for the community:

Take a deeper look at Sheryl Sandberg below and also note THE INTERNATIONAL CRISIS GROUP.I am sure if you dig deep enough you will find your way to 7880-790 Finchley Road, London and 6 St James’s Place, St James’s Square owned by Lord Rothschild





From a Youtuber (sorry we didn’t catch your name)

Did you know that Rex Tillerson is on the Board of Broadcasting Governors?



Miner David V. reports:

Below you will find the direct link the Clintons use to launder money out into offshore accounts. SES is very important as is SERCO but the main players operate out of a network of boiler rooms in UK and it’s central hub is located at 6 St James Place, St James Square, London. This address is owned by Lord Rothschild.

We have provided Field Mcconnell with a vast
amount of information proving the interlocking/overlapping directorship roles played out by Bush, Clinton, Blair and a large segment of the British establishment including royalty.

We have over a period of 16 years compiled forensic evidence using company documents that makes paradise and panama papers shrink into near insignificance.

We are PANDORAS BOX INVESTIGATIONS LIMITED. Do a internet search and study the work of Gordon Bowden.

Hi Field, below on the first link you will find CLINTON FOUNDATION. See FISHER SECRETARIES LIMITED


Then check DGT SERVICES LIMITED 03519531 and notice a MR GARY TANN


Then open FIRECRACKER DEVELOPMENTS LTD 08788944 and notice GARY TANN and a certain MRS BARBARA KAHAN. She is one of the main SCUM at 788-790 FINCHLEY ROAD BOILER ROOM.


Interlocking directorships from Rothschild owned 788-790 Finchley road to Clinton foundation.



AIM4Truth Glenn has been digging around and found this:

I was researching and found input from persons who are run by ses personnel and their opinions about them. interesting reading and amunition to ruin them (ses)
Reasearched Defense Threat Reduction Agency and found SES involvement with building wall in Jordan then found (VICE) The Great Wall of Jordan: How the US Wants to Keep the Islamic State Out (Jordan Border Security Program or JBSP, the wall is ostensibly meant to stop weapons of mass destruction from getting out)

Which leads to Defense Threat Reduction Agency which leads to Statement of who DTRA is typically led by a senior civil servant, (Vayl OxfordSenior Executive Service Director, a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES). DTRA also has a Deputy Director for Combat Support, a Vice Director for Mission Integration, a Vice Director for Plans & Programs, and a Command Senior Enlisted Leader, which leads to https://www.c-span.org/video/?442924-1/pentagon-officials-testify-countering-weapons-mass-destruction which leads to opening statement of goals (Russia’s geneticaly modified weapons {with China} , Syria, Islamic state, north korea nuclear weapons and biological weapons, and why the wall in Jordan is so important to keep weapons of mass distruction from leaving Jordan?? {reason for wall that is costing america 1.5 billion dollars?? What gives??



Heeyo connects some dots here:

Did anyone else see the wikileaks email between Podesta, MAYA HARRIS and Mitchell W. Berger titled: Congratulations on the key stone

… Just Sayin 🙂



Miner Chris has been working non-stop to pull up these finds. Hopefully some good smithies will arrive and grab them for polishing and presentation.

Posted this Hakluyt-SES research on reddit

DOD deputy assistant sec of defense Andrew Exum was an SES non career but also seems to have a connection to Hakluyt, HRC’s ‘Fusion GPS’ of the UK, another shadowy oppo-research firm.


A third Hakluyt executive, ***Andrew Exum*** of Washington, D.C., made multiple contributions to several Democratic congressional candidates, including ***Elisa Slotkin*** in Michigan and Daniel Helmer of Virginia. Exum served as a U.S. Army infantry officer and as former deputy assistant secretary of defense under then-President Barack Obama. He has also been a contributing editor of Atlantic magazine.


something I came across looking at these people’s linkedin


not bill maher’s deceased sister, unless kathy maher is kathleen A maher and that picture of her on linkedin is some other person

Why is this public policy person important? Very fast ascent


“Act as main conduit and analyst of information and intelligence to and from Chairman’s office, including EXIM senior management, White House, USG agency heads, foreign and domestic dignitaries, American exporters and foreign buyers.”

Peter A Carr is on Mueller’s Special Counsel

From 2008 plumbook (SC GS 14) — 2008 Deputy Director Office of Public Affairs Peter A. Carr —https://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-carr-74b5b015/

George (free)Mason Universityand B ring ‘Em Young University grad

His profile looks very ordinary for someone in his position. Just a top notch communications guy

All I found was Peter A. Carr in the plumbook and it was a nothingbuger.

Two other quarles and a ahmads and people with the same last name

Sorry George

But again, absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence; meaning, that they could be ‘career incumbents’ that are unlisted. We KNOW that’s the case with Theresa Grafenstine and Bruce Ohr

I haven’t checked these names with the 500 list that AIM found, so this is preliminary, just didn’t find them in the plumbook

# SESLOOKUP wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ zebley’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ zelinsky’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ jed’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘andrew d. goldstein’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ goldstein’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ weismann’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ van grack’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ grack’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ prelogar’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ barchas’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ rhee’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ quarles’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ dreeban’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ ahmad’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ atkinson’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ carr’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ samochornov’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ Andres’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ryan k. dickey’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ dickey’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘brock w. domin’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ domin’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ freeny’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ strzok’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
#TRUMP wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ bowe’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ cobb’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ corallo’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ digenova’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ toensing’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘john m. dowd’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ dowd’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ kasowitz’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt
seslookup ‘ selukow’ wh |tee -a muleteamSES.txt

to see if she is related (by marriage) to charles quarles III


so far nothing, but in the process, YET ANOTHER missing and exploited children person also with ties to OPM and Red Cross and State of CA and Dept of Education

The darker angels among us might suppose that If she were up to something like finding, she’d have all the connections she’d need

Jesuit Peter Strzok Peter Storks (lol)


HAYKLUT — Hillary’s “Fusion GPS” of the UK, oppo research firm

Why Hayklut?


Works by Hakluyt in addition to those mentioned above include translations of Antonio Galvão’s Discoveries of the World . . . (1601) and of Hernando de Soto’s account of Florida, under the title Virginia richly valued by the description of . . . Florida . . . (1609). But it is the Voyages that remain his memorial. This, the prose epic of the English nation, is more than a documentary history of exploration and adventure; with tales of daring it mingles historical, diplomatic, and economic papers to establish British right to sovereignty at sea and to a place in overseas settlement. Its overriding purpose was to stimulate, guide, and encourage an undertaking of incalculable national import. Hakluyt was not blind to the profits arising from foreign trade. It has been asserted that the income of the East India Company was increased by £20,000 through a study of Hakluyt’s Voyages.

On Hayklut (search) the term “sovereignty at sea”

It’s like i’m in hillary’s head now they’re antinationaliss or another way of putting it is: they are a corporate nation–call it Global–or Brittania or New Atlantis –that is the entire SA all other nations are on land




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