Freeing Humanity from the Banking Cartel: Karen Hudes Consulted by Trump

Under our article entitled Patriots Expose Q Psyops, statements were made by “BJ” to which Anonymous wishes to respond. Below is the original article: 

Patriots Expose Q Psyops


By Contributor Anonymous

BJ Claims:

“Post 975 was not by Q. You guys really know so little and try so hard to act smart. Post 975 was not by Q. Anyone can tell by the trip code used to identify the poster. Qs is highlighted BLUE. Also Please Note: Qs reply is YOU FAILED. “

The following is a response by Anonymous which includes information of Karen Hudes’ meeting at Camp David:

Q poster who responded is not in blue as above poster claims. Look at the post again. It is in green and the trip-code is in green. Did someone hi-jack or modify the original Q post so that it went from blue to green? We do not know. Can someone confirm or explain what happened?

So much fake and false information is circulating. Note how all the boards went down simultaneously after Q posted this. We did not fail in posting that and we have exposed the SERCO – SES – Crown Corporation that runs the NWO as puppets of the Swiss Octogon Templar Pharaonic bloodline families that run the NWO. We have a plan to end the banking cartel monopoly and it will not crash the economy of the world:



Click this link to find out more about this Camp David meeting

Camp David meeting


Karen Hudes
Karen Hudes

Apparently Trump invited her to go to camp David, but his staff, Kelly and those such as Dunford are blocking this. The agents of the banking cartel do not want the world to be free.

The U.S. is still in inter-regnum and has been under martial law and military rule since the Civil War which never ended. This is why all the Shadow Government – SERCO and the SES and U.S. Intel agencies are waging are a war to this day against all Americans and against Trump.

The electoral college is a sham and Congress is a sham. The Emergency Banking Act of 1933 dissolved the U.S. Fed Government.

Thus, the current government is illegit and does not follow the best copy of the original constitution we have – the copy from 1787 – 1789. Federal Courts function under Maritime law and not under the Constitution. This is just U.C.C being used to disguise the fraud and disguise the Maritime law. The Bundy case is an example of this. Jeff Sessions is part of this fraud.


Karen Hudes is legit and is being attacked by the banking cartel. She explains the plan. The web pages of the banks who talk bad about her are lying and representing the banking cartel. She has been appointed by the true leaders – the 188 members on the board of governors of the banks who truly call the shots and are freeing humanity from the banking cartel slavery of the Khabbalah.

975 a

Jeff SESsions exposed.

Harry Reid exposed.

All on post 975 and many more have been exposed by AIM. Now Q Research board bashes AIM as they do not want people to know the truth.

975 c

Current Q is fake. Legit Q stopped posting when the twitch went over to 8 chan. 8 chan is hosting the fake Q= a CIA – FBI agent running a massive psyop and who hijacked the legit movement we created and which Trump ran with. Q psy-op is a fusion of CICADA 303, our ideas to Restore the Republic, ideas of others from 2013 to use MIL arrests and tribunals and our plan to end the banking cartel.

We have explained it all.

Who is listening?


Karen Hudes Update May 21, 2018

Karen Hudes

Karen Hudes Proclaims that “Donald Trump is Traitor and Liar“. Only she is “real and standing in” to free us.



Patriots, please book mark this page below as another great resource for your information arsenal. Let’s get this info scaling throughout our global decentralized truth network.

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25 thoughts on “Freeing Humanity from the Banking Cartel: Karen Hudes Consulted by Trump”

  1. Karen Hudes was part of the N.E.S.A.R.A. fraud, she is a negotiator for the banking cartel, they want no jail time in return, they will release us from slavery and give us all the new technologies hidden from the public! Is anyone reading this post ok with those terms? The pedophile’s and baby killers go free, is anyone ok with that? Because that’s what Karen Hudes is all about, she does not represent our best interest. In my humble opinion!

    1. Karen Hudes is a very trusted source of information. The deep state are terrified of he knowledge. She is 100% legitimate. Those that say different are the swamp. Cheers and have an efficient day 🙂

    2. Well now you know the truth about Karen Hudes and do not listen to the banking cartel shills. Let her speak for herself here and truly study her materials. It is quite sad to see people bashing here with either no knowledge or as actual shills and agents of the banking cartel.

      (Re-posting this again and is does not seem to be showing up in the posts for review).

    3. Mr. Smith cannot claim that Karen Hudes is part of any NESARA fraud. He has no proof. (It will be good for all to look into how NESARA is connected to the take-down of the twin towers by BUSH, his theft of the gold under the towers and the attack on the Pentagon on 9-11 which came when the Pentagon was conducting an audit of the trillions missing from it´s budget. That was the part of the Pentagon that was struck by Bush and Chenney and their partners in crime).

