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These nuggets below are from mining activities since our last post. Miners research the documents we have provided in the link below, as well as other relevant information they might find, and then send to us for posting so that smithies can drop in and pick up what they need to develop new, cutting-edge articles, stories, videos, etc.

We have not vetted any of these items for relevancy or truth. This is the job of other miners and smithies to help us determine if any of these stories, links, and leads are valid.

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This in from Miner Jennifer:

I was wondering about the pay schedule for SES members and when researching it kept running into the term ‘premium pay’. I wonder if they are paid at the GS15 pay schedule as their base and then the SES pay is a premium on top of that, which would be accounted for separately, probably under a discretionary fund, so it would not be subject to scrutiny because it is ‘non-standard’.

See the link below and note the first line under the SES heading:  The minimum rate of basic pay


I think they are paying the SES in two tranches, the ‘basic pay’ at the GS level which is accounted for in the general payroll (this is the minimum rate of basic pay), and then a second level of pay that is for SES membership that comes out of a general or non-specific discretionary fund that is not included in the general payroll accounting. I wonder if they pay taxes on these amounts because you can bet that IRS execs are SES too.

Here is the data on 2016, which was also the year Obama boosted SES membership in anticipation of Hillary’s win so they would have the troops in place.


See Bruce Ohr’s pay at the link below, note he received a $9,500 bonus in 2009 but the bonuses do not show up after that although I am sure he got them


This is an overview of the SES policy regarding pay, note this is a special section for SES members.


What a corrupt group. I would like to hear some of those frantic phone calls to Kristine Marcie from SES members who thought their little secret was safe. I wonder if President Trump will take your suggestion and pay them $1 a year, remove their lifetime benefits, and send them packing.



From AIM4Truther Jim:

“In the Adapter Foundation Classes, Business Object and its BusinessObjectAttribute and Metadata structures facilitate the generation of XML schema definitions.

The Adapter Foundation Classes allow discovery service implementations to use Java APIs to prepare the BusinessObject structure. This BusinessObject structure can then be serialized to create an XML schema document string. This will reduce the effort for individual discovery service implementations, as they do not use XML parsers or general string concatenation functions to prepare the XML schema definitions.




IBM describes how the ‘meta-data’ XML structure collects and tags data.

I think someone needs to do a ‘technical video’ about this structure, and how it is used against America. This will have an appeal to a limited few, but it will be powerful as a ‘foundation’ for what is being pushed out to the people. At some point, the masses will want and need a technical explanation. This could be a powerful .PPT video narrated by Douglas and Michael, with a IT engineer discussing how this is used in programming languages. It will be more technical than anything done before, but it will be as I aforementioned, a ‘foundation’ piece.



AIM4Truther Bill offers this update to the community

Please see the attached PDF report by the Senior Executives Association, dated 2009.

Please note all of the contact information for the Senior Executives Association contained in the letterhead of the 9 page report. This report contains an itemized list of Federal SES-like positions & their number of employees [ NOT comprehensive, but a good start ].

I would expect that you could call them & request an update or, at least,  guidance to more current sources of information.

Proliferation of Senior Level Pay Systems Equivalent to the SES – Positions Paid Above GS-15(10)

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Salaries & Compensation Plans

Executive & Senior Level Pay Tables

Bill also added these comments:

Well, I just listened to your latest blog “Rats on the Run”. I don’t know where you all are getting your information from, but some of what I know for certain is itemized below.

  1. The Federal Executive Institute [ FEI ] was created in 1968 as a Federal organization under the old Civil Service Commission [ CSC ].
  2. The Federal Executive Institute [ FEI ] was created to provide leadership guidance & management training to the old Civil Service Super Grades, GS 16 / 17 / 18.
  3. That situation lasted for 10 years, until 1979, when President Carter created the new Merit Pay System to replace the old Civil Service Commission [ CSC ].
  4. Under the new Merit Pay System beginning in 1979, the Civil Service Commission [ CSC ] was replaced with the newly formed Office of Personnel Management [ OPM ].
  5. Under the new Merit Pay System beginning in 1979, the Civil Service Super Grades, GS 16 / 17 / 18,  were changed to Senior Executive Service [ SES ] positions I / II / III / IV / V.
  6. Under the new Merit Pay System beginning in 1979, the Civil Service General Service Grades GS 01 thru GS 15 remained unchanged.
  7. Under the new Merit Pay System beginning in 1979, the Civil Service Super Grades GS 16 / 17 / 18 ceased to exist.
  8. There are no GS 16 / 17 / 18 Super Grade positions today – NEVER have been since 1979.
  9. In accordance with the Merit Pay System changes in 1979, the Federal Executive Institute [ FEI ] continued to provide leadership guidance & management training under the newly formed Office of Personnel Management [ OPM ] to the newly formed Senior Executive Service [ SES ] Grades I thru V.
  10. The Federal Executive Institute [ FEI ] was NEVER a 501c3, not-for-profit, organization – it was originally a federal government organization under the old Civil Service Commission [ CSC ] until 1979, and since the Merit Pay System changes, in 1979, has been a government organization within the Office of Personnel Management [ OPM ].
  11. The Federal Executive Institute [ FEI ] is NOT funded by budget line item allocation – it is self-funded by training, administration, & service fees paid by its government clients.
  12. The Federal Executive Institute was, and still is, located in Charlottesville, VA, on US Route 29, about 1 mile north of the University of Virginia main campus.
  13. See the Office of Personnel Management [ OPM ] website [ opm.gov ] & the Wikipedia history of the Federal Executive Institute [ FEI ].
  14. All of the foregoing information is Open Source & current, as per the sources shown in item m, above.
  15. This is not that hard, only 2 sources!!
  16. I readily admit that I have no idea what occult changes Barry Soetoro may have made to the system since 2009.
  17. I don’t claim to know anything about the current SES pay scales, benefits, retirement plans, retirement provisions, Holman Act provisions, firing conditions, salary negotiations, annual salary reviews & increases, etc.
  18. This list covers only the Senior Executive Service [ SES ], the Federal Executive Institute [ FEI ], and the Office of Personnel Management [ OPM ].
  19. I am only addressing line items a thru l in this email.
  20. I will address the topic of the Senior Executive Institutes [ SEIs ] [ plural ] in a separate email.
  21. If, after reviewing the sources at line item m, you believe any of the foregoing information is incorrect, please let me know & provide your sources.