      The banking cartel is persecuting Karen Hudes. She is not negotiating anything for them. All she is trying to do is avoid war. She knows that the banking cartel will not go down without a fight, so what better way to avoid world war but to find a middle ground solution? Do you want her to outright take down the banking cartel with no agreement and no middle ground? Do you not realize that will only spell war? See the report from the National War College and send an e-mail to Karen and invite her to present her material here.

      But please do not try to speak for her and falsely represent her. Her only goal is to set humanity free. The banking cartel has been trying to steal the wealth fo the Global Debt Facility and via Wolfgang has offered her a cut if she will agree to the theft. As she is honest, she refused it and the 188 members on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF are the ones who truly represent the banks, not those posting on the bank web pages and mis-representing here. Let her speak here but stop lying about her.

      1. We aren’t sure why–but sometimes it takes awhile for comments to show up. We post all comments unless they are vulgar or totally off the mark. (crazy troll stuff).

      2. The truth is that all those 188 on the board of governors of the World Bank, BIS and IMF(all fraudulent constructs) are members of fraudulent Central Banks within their respective countries. You can confirm all this at They are all disgruntled players within the same club and if they do win their vote within the club, it will still be the same book, just a different cover. The problem is, even though Trump may have the right idea for a lot of things, he is compromised to NS Rothschild or Rockefeller for a $4 billion debt roll-over from 1990. He is in fact the President of the incorporated company that is supposed to be supplying the 19 delegated services to the sovereign unincorporated United States of America. The incorporated body has been operating outside of it’s contractural agreement and is in breach of trust among all the other unlawful acts of aggression upon not only the people of the USA but over 200 other countries of the world.

      3. Your conclusions are not accurate. We don’t have time to debate you point by point – maybe your fellow AIM4Truthers can point you in the right direction.

    4. Well now you know the truth about Karen Hudes and do not listen to the banking cartel shills. Let her speak for herself here and truly study her materials. It is quite sad to see people bashing her with either no knowledge or as actual shills and agents of the banking cartel.

    5. Karen is not trying to free any pedophiles, baby killers or such. That is just a CIA – Q argument to appeal to the masses and attempt to join various groups in the U.S. under one umbrella – to take down the “pedophiles”. Karen is not protecting any of these criminals nor trying to do any deal to protect any of them. She well knows however that the banking cartel will not go down without a fight, and will destroy America before giving-up their power. The plan has been clearly laid out. Let Karen Hudes explain it. We have explained our plan which was built-upon her plan:

      The Solution to Free Humanity!

      If the modest plan of getting the bankers to cooperate, as proposed by Karen and the coalition for the rule of law fails, then our plan of uniting all countries who have been robbed by the banking cartel is our next step and shall succeed. This next step has not yet been proposed by Karen and The Coalition for The Rule of Law or the other overseer mandate assistants, but rather has been built upon those ideas, incorporating much much more. This plan shall succeed!

    6. I have concerns about Hudes. I have been following Judge Anna Von Reitz. I really trust Anna, look at what she has been and is still doing to help free the Republic. And Anna had had some words with Hudes and questions her motives. I have some real concerns about Hudes.

      1. Yes, it is funny to see Anna and Karen in a cat fight. Which side to take and who is right? That is up for each person to decide.

  2. This statement is embarrassing,” She has been appointed by the true leaders – the 188 members on the board of governors of the banks who truly call the shots and are freeing humanity from the banking cartel slavery of the Khabbalah.” WHAT. truly calling the shots? WHAT. “Freeing humanity” WHAT since when did this take place? I’m not feeling very free! Where have they been?

    1. This not our statement. This is from the poster that put this under the comment section. We wanted to lift it out for community commentary. Thank you.

    2. Yes, the 188 members who sit on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and the IMF have appointed Karen Hudes as overseer mandate trustee of the wealth which belongs to humanity. The websites of those banks lie and Christine Lagarde lies also. The banking cartel hired a private security company to illegally exclude and prevent Karen from going back to her job, after the 188 members on the Board of Governors hired her back. She has been fighting for humanity and fighting against the banking cartel. She is for the people. She has been offered the opportunity via Wolfgang, another co-signer, to steal the funds and split a cut in the theft, and has refused any such deals as she is honest. That is why she was appointed by the 188 members. You are only embarrassing yourself in ignorance at best. At worse, you are an agent of the banking cartel lying about her and attempting to prevent humanity from becoming free of the banking cartel. Each country will mint it´s own currencies at the local country level by the people, free of the banking cartel to end the Fed and end the Federal Reserve scam. That is what Karen is all about. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and a shill for the banking cartel.

      It will be interesting to see how many shills of the banking cartel will come along and attempt to discredit Karen. She can be easily reached by e-mail and publishes her e-mail all over the Internet. Send her an e-mail and let her defend herself here and explain all of this. Do not allow others to make comment and cut her down without giving her the opportunity to defend herself here. That would be unjust if she is not invited to post here or notified of this ongoing discussion about her. Certainly many shills will come here to cut her down and unfairly accuse her. Please give her a chance and someone please contact her and ask her to post here, if you truly want to know the truth. I cannot do so as I must remain anon. I trust someone in the Intel community can and will do this for humanity – give her a chance to present her case and you will be surprised.

      Thank you patriots for truth.

      1. Im embartassed for my out burst. Please forgive me I will use the link provided to understand the plan and ask how I and all others might be able to use our awakening and the raw determination of the free soul enslaved to focus that tremendous power of three into the solution that can and should make this owned by us to prevent any chance of complacency ever again?

  3. I don’t know what to make of your “article” about Karen Hudes meeting with Trump, nor the comments. I have had some email back and forth with her. She has sent me some fairly fantastic things that kept me researching for some time. For example, mine this treasure trove: ACFrOgBFC3JhprbSiEYW4Npd2zy_fI7F5FXoose3kZYECv3vYlzC7zvmtK0M9MELn0KNf_iarh-iGYSSrBqlp7OlkMXVs9etP_YQJX36ITZa34e8PNiUwRTc8Gp40MU=.pdf
    In the end I was overwhelmed and I don’t have an opinion of her work one way or another. At times she seems like a disorganized nut case and at others she comes across as a very knowledgeable source, red pilled but with inadequate communication skills—or a very complex sort of psy-op agent. She is a lawyer and does seem to possess some knowledge of what I refer to as “voodoo law,” and this is what I have found interesting about her.

    1. Karen is not into “voodoo law” or any such thing nor is she a “nutcase” or any such thing. To the contrary. The banking cartel via the CIA and such agencies have been using weapons against her remotely, attacking her heart. As a result, she has had to go to a heart doctor recently. She is a lawyer and very intelligent and knowledgeable. It is not fair to characterize her in any way as a “nut case” or any such thing, particularly when she has been under physical, emotional and psychological attack. She may not be brief and may not be able to express what she is doing clearly and in a brief manner as we do, so that is why I feel we need to help her do so, and we have attempted to do so. We are not connected to Karen but are part of the movement to liberate humanity. So take a stand, do not be wishy washy. Either you are with us or you are going to end up being against us and against the liberation of humanity.

      Note – The CIA is a private corporation with headquarters in Switzerland, the home of the Octogon Templars of the Pharanonic bloodline families. That is the head of the snake. The FBI is a private corporation with headquarters in France. None of these alphabet duck soup agencies have a legal authority or legal constitutional charter to be conducting and carrying out the activities they do on U.S. soil, much less to be conducting a war against Americans. Wake-up sheeople and do not be fooled.

      1. “The CIA is a private corporation with headquarters in Switzerland, the home of the Octogon Templars of the Pharanonic bloodline families. That is the head of the snake”

        It is now some 3 years since this comment being June 2021, with the World Economy Crashed through the Covid Scam, and with the USA about todiintigrate with Biden at the helm!!! After the Trump failure of 2020….and his pushing the Operation Warp speed Euthanasia Jab…..I wonder what Karen has to say about that??

    2. You don’t get to sit in on a Trump meeting by being ill informed and stupid..she is very articulate and concise lawyer in the exchange of information. I understand her completely. What precisely is voodoo law? Did you make that up. Please do more research or better still look at her videos of which there are many. The swamp want her gone. They trolled her and made her look like the enemy. Cheers 🙂


    Until We The People have secured our government, per THE PLAN we have elaborated, the idea of allowing anyone to conduct MILITARY ARRESTS AND TRIALS is actually dangerous, as it could be used actually to round-up dissidents and those opposed to the ILLUMINATI NWO.

    Especially considering that Trump may actually be under a form of blackmail and coercion, which would explain is sudden shift in policy towards Syria.

    In any case or whatever the case be with Trump,

    For the above reasons, it becomes necessary to follow THE PLAN:

    The Solution to Free Humanity

    Notice how the martial law is already in effect and thus the MIL arrests should only take place after we restore our Constitution and take the above steps. Otherwise, the ILLUMINATI and The New World Order will use this idea of MIL arrests to arrest the patriots!

    WE MUST FOLLOW A PLAN OR THE PLAN and not listen to fake Q, who is running an MK Ultra program of mass deceit!

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