Participants (in the table below) of these meetings were Senior Executive Service (SES) and are now receiving lifelong pensions, or are currently SES. The dates beside each name shows the years where their name appears in the quadraennial “Plum Book” Congressional Report that lists executives who receive compensation from the SES. SES was very evidently organized in 1978 as an SS-style takeover of the Civil Service by private corporate interests associated with globalist U.N. banker forces.

Click here to access the table. It is in the middle of the page. Be patient as the website uploads.

SES meeting



Walter continues to provide the community with info on the Institute:

Check this out..looks like SEI is organized down to the City Manager Level. If the tax payers are paying for this

We should be able to get a list of the attendees. This cancer has literally spread to the city office right down the street

Senior Executive Institute (SEI) Summer 2018

So here is an application I found charging people LEAD fees are $4,450. SEI fees are $8,100.

So the tax payer gets the bill for the Organizational Structure, the City’s and States Tax Payer pick up the tab for the class fees. WTF!

What a scam! LEAD/ SEI Application

Training Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

If you scan down the page Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is listed under

MK-ULTRA Personality Assessment System

Here is the screening and Physiological testing protocols for SES members. They take this Psychological test- tells the handlers who will blindly accept instructions, and who’s easy to black mail.



Bill offers this information on the Institute:

Yes, there are several “Senior Executive Institutes”, as shown in my recent messages.  But, they are “not-for-profit” 501(c)(3) organizations.  They are not part of the Federal Government, or agencies thereof.

They exist to organize seminars, provide training, facilitate networking, and fund lobbying efforts in support of the Federal SES Program.  But they are not the program.  They may, however, be contractors, partners, or grantees of the Federal government, Office of Personnel Management, & Federal Executive Institute.

On the other hand, the Federal Executive Institute is a government organization within the Office of Personnel Management [ OPM ].  It was created in 1968 to provide executive training for senior Civil Service Employees, grades GS16, GS17, & GS18.  In 1978 or 1979 it became the premier government training facility for the newly created SES, which replaced the Civil Service senior grades of GS16 to GS18 under President Carter.  Thomas correctly describes this part of the FEI history, as told by Field McConnell.

The several non-government, not-for-profit, Senior Executive Institutes did not come along until later – since the 1990’s, I think.  Some of these were created to expand the Federal SES concept into municipal and county governments, such as the International City / County Management Association [ ICMA ].

Other Senior Executive Institutes were created by academic institutions, such as the University of Virginia Welton Cooper Senior Executive Institute and NACAS,  or by professional disciplines, such as the Senior Executive Institute of the American Council of Engineering Companies.

These Senior Executive Institutes are NOT your tax dollars at work, although they may receive grants & contracts from the Federal government.  The Federal Executive Institute claims it does not receive funding from Federal budget appropriations, but is funded, instead, but the training fees it receives for it’s services.

This can be easily confirmed by checking their website address suffixes, dot org vs dot gov.

This can also be confirmed at https://www.opm.gov/search/#1402/federal%20executive%20institute



Miner Smedley wrote us a few days ago:

Glad to see you have begun to discuss Serco. Hope it is half as good as the work you have done on SES. Please keep up the good work.

In your initial discussion on Serco I did not hear you mention the connection to Obamacare. Please look into this and add to future shows if you see fit.




Jenna Portnoy, Lisa Rein. (Jan. 05, 2017). Republicans revive obscure rule that allows them to slash the pay of individual federal workers to $1. Washington Post.

Mar 23 18


Mar 23 19

Mar 23 20

Mar 23 21

Mar 23 22

mar 23 23

mar 23 24



Not a miner find, but still a jewel to us, Gary writes:

I can not understand how anyone that is interested in the news..the Real News would *not be interested in your site.. It is DYNOMYTE. Thomas’ guests.. McKinnen etc are
pros.. and I have tried to get the last week’s posts but only have finished a few.. If only more people knew of your channel there would be less confusion about what is real and what is fake news..

I, at first was suspicious of AIM, as I was with a lot of news videos… but after a few days I thought to myself and commented to my wife.. No one in the world could make up any of this.. not the volume of great info you have on every subject concerning our government debacle.. and the confusion online .. how many sites are accurate and truthful about what is going on in the world ?  It’s hard to know for sure about most….AIM is like a compass that points to true north all the time no matter what time of the day or night




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  1. I admit that I was a Trump groupie until I came across this and other sites associated with AIM4truth.org and really got informed. I have since subscribed to a number of sites that they cite a lot and now feel much better armed to counteract what I hear (I am on the Commie coast, although in a red area). Keep it up.

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